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I decided to compile all obs into one thing, as people sneeze a lot around me. I think it's a superpower. Okay, here goes. I have two, both male.


So I was in my science class and the twins J and Y are sitting across the table from me and my friend M (a girl) are taking notes. J looks up and sneezes. It's light and soft and sounds like, "chew!" Then two seconds later Y sneezes the same way! It was hilariously cute and made me want to cuddle them.

Okay, and the second one is with a total stranger. I was sitting by my friend M in church and I hear this, "hah'CHOO!" I turn around and see its a college aged boy with sweepy brown hair. No one seems to notice. A few seconds later-"hah'CHOO!" And then a few more seconds later, "hah'CHOO!" Goddamn boy when are you gonna stop??! But he sneezes identically two more times before stopping. I wonder what was bothering him.

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Awe the last one. poor thing ;o

The first one. Haha twins sneezing after eachother? How cute :)

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My friend B (a lovely dirty blonde with floppy hair who *everyone*, guys, girls, has a thing for) was talking to me about how bad he felt. He then turned to the side and goes, "hah'NSSH! HahmSHH!"

Then I laughed and asked him if he was okay and he said,

"I've been sneezy all day."

We would have talked more but my teacher made us get back to work.

It was nice since I had never seen him sneeze.

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