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So,,, I got an amazing prompt from NorthernLady, which I'll share at the end, but the fill is looking reeeeally long, so I'm gonna go for a multichapter. Hope you like!


Becky takes a breath, glances at the door of the diner and reaches into her bag just to touch the printed pages. They feel like they’re almost electric. They are, really, because they’re a way into Sam’s heart, and the very least that Chuck could do for her. She has the words almost memorised. There’s no name for the diner in there, but the description is good and after driving round the town a couple times she’s certain that this is the only match. She thinks she’s even narrowed down to a couple of choices the very table that Sam and Dean will choose to sit on, just from the way he describes what they can see from where they sit. The man behind the desk is looking at her oddly now though, as she hops from chair to chair to look around at the view, so she gives the paper a final squeeze for luck before she sits down and calls a waiter over.

It’s another ten minutes before her heart stops at the sound of a car pulling up outside. She’s gotten to love that sound. The rumble of the engine makes goosepimples prickle all over her body, partly from anticipation and mostly because she loves that car. She has the first draft for Swan Song saved on her laptop: one of her favourites, and not just because of Sam’s bravery. She remembers clutching the paper against her chest after reading it. It was such an insight. Into their lives, into their childhood. This is the first time she’s heard the engine running since then. It’s all at once a call to arms, the arrival of the cavalry, the comforting purr of home. She bites her lip and shuffles in her seat when doors click open and the boys emerge.

Oh God, Sam Winchester. He’s sexier in person than on the book covers. His hair is long but it’s not just limp down his back, it sweeps in under his ear with this teasing, sashaying swish ending in this mischievous curl at the back of his neck. He’s tall though, just like in the books. So tall he’s having to duck down under the doorframe just to get in the diner. He’s broad too, with these great big giant shoulders that go on forever, but his torso tapers right in until it ends in these sexy little grabbable hips.

They’re coming over… they’re coming over. She shakes her head, brings her hair in a curtain on the right-hand side of a face like a shield and keeps her head in her book. Bloody Mary. She’s re-reading the series from the start again. This one is a classic. And the first real hint at the dark powers that Sam…

Oh holy crap balls! Yes! They sit right where she thought they would! Which means she’s perfectly positioned, not so close that they’ll notice her before she’s ready, but near enough to hear and… oh God, if she leans over she can see right into Sam’s face over Dean’s shoulder. She peeks over the top of the pages of her book to do just that. Yes! At least Chuck can do something right. Score one for close, positional description.

Oh. Sam looks tired. So tired. He’s all pale and he’s rubbing the heel of his hand against his eye. That could mean that this is working, although maybe it’s just the year he’s been having. He’d been so different when he came back from the Pit that Becky thought she’d lost him - the real him - the one with all that compassion and those empathetic eyes. And now, he’s back, sure, but he feels so guilty, even though none of it is his fault. Sam Winchester: he’s such a hero, amazing, just not like other guys…

“Dude, I think you have toothpaste on your chin.”

Sam licks his thumb and rubs it against the spot Dean indicates in response. Becky would like to be that thumb, to rub up…

“Are you wearing your shirt inside out?”

Sam pulls the cuff over his hand and glances down at the seam. “Oh… uh… I guess so.” He rubs a hand over his eye. “Slow start today.”

“You okay?”

He rubs at his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Having a hard time getting moving. Coffee will help.”

As if he’d summoned her (maybe he did), this dark-haired waitress appears, all pig-tails and A-Grade-Customer-Service-Smiles. Move over, sister.

“What can I get for you guys?”

“Two coffees…” Dean begins,

“Eggs over easy.”

“…and a bacon roll for me, thanks.”

Oh God! Check out the way they talk together. They’re such brothers. So attuned, so perfectly in sync.

She’s just taking away their menus as Sam curls into the partition separating their table from the next one over. He cups a hand around his mouth and nose.

“HehKkkHTCHchyew! HuhPP’ISHshyew!”

“Bless you!” offers the waitress as she heads off with their order.

Sam nods his thanks but continues to hold hands to his face, blinking. “Huuuh… Uhhh-hhh… HuhHTTSCHshYEW!”


“Ugh, thanks.” Sam mutters, and when Becky looks up again he’s blowing his nose on one of the hotel napkins.

Her breath stops in her lungs. This is her moment.

She fumbles in her backpack for a travel pack of Kleenex and holds them behind her back as she approaches the table. “Sam. Dean,” she begins.


The pair of them are surprised and they speak almost in unison. Not quite. Never mind. There’ll be plenty of time to hear that later.

“Oh… um… Sam. Bless you. But you shouldn’t use those diner napkins. They’re scratchy… not good for your… um… your skin.”

Sam is just staring back at her, mouth open and uncomprehending. She clutches at the tissues and offers out the packet.

“I have tissues.” She explains, “Aloe vera. You should use them.”

Sam still looks confused, but he takes a Kleenex from the pack. “Thank you. Er… what are you doing in town?”

“I’m visiting a friend,” she lies, nodding at the tissues. “You can keep them all.”

“That’s kind of you,” he says as he unfolds the tissue. (He appreciates her, he appreciates her!) “But I don’t think I’m gonna need any more. Allergies,” he explains, “if they’re gonna bug me it’s usually just in the mornings.”

“Oh…” This, she hadn’t been expecting. “Oh. So you’re feeling alright?”

“Nothing a dose of Benadryl won’t fix,” he smiles at her.

Oh God, what a smile. It makes wrinkles around his eyes and dimples at his cheeks. She could swear she sees his eyes sparkle. It’s a moment before she realises Sam and Dean are looking at her.

She looks at her feet. They don’t want her to sit with them. Not yet.

“I’ll… um… I’ll go back to my book.”

She shuffles back behind her table, risking a glance across at Sam. He’s smiling at the waitress as he’s getting his coffee. Sure he is. All smiles for the waitress.

She looks down at her ring and rubs a thumb over the green symbol. She’d been so sure this would work. She looks up sharply when she hears him cough, but it passes quickly. It was good quality tissue she gave him though, much better than a scratchy napkin. He should be pleased about that at least. It was kind. He said it was kind. They’re whispering now, now that they know I’m here, hunched over their breakfast.

Not able to hear their conversation any longer, she goes back to her book. She can’t concentrate though. What’s the point of words on a page when you have the real deal sitting just a couple of tables away? In the end, she just cups her head in her hand and stares at topen book, ears always open in the hope of catching a snatch of conversation.

“Hehh… UhhNHHGT!”

They’re getting up from the table now, and Sam’s squinting and, from the looks of it, rubbing his nose red. Becky ducks a little, as if she could hide in the pages of her paperback, and watches.

“Hehh… Uhhh… P-pass mbe… HEH’TSCHHHshyew! AhhISHHHSHYEW! HAH’ISSHH!”

Dean doesn’t need him to finish his request before he grabs one of the napkins from the table behind him and passes it to Sam. They know one another so well!

“Uh… thandkyou.” Sam unfolds the paper and blinks at it for a second before lurching forward from his waist. “Hehhh… Ehhh… HuuhHHR’ATtCHYEW!”

He blows his nose as he follows Dean passed Becky’s table on their way out the door.

“You sure you’re not coming down with something?” Dean asks, making as if to plant a palm on his brother’s forehead. Sam just ducks out of the way.

Becky stares after them for a good five minutes. She knew what Sam had said, but… maybe? She downs her juice in a single gulp and follows out after them. Why not? It’s worth a try. She’s got a bag full of medicines, a big heart, and nothing to lose.

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This is hitting me in a spot that I didn't even know existed. Oh my god. I read this five or six times before I could even think of something to say. After class I will be around to leave a really long comment because youuuuuuu have definitely outdone yourself this time...

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OMG is amazing! That description of Stalker Becky is so on the nose!Teehee! And Sam's denial... and the brothers being brothers, in sync (I now wonder if they could sneeze in sync too... ohhhh) It gave me goosebumps of happiness. I wrote the prompt but I never imagined it could be so good! OH and I love the slow built :) I shiver with anticipation now...

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Gosh I don't even know where to start. You're AMAZING. The way you write Becky is like, I don't know, there's something so relatable and urgent with the way you describe all of her thoughts and enthusiasm and adoration that makes me feel like I'm right there, in the same spot that she is… so there's this major element of realism that makes the entire thing that much hotter because I don't feel like I'm just reading a story. Does that make sense?

And you have so many details about the series itself and about the boys and all of the descriptions and everything… it's so vivid and so… I keep wanting to use the word "real" because that's EXACTLY what this feels like!

Okay, and the slow build up to all of the symptoms… mmm, I love it when you do that, and I love the start of an illness where it's not quite bad enough to knock him off his feet but bad enough to make a general difference in how he's feeling and disrupt the flow of his natural routine. And the whole "slow start" excuse was so nonchalant and so in character too. And of course Dean is concerned! I love that throughout this whole part. He knows that something is up but Sam is denying it so Dean doesn't pry, but that concern and skepticism is still there -- casual and not overbearing but still so protective and inquisitive and I love it.

You're so good at writing sneezing fits. You know it and I've definitely told you before but you have such a talent for phonetics. God. It's perfect. And the post-sneeze disgruntlement in his "ugh, thanks" and how casual he was about waving it off as allergies! And the cough, and then later when he's trying to talk through that second fit and Dean knows to pass him a napkin and Sam being polite and thanking him and that one really big sneeze at the end and ooooooh I could go on and on about how GOOD it is…

I know that writing Becky's character into the show was a huge risk on Supernatural's part, because she's kind of like a caricature of all of the show's really really passionate fans, but I think that they did such a good job with it by not making her antagonistic (just a little neurotic/eccentric) while still kind of having her be part of things, and I think that you did a really awesome job of maintaining that balance. I just loooove what you did with it. Pretty much every time I would read one of her thoughts, I would think to myself "oh my god. same. me too. yep…" and you captured a lot of that sort of feeling really well without making it seem obnoxious or overdone. Wow.

I wasn't expecting to write this much! Sorry!! I'm sure that there are still things that I'm forgetting…

I'm so excited for the next part!!!

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Gosh I don't even know where to start. You're AMAZING. The way you write Becky is like, I don't know, there's something so relatable and urgent with the way you describe all of her thoughts and enthusiasm and adoration that makes me feel like I'm right there, in the same spot that she is… so there's this major element of realism that makes the entire thing that much hotter because I don't feel like I'm just reading a story

Sen Beret, the woman who can put into words everything I was feeling but that I was unable to express! hug.gif

Darn! I've never been so proud of having inspired someone! Can't wait for the next installment.

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Oh yay! It's Becky - love her. I would get into why but I think that has been adequately covered by others. :)

Really looking forward to where this is going.

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Well... to paraphrase Sen Beret's fantastic wondefulness:

You are... AMAZING. You are such an amazing writer. Everything you write is worth all the money in the world to me. Just so you know. I always love everything you write, without fail.

Becky is so real to me in this. You have written this so well, I'm seeing through her eyes (which is always the intention, isn't it?), but seriously, it's like I'm there. I could totally see this happening. SO realistic. She's just so enthusiastic and intense and enamored with them, I don't understand how you capture that so well.

And I love that Sam's sneezes start off kind of soft and run-of-the-mill allergy sneezes (which are FAR more than run-of-the-mill, because they are SO HOT and perfect) and by the end they're all strong and louder and in caps... <3

Also, Dean trying to palm Sam's forehead!!! One of my favorite things ever!!

In summary: I love this, and I can't wait for more!! And I wish I could be as great at communicating my love as Sen Beret. :D

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Guys... you're kind of lovely. Sorry to make you wait so long for this:


When she makes it out onto the pavement, they’re already in the car and heading round the corner.

That’s okay. Becky’s not done just yet. Chuck told her that he hadn’t seen any further but she knows how these stories work: there’s plenty she can figure out for herself. Sam and Dean only arrived in town this morning, and they’re on a case: no way they’re leaving right away. It’s a small enough town. She swings her car keys round the loop of her keyring, which is actually totally awesome, by the way. She made it herself from a bunch of salt grains she found after the convention and one of those plastic holder things. Actual, real, demon-killing…


The ring, too big for her finger, slips from her hand and clatters onto the gravel. She dives to her knees to grab it. It focuses her mind. This time it isn’t about memorabilia and collectors items… (not even actual, genuine, one of a kind, eye-witness material). This is about Sam. And Becky has work to do.


In the end she spots the Impala parked outside a library. Score one Becky. Two, maybe, even, because Sam is sexy when he’s being all knowledgeable and surrounded by books. Plus, you know: research; therefore proportionally less chance of being gutted alive by a demon. Bonus.

She hears Sam before she sees him. And he’s coughing. That’s a good sign. She feels a little guilty thinking it, but this is for Sam’s own good in the long run. He’ll thank her, one day.

She ducks behind a bookshelf and watches. They have a pile of stuff on their table. Sam’s flicking though one volume, Dean is looking down at another while he taps his pen absently against the page. She’d go over if she could, pick up a book and sit with them and help. She could do it as well. Sometimes when she reads the series, she tries to figure it all out along with the boys. She writes down clues as they appear: the way that a monster kills, or things that the boys find at the scene of the crime. She knows all the best websites for looking up Supernatural creatures, she’s even started to log them in her own little filofax. She’ll show them one day. It’ll be like ‘Becky’s journal’.

Sam is rubbing at his nose again as he stands. It looks like… Oh. Okay…. Okay they’re coming over.

She ducks down behind the bookshelf and has to lay a hand flat on the top of the pile to keep them tumbling to the floor.

It’s okay. It’s fine. She can do this too. She must have read it a hundred times. Sam and Dean lurking in the shadowy backdrop, not moving, barely breathing…

“Becky, whhhh… what are you doing here?”


She tenses when she feels a hand tighten around her shoulder and she’s tripping over her feet, stumbling out of the stacks, blundering into… into…


By the time she finds her feet, Sam’s lurching away from her, twisting over his shoulder to turn his back. His face is creased, uncomfortable. Okay. She can work with this.

Dean is still looking at her, expectantly.

Right. Okay. Excuses. She really oughta have thought this one out beforehand. This is what you get when you skimp on planning a backstory in favour of daydreaming and buying cold remedies.

“I… uh… I was looking for some books.”

Sounds reasonable enough…

“Aren’t you visiting a friend? This isn’t even your library.”

Oh yeah.

“Yeah… well.” Dean towers over Becky, but she thrusts her hands onto her hips determined to stand her ground. “It’s my friend’s library. And she happens to be a fan of uh… “

She looks back at the bookshelf she just been dragged from.

“…animal husbandry.”

“Oh, is that right?”

Dean glances at his brother, who has stumbled on to a seat at one of the tables and is resting on his elbows, face in his hands and coughing endlessly. It sounds sore. And more grumbly than before.


Sam looks wearily across at them, still coughing into the back of his wrist.

“You gonna make me pretend this is still allergies?”

Sam sniffs, and smiles, rubbing uncomfortably at his chest. “No… ugh… that’s okay. I thindk I’bm gondda ndeed to take something.”

“I have medicine!” Becky interjects.

“You do?” they answer.

At the SAME TIME! Oh my God! Don’t react, don’t react, don’t react…

She breathes, keeps her cool, swings the rucksack from her shoulders and goes across to Sam at his table.

“I have…” she sticks an arm inside to rummage around, “tissues, Dayquil, decongestants, cough syrup…”

Sam just watches as she empties her bag out onto the table, but she could swear she sees his eyes light up. He clears his throat.

“Why – uh – why do you have all this stduff?”

This time, Becky has her answer ready. “My friend was sick when I got here. I bought a bunch of stuff. This was just left.”

Sam’s nostrils twitch, and he sniffs, frowning. His thumb is already absently tracking across the seal of the box of Kleenex. “Ehh…HhHhh… HHhhH’PPpTCHTCHyew! HuhhSHSHshyew! HSHH’SHYEW! HhhHhHH… Hah’TASHHHSHAH!”

“Open up the box kid, before you infect the whole town.”

Sam sniffs, and does as his brother says.

“Are you sure idt’s okay to use these?” he asks, but he’s already pulling tissues free and eyeing up the lozenges. He’s adorable when he looks up at her, all earnest and watery-eyed.

“Hehhh… UhhhHHHuhh… HHPSHHHuhhh! HuuuhhRHSHahh! HehkKeHT’TCHSYEW!” He brings a fistful of Kleenex up against his face at the last moment. Becky is pulling up a chair to sit next to him before she even realises what she’s doing.

“Aw Sam,” she cooes, rubbing a hand in circles across his back. “You sound terrible! Maybe you should leave the hunting to your brother. I’m free for the rest of the day. I could put you to bed, make you some soup.” Damnit Becky! She’d tried so damn hard not to sound excited, but she couldn’t keep that little squeak from the end of her sentence. She looks back up at Sam, forcing a serious expression onto her face.

He squeezes at the bridge of his nose. “Ndo.” He answers quickly. Too quickly. What the hell is wrong with him? “ Uh… ndo thandkyou. We gotta get this onde together.”

Dean snorts, and Becky turns to see him leaning against a bookcase, hands up in a gesture of surrender. “Hey, don’t cancel your plans on my account. If you guys wanna play nurse…”

Becky ignores him.

“Really, I don’t think you should be out in this. I heard there’s gonna be storms later.”

Sam gives a congested sniff and smiles. “I’mb finde really. Prob’bly just looks drambatic ‘cause I’bm all sndeezy and gross.” He gestures at the boxes and bottles she’s laid out before him. “This stuff is great – ambazindg actually, and it’ll help a whole bundch. Budt idt’s jusdt a cold. I don’dt ndeed lookidg after, really, I’ll jusdt dose up and thend I’m good to go.”

Dean is already packing up their papers by the time Sam has taken a shot of Dayquil and a decongestant.

“Well, idt looks like I godt everythindg I dneed. Thandks Becky.”

She glows internally, but her stomach sinks when he heads off toward the door.

“A – Are you sure you don’t need me to stay with you?”

“I abm. It’s ondly a cold. I’ll be jusdt finde.”

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhmygod I love this story so much it's not right. I can SEE HER thinking and the voice is so perfect. I'm just laughing and smiling. I cannot wait to see where this goes.

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She glows internally, but her stomach sinks when he heads off toward the door.

She's not the only one glowing :) I am soooo happy you have taken this prompt :D Poor Sammy getting sicker by the hour, but still obstinate enough to refuse Becky's help.... tsk tsk tsk Sammy... She'll make you heel... or heal.... or... hum... pun asides.... *grin*

I can't wait to see what you'll write next thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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Mmmmm. I am So feeling this! You're just pulling it straight out of my brain and I'm thinking, yes yes go on...what's next? I love it!

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Oh man... sorry it's been so long. Things are a little nuts at the moment. Thanks if you've stuck around!


“Dean, I’m serious, I think I’m going to die.”

Becky can’t help herself, her heart actually soars. It works. It really does work. She squeezes the ring through her glove and moves edges closer to the street corner so she can hear the rest of Sam’s phone conversation.

“God, I don’t know, it just kinda came over muuhh… hhhuh… HhhESSHHUH! ESHHH’SHUH! HUH’HUHHESHHUgHHh!” He gives a long groan, and his voice is hoarse when he speaks again. “Shit. I think have to get back to a bed, or something.”

His voice is clearer, the decongestants must be working, but he looks bad when she peeks around the corner. He’s pale, and all slumped back against the wall, fingers in his hair as if he’s trying to keep it out of his face

“Okay… okay. I’m gonna find a coffee shop or something, just need to sit down,” he coughs. I’ll text you.”

He hangs up the phone and jumps when she comes round the corner.

“Jesus, Becky!”

“Sam. You look awful! Where is your brother?”

He rubs his hand across his forehead. His eyes are glassy. “He’s on his way, just wrapping up an interview.”

He sways suddenly and Becky actually thinks he’s gonna fall over, right there in the street.

“Oh! Okay… hey.” She braces herself and puts out two arms to steady him, flushes hot when she looks up at him, palms flat against his chest. He doesn’t seem to notice though, just grips onto the wall and squeezes his eyes shut.

Shit. He’s shaking.

“Okay, Sam, you know what? You shouldn’t be out here. I’m gonna take you home.”

He’s so much taller than her (and bigger too. God. She can still feel the curve of his chest against her hands…) that they have to stagger down the sidewalk. It’s okay though, because he needs her.

She knew he would need her.


“Okay, so how’s the patient?”

Becky had him settled long before Dean barged his way through the door. He’s tucked into his bed with blankets up to his ears, she’s got him drinking fluids and surrounded by Kleenex boxes and she’s boiling water to make up some soup. It’s only the crappy packet stuff. She’d make it herself if she could, pick her own ingredients and everything, but this is a shitty apartment and all they have is a kettle. Maybe she’ll go out later and get him something better, when he’s well enough for her to leave him. Anyway, it’s better than he would have gotten from Dean, off at the other side of town, interviewing witnesses, like his brother was as good as nothing.

Sam coughs, and mumbles, “I’m fine.”

Yeah. Whatever. No thanks to you Dean.

Mr. On-The-Job-And-Work-To-Do sinks down onto the bed opposite and assesses his brother with a hum of displeasure. “You’re pale. Cold got bad pretty quick, huh?”

“It's flu,” Becky corrects him, “judging by his temperature.” And what I had in mind when I started messing with the ring again.

“You feverish?”

Sam sniffs and nods, “Hundred and uh…” He looks across at Becky for clarification.

“One-oh-two point six.” Becky finishes for him while she’s whisking the soup up with a fork. She smiles. It’s nice to be relied upon.

“You got a thermometer with you as well?”

Becky glares at Dean. What is he trying to say? “My…”

“Yeah, I know, your sick friend.”

Becky huffs and ignores his look, choosing to rise above it and concentrate instead on Sam. She brushes hair from his face when she reaches his bed and places his mug on the tabletop. It’s tomato rice soup. Dean glances at it and she’s pretty sure he’s noticed. Who cares? She’s looking after Sammy now and it's only the best for him. What does it matter where she gets her information?

Sam leans away from the pair of them (just as if he was picking up on how obstructive Dean was being) and presses the back of his wrist against the bridge of his nose. Becky realises what’s happening just as Sam gives a strangled gasp.


Becky pulls some Kleenex from a box and presses them feebly into Sam’s hand.


She hates this. This has to be the third or fourth fit since she bundled him into her car. They’re so sudden and violent, and once he’s started he just can’t seem to stop. He just about half-recovers from the latest wave, but the moment it looks as though it’s about to settle down, he sniffles and snorts and gasps at nothing, face creasing up in frustration and discomfort as he’s gearing up for a follow-up attack.


Becky doesn’t have the first clue how to help him, and she’s more self-conscious about it now, with Dean looking on. In the end she settles for shushing him awkwardly and rubbing a hand across his back. He just keeps on going.

Dean just waves it away dismissively. She’d be annoyed if she didn’t need him to fix this.

“He sneezes a buttload when he’s sick. He’s used to it. It’s his throat you gotta watch out for when he’s like this.” He eyes Sam with a frown. “He still got those lozenges you gave him?”

Sam looks up at them with watery eyes and fumbles in his pocket between sneezes. In the end he manages to free what’s left of packet to show in evidence.

“Good,” Dean decides. “Take one kiddo. I’m gonna make you some tea.”

“But…” Becky begins.

He has soup.

It’s tomato rice.

I was doing it.

“What is it?” Dean asks her, impatient.

Becky shuffles against the floor and stares at her feet.


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Love Love Love how you spin this story around :) Now Sam is really sick and Becky can take care of him at long last!!

“But…” Becky begins.

I can almost hear it... But.. I was taking care of him... Get out of the way you medling Dean.... The lil'Becky in me is itching to touch the ring now and get Dean out of the way :) Can I hope?

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I love it!!!!! Sooooo amazing! And sick Sam and Dean knowing just what to do even though Becky is trying so hard!!! Perfect! Please continue!

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Dean whistles as he fiddles on the seal of one of the milk singles. “Check it out. Still fresh. Guess we’re in a classy joint.”

Sam gives this adorable little stuffy smile before sneezing a bunch more times into the crook of his arm, and Dean sits down on his own bed with a sigh.

“S’awhile since I’ve seen you this sick buddy. Feel like I’m a little out of practice.” He hands him the mug of tea. “Is it weird that I’d know better what to do if you were gushing blood right now?”

They’ve forgotten that she’s there, and Becky has nothing more to do than to kind of shuffle on the spot awkwardly. It’s… it’s kind of awesome. And that’s almost the worst thing of it. To be this close. To see them together, all brotherly in this intimate little moment. It’s the kind of thing she’s dreamt about, hell, the kind of thing she’s written about. It’d be nice to just sit back and soak it all in, to catalogue the whole thing under Happy Memories and pull it out as daydreaming material, but she’s here for something bigger than that today, and it’s her turn to step up and be a part of the unit.

She rubs her thumb against the back of her ring. It’s tempting. She’s already in a little deeper than she’d wanted. though, and as far as she understands, the thing only works if she twists it. She likes it as it is, with the emblem swung round the wrong way so that all the boys can see is the band. It’s been a while, but she’s pretty sure they’d recognise it if they got a decent look.

Dean sighs and pushes himself up from the bed. “So you gonna remember what meds you’ve taken or’m’I gonna have to get Becky to write a list.”

“I could write a list,” Becky squeaks, and immediately feels ridiculous. She’s supposed to be in control here.

Sam just waves away the offer.

“I can remember,” he croaks.

“Okay.” Dean’s tone has an air of finality to it and he picks up her backpack from the chair and hands it back to her. “Thanks for getting him home, and the medicine is awesome. I think we got this now.”

She just stares at him. No. No, no, no, no, no. She hasn’t had long enough. This isn’t how it’s supposed to go.

“I… I was looking after him.”

“I got his back, don’t worry.”

She stares up at him for a moment, but he doesn’t look as though he’s about to change his mind. Pretending as though she was just wringing her hands awkwardly, she takes a hold of the ring and turns.

She doesn’t think there’s been any change at first, until Dean raises a hand to his temple and stumbles, grabbing out at the desk to steady himself against a solid surface. “Whoa… uh… What in the hell?” He bends over and coughs roughly into his fist. “Jesus!” he gasps, only to trip over his breath and collapse into another fit of helpless coughing. “Shit… shit. Okay. This isn’t good.”

Sam is already shuffling off his own bed. Becky wants to say something, wants to hold out her arms and stop him getting up. He’s still so pale and feverish and shaking on his feet.

This is my fault.

“God, Dean!”

Sam has him by the shoulders and the pair of them manage to stumble backwards onto the nearest bed. Becky just kind of hovers around them uselessly, arms stretched out to catch them as if they were about to spring spontaneously from the bed.

Sam lays a giant palm across Dean’s forehead.

“Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, I… uh…” Dean shoves his brother away roughly and presses a hand up to his face. “HhHhHTCHHSHSHUW! AhhHSHHHAH!” He groans and rubs at his forehead. “Fuck,” he says, panting. “That kind of came out of nowhere.”

Sam nods, and wipes his nose against the back of his wrist. “That’s how it was for me. Got up from talking to the vic’s sister and thought I was gonna pass out.”

“But I wasn’t even shuuh… sick HAHTCHSHH!”

Okay, okay… Becky, you’re doing this. You’re a hunter. You’re quick… and adaptable… you just have to roll with it. Just keep calm… keep it together, you just have to…

“Whoa, whoa… okay Dean just sit down!”

Sam shout comes at the same time as hers , but his voice gives out and he just ends up coughing. She holds Dean up as he tries to stagger to his feet.

“What were you doing?”

“I had to get… Kleenex.”

Sam groans, and pushes himself to the end of the bed. “He gets stupid when he gets feverish. Could you…?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ve got it.”

I’ve got it!

She eases him onto his own bed and props him up against a cushion.

“It’s okay Dean,” she soothes. “We’re gonna get you some medicine. Uh... you need anything else?”

Dean flops back against the headboard, looking lazily across at his brother and the soup still steaming on the nightstand.

“Hey Sammy. You gonna drink that?”

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Awwwww... She went a little rough on Dean but now they really need her heart.gif *dreamy sigh*

Next chapter will be probably be the time for some syncronized sneezing *evil smirk*

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I loooove the way you write Dean's dialogue... it's so casual and full of that typical metaphorical/analogical lingo that's so characteristically him. And so cute how it came on so fast for him and how confused it's making the both of them! Go Becky go...

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  • 3 months later...

So... it's been ages and I don't have a decent excuse. Better late than never? Maybe?

One... Two... Three...

Becky counts internally as she watches along with Sam’s slightly moving lips, noting each second that Dean has lain still in a heap of twisted blankets. At last, he snorts, flips over, and settles down snoring on his stomach. Only then does Sam let his legs weaken under him, flopping down gracelessly onto his own bed.

He rubs a hand along his hairline.

“Jesus, that came on quick.”

Becky bites her lip, not sure whether to respond when he starts up again, apparently addressing the conversation to a worn-away patch on the motel room carpet.

“You’d think I’d be used to it by now.” He gives a raking cough and unwraps another throat lozenge, before popping it into his mouth and continuing to talk around it. “With Dean, fevers hit at a mile a minute.” He coughs again, fingers pressed at the base of his throat as though they could offer some sort of protection. “I should have noticed sooner that it was starting.”

Becky perches on the bed next to him and contemplates a consoling back rub.

“I swear to God, the higher the fever, the worse he gets.” Sam sniffs, and wipes his nose against the base of his thumb. “Right about when anyone else would be passing out, Dean is ready to pick a fight with the damn wallpaper. Of course the more he... huh!” He brings up a hand to his nose reflexively and curses, reaching for the tissue box from the dresser. He fumbles at the sheets of Kleenex with one hand, while the other one hovers in anticipation as his eyes close, his breath hitching more insistently...


Becky winces in sympathy when he simply freezes there, eyes wet and face a crumpled picture of agitation. She knows from the past couple of hours of experience how much he hates this.

“HEHgDjJiSHsHuew! HEHpTtAschhShew! Ehh’Hrr’uhhASCHhhSHYEW!”


Sam turns back round to his brother, eyes leaking and forearm pressed close against his face. “It’s... Huh!... It’s ohhh... Ugh. Okay. “HUHDjzAtCH’SCHYEW! Ahh...SCHUH! Ahh...HAH! AhHSChHUH! You just... HEH! You just HEH’ACtCHYEW! Y’Uhhh...”

Realising all of a sudden what she needs to do, Becky whips Dean’s flannel from the countertop and scurries to wet it in the bathroom. When she returns, Sam is still sneezing: one hand on the mattress, holding himself up and the other cupped around his mouth and nose.

Kneeling beside Dean, she brushes hair away from his forehead and lays out the flannel, all the while shushing him softly and telling him to go back to sleep. And okay, maybe she wishes just a little that it was the other way around, imagines Dean’s hair a little longer, his forehead a little broader, his nose a little wider, maybe its Sam’s voice she imagines murmuring nonsense in response. On Dean all this tenderness seems a little wasted. Whatever. It’s what Sam needs from her right now.

He’s coming over. He’s still sneezing, but it seems like it’s slowing down a little. He steadies himself on the cabinet and kneels beside her, stopping for a moment to sneeze over his shoulder. It’s right then that Dean’s head lolls to the side and he starts snoring. Becky doesn’t think she’s ever seen Sam so relieved.

“Oh God. HepTCHhh! HEPTchhh! Thankyou.”

Oh wow.

He looks right at her and he looks so sincere that it’s all Becky can do not to gasp as she thrills with happiness. Okay, yes. Yes, Sam. Becky will wipe Dean’s fevered brow just as much as you want him to. Hell, she’ll pull off his holey socks and give him a fricking foot rub, just as long as you don’t quit looking over with those soulful eyes. Unable to stop herself, she clutches a hand to her heart, as if she could pen the memory in there.

As if she would ever forget.

Sam blows his nose a couple of times and then wipes a hand across his face, leaning back against the wall with a shiver. His eyes are all red and puffy and he has to wipe the tops of his cheeks where they’ve been watering. All he’d need is the little crinkle at the centre of his forehead and he’d look just the way Chuck described him at the end of Heart. Realising that, Becky is transported instantly to Maddison’s room, she can imagine the wallpaper, almost hear the gunshot. Heaven knows, Carver Edlund had a way with words, but it’s quite another thing to see the whole thing for herself.

“What was I saying?”

Sam’s voice, all gruff now and worn out, breaks her from her daydream, and she stutters, uncertain of herself.


“What was I...” He coughs.

Oh God. She can’t think. She’s usually so good at this. I mean please, she’s Samlicker81. She holds the top scorers title for every trivia quiz on supernaturalhunterhub.net. She can categorise every word of Sam’s dialogue by chapter and book title. Why the hell can’t she remember what he was saying five minutes ago while they were sharing a motel room?

“Your brother!”

It comes to her in an instant.

“Your brother and... uh... and fevers.”

“Oh yeah, okay.”

Sam bundles his blanket tighter around him and sighs before he begins again. That was a close one. Man, she needs to forget the books for just a second. They’re writing a new book now.

“So... sniff! The worse his fever gets the mbore...” he clears his throat, “The more he wants to run around, and, obviously, the mbore he runds around the higher his fever gets. It’s a mbess” He tries to sniff again, but it only makes him cough, and a whole host of other coughs follow. Becky digs for the packet of cough drops in her bag and perches on the edge of the bed, waiting.

Sam grimaces and rubs uncomfortably at his chest as the fit eases. That’s when he looks across and notices her holding out the packet. She swells when he smiles at her and takes one. It’s barely a smile really, more a lip twitch, but it’s warm, and she feels important.

“Thanks,” he mutters, and clears his throat to rid some of the gravel from his voice. He sighs then and rests back on his hands, Kleenex still crumpled in his fist. “You know, he took off completely one time.” He sniffs, muted this time as it kind of sticks in his sinuses . He’s getting congested again. “He mbust have beend about fifteen, and he had mondno. Cough! I got back from school and he’d jusdt got up and left.” Sam shakes his head. “Idiot could have burst his damnd spleend.” He gives a stuffy snort that Becky interprets as a laugh.

“Right after that was about the ondly timbe our Dad ever stayed hombe sick with either of us.” He wipes again at his face with the tissue. “He was mbore of a packet of asprind and a pat on the head kind of a parendt.” He smiles at her just briefly but then he flushes when he meets her eyes. He stands then, quickly, and even though he accepts her steadying hand when he wobbles, she can tell that she’s losing him.

“I dond’t kndow what I’bm thinking,” he mutters, running a hand through his hair. “I should have called Bobby hours ago.”


“Yeah.” He coughs. “Dnot sure I have it ind mbe to keep Deand pinnded downd right ndow. But if andyonde can do it, it’s Bobby.

“I got him back to sleep!” she protests.

“Sure, but there’s the case to deal with,” he gives a forceful sniff, and plucks a couple of tissues from the box to scrunch up against his nose. “I should ndever have dragged you indto this to begind with.”

He pats her on the shoulder as if in an apology.

Oh God Sam, why don’t you get it? All the training that she’s done for this, studying the books, all the background research into demonology, she even took a basic firearms course and happens to know that a rifled slug is not something you find crawling in your backyard. She is exactly the person that a hunter would want to have around. If only she knew how to start explaining that without showing him all of her cards in one go.

She decides to go for the easier option for the time being and offer him a decongestant.

By the time she’s dug it out of her rucksack, Sam is stumbling across the room, cell phone in hand.

She sighs. This is turning out more complicated than she had intended.

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Okay. Somehow I'm, like, reeeally late for this party, but I just read the first part and I absolutely loved it, so I'm excited there's more! Righr now, my mom's telling me to get off the phone, but, mark my words, I will be back! ;)

The first part was amazing and the idea seems really promising! (Generally, I don't even like Beccy, but the different perspective is really refreshing and as a fan girl, it's so easy to relate! :laugh2: )

SexualOddity, you're a really good writer! :)

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