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Hetalia ~


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Hum hum hum so I have gotten into Hetalia, im only at the fifth episode. but here goes it...~

I think Italy should have kitten allergies :3 .. I kinda ship him with Germany but im not that sure about it since im not far enough into the episodes... So I shall leave it at that.

~Huehuehue Italy italy Italy<3.~

Allergies for Italy. please. kitty allergies.

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I feel it only fair to tell you this early on...sorry for the spoilers-ish

Basically,cats will play a role later on. IDK if all the countries own cats or what,but the countries are conveyed through cats! They even have cute cat meetings...anyway,I think you should go on with your idea,just saying.


Well than.. scratch that. pollen allergies then :)

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You don't have to scratch it. I just wanted to tell you so you wouldn't be disappointed later. The cat allergy idea works in some APH scenarios. So,if you need help with that,give me a PM or something. But I'm confident you can rock the idea.

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I like the idea of Kiku Honda having pollen allergies hehe and I think Kawaii-Kushami's headcanon Italy has pollen allergies as well???? don't quote me on that!

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I'm planning on writing this. But ill have to watch more episodes to get the charecter's right.. But If someone were to write it for me.. It be fine too :)

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If you'd planned to write this, you should definitely do it. I'd love to read the completed version!

Im not sure .-. I dont know much about the charecters

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