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I expect most of you regular you tubers would of come across these by now, but these are weird because they are the same style as the original meridian videos except they aren't on the phone, the channels appear to be staying as there's several hundred videos all together and by the looks of it its done by a mother and daughter (shes 18+ btw) the mother of which owns this business http://idahofallsmassage.com/about.html but as far as I can see there is no evidence of a 'sneeze massage or therapy' advertised so it seems a bit weird that she's doing so many videos and also including her daughter and friends in it and causing her to have fit after fit, the powder they use as well always seems to cause a violent sneezing fit like the one in the original videos, so I wonder have we found the maker / cause of all the old 'meridian' videos ? more to the point id LOVE to know what that powder is and if its safe to use as everything I know of that will make people go into violent sneezing fits almost guaranteed is either carcinogenic or toxic it also seems a bit strange that they would put their full names on their youtube accounts as I've easily managed to find both of them on facebook almost instantly (which is how I found the business) do you think its worth an email pretending to ask about a 'sneeze therapy' and then if she says yes she can do that maybe try find out what this powder is ? thoughts and feelings guys ?

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There have been a few since the decline of the meridian videos who have done the same thing, but with their actual names. The difference here is that these videos have stayed...and a lot of them, too. Occasionally, one will pop up if you're lucky enough to find it, but it'll be gone in a heartbeat. I know of two non-meridian channels who have stayed on YouTube, but they don't have very many videos (and one of the two uses a q-tip instead of powder, but she still keeps her stomach exposed :))

And yes, I would love to know what that powder is.

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There's something so bizarre about these videos but I really like looking at people's midsections when they sneeze (weird, I know), so I will admit I watched several of these when I found them the other day.

I took a peek at that website and it sounds like some straight-up new age shit, maybe they're using herbal powders to induce sneezes? I would hope someone who is promoting themselves as a healer wouldn't deliberately expose herself and other people to carginogenic substances.

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