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Just a warning, my obs normally aren't very good, so you might wanna skip this one tonguesmiley.gif, but I don't normally see people sneeze too much in a noteworthy (although this one might not be) way, and he is really cute....

About A... he's medium height, Asian, shortish black hair, glasses, as one of my friends said, the perfectest Asian guy inn our grade, and he's really smart.

First period of the day, English. We're just getting started after doing bell work and the teacher is going over announcements and whatever. In between her finishing announcements and picking someone to read the Bible verse of the day from the board, he stifled a sneeze, just like ngt! And I sit right next to him. Unfortunately, I didn't see him, just out of the corner of my eye and I think he stifled into his elbow, but I paid extra attention in class and could hear him quietly hear him sniffing, and at one point he got up and blew his nose. No more sneezes this class period, but the I had two more with him, so I was kind of looking forward to that.

Next period, cinematics. Really fun class because we have a fun teacher and a ton of guys, which just makes class more interesting. Anyways, we were doing a "scavenger hunt," where we had to go in the quad and film different things from different points of views. As soon as we stepped outside, I heard him sneeze from behind me, and I'm really bad at spelling (and remembering), but it sounded a little bit like heh'ktshh! I made a mental note to listen carefully. About ten seconds later, I heard another one, and I was getting kind of excited. ~15 seconds later, another, and another 15 seconds later, another, and another another 15 seconds later, to which my friend said "bless you," but no one acknowledged it. There was another just one more after this.

6 sneezes in a row, although spread apart. Is that a fit? I'm also wondering if he's photic, since it was really sunny. Also hope my face wasn't red or anything.... I was freaking out on the inside. Also wondering if he stifled his sneeze earlier to be quiet; it was quiet in class.

3rd class period, 2 hours, code red drill. No sneezes sadsmiley.gif We were all huddled behind a bunch of stacked desks in the dark, and he and his friend were looking at a book (smart to bring one), and he was leaning on his hand the whole time in a way that covered his nose. Wonder if he was trying to not sneeze?

Yeah, a lot of typing for a few sneezes, but I was pretty happy smile.png Kept thinking back to them throughout the day. 4 classes (history, english, cinematics, geometry) in a row with him tomorrow... biggrin.png

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Awesome ! :)

I really liked reading this, don't doubt yourself :) your obs are good :) quite interesting to read :)

Do update us on him :) !

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As I said, I sit next to him in English, and I was listening to see if I could hear him sniffle or anything, but I heard nothing and was a little disappointed. But, there were a couple more in Cinematics :)

We were all sitting at our computers, which were in groups of 3's along the wall and in the middle, and facing the teacher, A was sort of behind me and to my left. The teacher was standing in the middle of the room demonstrating all the things you could do with an iPad camera that you could do on a normal camera with cool apps.

I heard him stifle a sneeze, but it was so quiet, just a really tiny "ng!" that I didn't realize he sneezed until I heard him do another identical one a few seconds later. The same exact amount of time later, as if on beat, the guy a couple of computers over sneezed, just a normal "achoo! into his elbow, and then another guy sneezed a pretty loud "Hup-Choo!" I was like woahh, cool, in my head.

My class is literally 80% boys, so if I ever hear sneezing here it's male :) I haven't actually seen A sneeze, so maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow? Seemed like he was getting better, though.

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