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“She needed to be prepared for a long day.”

Cameron inwardly groaned when House came in more disheveled that usual, along with a box of tissues. He was always more of an ass when his allergies first kicked in. So, she busied herself making him some black walnut and ginger tea, while trying to ignore the painfully loud sneezes coming from House’s office. Once the tea was ready she carried it, and another box of tissues into his office.

House looked miserable, she noted as she entered the office. He eyed her cautiously as she approached with the tea and tissues. He sounded just as miserable when he asked if they had a patient. She responded with a no. He nodded, and looked up at the light. Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Ha-Isssshhh! Issssshhhh! Ha-Isssshhh! Finally he was able to get out, “Good, I’lb be id here dying.”

Cameron rolled her eyes and turned to leave, as Wilson came in the door. They passed each other and she gave him a ‘better you than me look’ as she left.

Wilson studied House and tossed him a bottle of antihistamines.

“Could you try swallowing them this time, instead of snorting them?”

House croaked out a laugh as he opened the bottle. “Thered’s do way I could snort theb eveb ib I wabted do.” He paused, stared up at the light for a second, and sneezed dramatically. Ha-Isssshhh!

Wilson chuckled at his friend’s misery. “Bless. I’ve got clinic duty, so I’ll see you later.”

House nodded as he tossed a handful of pills down, followed by a swallow of tea.

“And be nice to Cameron. She was kind enough to make you tea. Not that you deserve it.”

House chortled as Wilson headed out. He then began to pile up all of the files that needed discharge summaries written so he could give them to Cameron. He had to get his amusement somehow.

027. Dying

“Wilson, I’b dying,” House whined pathetically from his cocoon of blankets on the couch. Wilson rolled his eyes as he came in from the kitchen with a mug of hot tea. “You are not dying, as much I might wish you were so I wouldn’t have to listen to you carrying on.” Wilson handed the tea to House, and sat down next to him. House accepted the mug, took a sip, and set it down. He looked crossly at Wilson and decided to get back at him for that last crack. His breath hitching, House sneezed in Wilson’s direction. Ha-Isssshhh!

034. Idea

“House! What did you do that for?” Wilson was fuming mad, agitated. House coughed, sighed wearily, and shrugged. “What gave you the brilliant idea to sneeze on me?” House shrugged. “You were beindg mead to me.” Wilson went into the kitchen to wash his hands. “It isn’t like you haben’t been exposed already,” House called. Wilson came back in, drying his hands. “It doesn’t mean I want a one hundred percent chance of getting sick.” House looked up at Wilson, innocent. “But Wilson, I’b sick,” House whined and sniffled and sneezed again pitifully. Ha-Isssshhhah! Wilson put a cool hand on House’s warm forehead in forgiveness.

039. Apple

House had finally fallen asleep on the couch. Wilson spent as much time as he could cleaning and de-germing everything within reach. He didn’t particularly want to get sick, even if it was just a cold. After cleaning he ate an apple, and took a handful of vitamins, just to be on the safe side. “Ad apple isn’t going to ah keep you from ahhh getting Ha-Isssshhh! sick,” House grumbled as he limped into the kitchen. He poured a glass of orange juice and drained it in one gulp. Wilson nodded. “Bless. Now, just keep your germs to yourself.”

037. Insomnia

Wilson had long since been asleep, claiming he had a better chance of staying healthy if he got enough rest. House was unable to sleep, the usual insomnia combined with the inability to breathe. He nursed his glass of scotch, and hoped it would bring Nyquil like sleep. He stared at the blank tv for some time, until he heard a noise coming from the bedroom. He drained his scotch, and headed down the hall to their bedroom. Wilson was sitting up in bed, tissues by his side. Huuuuh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-isssshew!! Huuuuh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-issssihew! He glared at House between sneezing and blowing his nose. “Bless you,” House said unhelpfully, a guilty look on his face.

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I love all of these, individually and as a storyline. Please continue!

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Wilson comes into work the next day, pale and tired. The long bus wait, combined with the stress of the Tritter investigation have finally taken their toll on him. It’s just a mild cold, no fever, no hacking cough. A little more than the sniffles, however. He has his secretary cancel all of his patient meetings for the next two days; he can’t risk putting any of them in contact, with even just a simple cold. So, not ill enough to stay home, he hunkers down with paper work and clinical trials that he has put off.

He sniffles through the morning, and after several hours of monotony, decides tea would be a good idea. He hasn’t heard any sound of a certain limping twerp in his part of the building and surmises that House is working on a case. So Wilson heads off to the cafeteria, certain he won’t be accosted.

As he sits, nursing his tea, not really paying attention to his surroundings, a chair is unceremoniously plopped into, and House is peering at him with dark eyes. Wilson sighs. Like his day couldn’t get any worse. Of course, this is when his body decides to rebel, and he is suddenly bent over in a flurry of sneezes. Huuuuh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-isssshew!! Huuuuh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-issssihew! House continues to sit there, watching, regarding him. Wilson sniffles, and rummages through his lab coat pockets, searching for the tissues he was certain he put there, and comes up empty.

House gets his attention by clearing his throat. Wilson finally looks back at him, he sees that House is holding out a handful of what he hopes are clean tissues. Wilson takes them gratefully. House studies him for a moment, and finally quietly says, “Bless you.” Wilson blinks at him, confused. “Uhhhh, thank you,” he manages to get out, still shocked that one, House was being nice in light of everything, and two that he had actually blessed him.

“Don’t expect that I’ll actually make a habit of it,” House says, reading Wilson’s mind. To prove his point he continues. “You look like crap.” Wilson smiles, oddly glad things haven’t changed too much. “I don’t feel too badly, just a little congested. I’ll be fine in a couple of . . . Huuuuh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-isssshew!! Huuuuh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-issssihew! Haaaa-isssshew!! “Bless you again,” House mumbles, looking anywhere but at Wilson. Wilson uses the last of the tissues and clears his throat before replying. “Thank you. As I was saying I should be fine in a few days.” House nods. Wilson studies him. “What?” he asks House. House continues to find interest in the few people in the cafeteria line. “Sorry I didn’t give you a ride home yesterday. I figured you were still pissed, so . . .” House’s already too soft voice trails off, as he stands and steadies himself. As he is about to leave, he reaches into his blazer pocket, and tosses a blister pack of pills at Wilson. “That’s the last of the niceness, so don’t expect any more sympathy,” he calls over his shoulder as he limps out of the cafeteria. Wilson smiles, and finishes his tea. It’s the best he’s felt in days.

In case of thunder

In the silence that settled over the two of them, there was a sudden flash of lightning, and crash of thunder. Immediately after, the rain began to pour down, soaking them through. The two looked at one another, and in one of their silent conversations, Wilson grabbed the bags, and House headed for the car, Wilson following behind.

They drove back in silence. House attempted several times to speak, but was unable to get the words out.

When they arrived back at the hotel, Wilson grabbed their bags, and quickly followed House inside. They found the hotel room frigid; House having forgot to turn down the air conditioning. House kicked off his squishy shoes and sat down, while Wilson foraged through the bags. Suddenly, Wilson sneezed dramatically three times. Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-isssshew!! Huuuuh-ssshhhew! “Bless you. And again. And again. “ House said quietly. Wilson tuned to thank House, and saw how House’s expression changed immediately from House his partner, to House, the diagnostician. Wilson sniffled and laughed. “Thanks. House, I’m fine. It’s freezing in here because SOMEONE forgot to turn down the a/c and I’m soaking wet. Nothing to worry about.” House rose from the bed and headed over to Wilson. “We’ll we’d better see about getting you out of these wet clothes.” House practically purred the words into Wilson’s ear.


In the time they had decided breakfast was on the agenda, they still had not moved. In fact, instead of moving, they both fell back to sleep, lulled by the sound of the rain. When House woke up again, he heard Wilson sniffling. House looked around the room and realized Wilson wasn’t in the room, but in the bathroom. He had a momentary twinge of guilt; afraid Wilson had caught cold from the rain. He limped ungracefully and stiffly to the bathroom where Wilson was sniffling, but also peering into the mirror.

“Wilson?” The tone of House’s voice asked the question, without him having to say the words. Wilson turned to House, eyes leaking at the corners, and sniffling wetly. He awkwardly grimaced at House. “I have an eyelash stuck in my eye and I can’t get it out,” he told him. He sniffed again, trying to wipe at his nose with the back of his wrist, while at the same time, blinking furiously. House laughed, and turned and walked away, only to return a moment later with tissues and his penlight.

“Which eye?”


“Let me see.”

House tipped Wilson’s head so that he could get a good look at his eye, caressing the cheekbone with a calloused thumb. House flicked on the penlight and shone it into Wilson’s left eye. The combination of light and stimulation was too great for Wilson and he quickly pulled out of House’s grasp and sneezed rather violently. Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Haaaa-isssshew!! House laughed. “Bless you. You’re a mess, you know?” Wilson looked embarrassed. He looked away from House as he wiped at his eyes and nose. “Sorry.” House rolled his eyes. “For what? Having an eyelash in your eye?”


Wilson started the car and flipped the heat on, as it had gotten chilly with the rain showers that had fallen during the day. A fair amount of dust and pollen escaped the vents, which caused House to sneeze. Ha-Isssshhh! Ha-ipsh. He was able to stifle the second, but a moment later his breath hitched again as he struggled not to sneeze. Wilson pressed his handkerchief into House’s hand, just before House sneezed again. Ha-Isssshhhha!

“Bless you.” Wilson quickly flipped the heat off and shut the vents down. “Sorry about that. Heat hasn’t been on in a while.”

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Oh my gosh... I don't want to do any revealing of screen-names from other places... but .... I *knew* that these looked familiar, so I looked them up- I *totally* remember these. I'm a fan- and have probably already commented,but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy them! Old stuff or new, either way works for me. biggrin.png Glad to have you here!


*grins* and Rain is a particular fav. of mine- Wilson just post-Tritter has just so much potential! I wrote a bunch of House MD stuff ages ago. I started out being all about Chase, but- *especially* with the Tritter arch, I converted to all about Wilson. Plus RSL is just drool.gif

This is just way TOO much fun for me. All the good House memories. wub.png Yay for House fans. smile.png

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House returned from his run out in the August heat. Sweat ran rivulets down his face, arms, and legs. He tossed his iPod on to the couch, and kicked off his sneakers. He padded into the kitchen in search of hydration. He found Wilson sitting at the butcher-block table, typing fiercely into his laptop. This occurrence wasn’t odd, since Wilson was staying with him while he recovered. What was odd was the fact that Wilson was wearing a surgical mask.

“Halloween’s not for another few months,” House remarked casually, as he opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. He gulped half of it down, and then ran the cold bottle across his forehead, seeking relief in the coolness.

Wilson tilted his head so he could face House. “Ifikj I’m cming dn wth a cod.” House blinked a few times, trying to process what Wilson said. “Will you take that thing off, so I can understand what the hell you are saying?” Wilson sighed, and pulled the mask down. He cleared his throat and said, “I said that I think I’m coming down with a cold. I don’t want you to get it, you have rehab to get through.” To prove his point, Wilson sneezed, as if to say, “see.” Ahh-hhh-Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! “Bless,” House mumbled quietly. “So, symptoms?” He drew an imaginary whiteboard in the air, and prepared to “write.” Wilson folded his arms across his chest. “House, I’m a doctor too. I think I know when I have a cold.”

House rolled his eyes. “But I’m the diagnostician, and you’re just a wonder boy oncologist,” he remarked. Wilson sighed again, knowing if he didn’t give in, House would irritate him the rest of the day. “Fine. I’ve been sneezing and my nose is stuffy. It’s a cold. Can I get back to what I was doing now?” Wilson gestured to the laptop that he had been working on and the stack of paperwork beside it.

“One more test,” House replied. He crossed the short distance between them, and gently ran his thumb across Wilson’s sinuses, looking into his eyes, while he simultaneously caressed the side of his face. Wilson sniffled, still trying to get his point across. “Your throat hurt?” “No, it’s a bit scratchy, but it doesn’t hurt.” House continued to peer into Wilson’s eyes, slowly stroking his cheek, and then gently leaned in for a kiss.

“House, what are you doing? I told you I was sick!” Wilson became exasperated as House began to laugh, practically bent over in gales of laughter. Wilson stood up, hands on hips, trying to figure out what was so funny. “Wilson, you’re fine. It’s allergies. I noticed it in the air the other day when I was out running.” Wilson processed that information for a moment and then, eyes sparkling with mischief, posed a question to House. “Well, in that case, steam room?”

House sat on the couch, an old blanket around his shoulders. Tissues were scattered on the floor and coffee table. He shuddered and coughed harshly. He had just managed to bring the coughing under control when Wilson came in, laden with bags from the pharmacy. House looked up at him pathetically, sniffling. Wilson came over and sat down next to House, and took out tissues, cold medication, cough drops, and House’s Vicodin. House grabbed at the box of tissues, opening them, and pulling out a handful. He blew his nose desperately, which in turn caused him to bend over in a fit of sneezes. Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Ha-Isssshhh! Issssshhhh! Ha-Isssshhh! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Wilson rubbed circles on House’s back, trying to be comforting. “Bless you, all right now?” House answered with a painful sounding cough and a death glare toward Wilson.

Wilson was burning with fever. He tossed and turned in the sweat-soaked sheets, unable to find a comfortable position. Every fiber of his body ached and burned. He longed for sleep. House came in from the store where he had been picking up juice, tissues and soup, and checked on Wilson. He saw the state Wilson was in and returned with a washcloth and placed it on Wilson’s forehead. Wilson shivered from the contact of the cool cloth and sneezed violently. Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! House pulled the blankets over Wilson. “Bless. Try and rest, while I make you some soup,” House said congestedly. Wilson had done the same for him last week.

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Oh my gosh... I don't want to do any revealing of screen-names from other places... but .... I *knew* that these looked familiar, so I looked them up- I *totally* remember these. I'm a fan- and have probably already commented,but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy them! Old stuff or new, either way works for me. biggrin.png Glad to have you here!


*grins* and Rain is a particular fav. of mine- Wilson just post-Tritter has just so much potential! I wrote a bunch of House MD stuff ages ago. I started out being all about Chase, but- *especially* with the Tritter arch, I converted to all about Wilson. Plus RSL is just drool.gif

This is just way TOO much fun for me. All the good House memories. wub.png Yay for House fans. smile.png

Those are still online? LOL! I didn't even think I had posted some of these given the fetish content. Or I was reckless and brave! :)

Thank you so much! I have a few dribbles in the works that might actually be from this decade! :)

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Rain, part 2 (and too long for a drabble, I know I just didn't want to lose the continuity of posting on the story page)

The next day Wilson wearily dragged himself into the office. He had a miserable night, not sleeping well with the coughing, the sneezing and general congested feeling of having a cold. Once again he had his secretary reschedule his patient appointments and went back to the doldrums of paperwork and clinical trials.

House watched all of this from his balcony window, and once again the unfamiliar and annoying feeling of guilt spread through him. He swallowed another Vicodin in hopes of quelling the feeling and sighed. He drained the last of his coffee and went to refill his mug in the diagnostic lounge. As he poured the coffee, an idea occurred to him. Of course it meant being nice to Wilson again, but there was the whole stealing his prescription pad thing that he did, so being nice is probably the least he should do.

It took him a few minutes, but he finally located what he was looking for. He poured his mug of coffee and sipped at it slowly while he waited for the tea, the same tea Cameron had made for him when he was an allergic mess, to steep. He never admitted it to anyone, let alone Cameron, but the tea had helped just a little.

It took him a bit, but House was able to find a way to walk slowly and inelegantly, sans cane down the hall with both mugs. He grumbled to himself the whole way about how Wilson had better appreciate his efforts especially if he ended up burning himself with the hot liquid. Only a hint of a reminder of why he was doing this popped into his mind, and a few moments later he carefully barged into Wilson’s office.

Wilson lifted his head from his hands. “Not nowb House. I’b busy, and I’b not really in the mood.” He looked at House, standing there two mugs in hand, cane dangling from his arm. “Yeah you look real interested in that file,” House sarcastically commented. “Here, drink this.” House awkwardly thrust the steaming red mug at Wilson, as he collapsed unsteadily into the chair in front of Wilson’s desk. House sipped coffee from his own mug, and avoided Wilson’s gaze of confusion and awe.

Wilson studied the liquid for a moment, and hesitantly took a sip. “It’s just tea,” House told him. The warm liquid felt wonderful on Wilson’s sore throat. “I thought you were donde being dice and sypathetic,” Wilson asked. House studied Wilson. “Everybody lies. You look still like crap. You should’ve stayed home.” Wilson sniffled and took another sip of tea. “It’s nobt that bad. I just didn’t sleep weld. I . . .” Wilson stopped mid sentence and held up a finger to indicate he was pausing the conversation. HHuuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! “Bless you,” House said. Wilson nodded his thanks as he blew his nose. “I really dob’t feel that bad,” Wilson continued as he took another sip of tea, wincing as it went down his tender throat.

House chuckled at that statement. “Sure you don’t. You can hardly breathe and from the face you just made when you swallowed, your throat is sore.“

Wilson sniffled and coughed slightly. “It’s fine, seriously. I soubd worse thab I feel.” Wilson sipped at his tea and let the warm liquid soothe his throat.

House narrowed his eyes at Wilson, watching him carefully, to see if Wilson was keeping anything from him. He swallowed another mouthful of coffee, as Wilson reached for the tissues once again. Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! House rolled his eyes. “Bless you again,” he said. Wilson mumbled his thanks as he wearily lowered his head into his hands and sighed. “Yeah you feel wonderful,” House said with a mocking tone which earned him a glare from Wilson.

House swallowed the last of his coffee and rose from his chair. “Get your coat and meet me in my office,” he instructed Wilson. Wilson lifted his head up. “Wuh, huh? Why? I saib I was finde. I habe work to do.” House rolled his eyes again. “You’re not fine. You’re exhausted, sick and miserable.” “You would knowb,” Wilson retorted. “Yes I may be, but you’re also my ticket out of clinic duty,” House said smugly.

Wilson stood up and threw up his hands in annoyance. “Of course you’bd make dis about you, everythind is about you, and it’s never about what I’b going through or andyone else! You arend’t even ahh dealing hhhwidth Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! the isdues Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! here!” Bless,” House said quietly, looking at the floor. “I bet my couch is more comfortable than that hotel room.”

Wilson sighed. The fight had been drained out of him. He shrugged his shoulders. “Fide. I’ll meedt you in a fewb minutes.” Dejectedly, he snagged a handful of tissues and blew his nose again. Wilson fought off a coughing jag as House nodded and headed back to his office to collect his things.

A few moments later, the two headed out into the late morning sunshine. And when House sneezed loudly as they approached Wilson’s car, Wilson had to suppress a laugh and conveniently turned it into a cough. “Bless you,” Wilson said as he held up his hands defensively. “Don’t blabe me,” he said congestedly, as House glared at him with narrow eyes. House mumbled something about ungrateful oncologists spreading germs as they got in the car to head to House’s apartment. Wilson shook his head in mock annoyance as they drove away from the hospital. At least he wouldn’t have to be miserable alone.

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Not that I remember any of the yummy Wilson fics that I've come across over the years.... :whistle: I remember being psyched to see what you'd written with things. :blushing: I love what h/c can cover :innocent:

Oh- and NEVER apologise for a long drabble ;)

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“It’s going to get cold this week, maybe snow,” Wilson remarked to House over the rush of water in the kitchen. House appeared in the doorway, drying his hands on a towel. Stray drops had landed on House’s thin t-shirt, making it look luminescent in places. “Anything else your crystal ball has to say?”

Haaa-ishhha! House sniffled and wiped his nose on the towel.

Wilson sighed. “Bless you. Leave it to you to catch cold before you had a chance to enjoy the snow.”

All House could do was sneeze in reply. Hi’KSSH! Haaa-ishhha!


Of course Wilson caught House’s cold. It was a rotten, sneezy cold too. They’d both been forced indoors, not even able to drive to work due to the horrible weather conditions with heavy, blowing snow. Luckily, since Wilson was living at House’s apartment now, they had things like food and cold medicine (just in case).

Wilson was camped out on the couch, watching old movies. Tissues, cold medicine, and bottles of water and cups of tea surrounded him. Haaa-Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Wilson sneezed for what must have been the 50th time that day. He reached for the tissues and blew his reddened nose.

House came in with a cup of tea for him. At least House was being as nice as he could considering the situation, even though it was his cold Wilson had caught.

He handed the tea to Wilson. “How are you fdeeling?” House hadn’t yet fully recovered from the cold himself, but was doing better than Wilson. He was still congested and sneezy, but could manage things like tea and toast for them both.

Wilson shrugged. “The same I huhh-huhhh suppose Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew!” Wilson sighed and sniffled. “If I could just stop sneezing!” House nodded. He knew the feeling. He’d been sneezing for the better part of days and now was just finally managing to make it for short periods of time with out a sneeze. Haaa-Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Wilson sneezed again, and flopped back on the couch. He flicked the channels to see if there was a weather update.

“Bless you,” House said quietly. His nose had started to tickle again, and he didn’t want to succumb to any more sneezing. He rubbed his nose and settled back on the couch next to Wilson. Wilson looked over at House. “What about you? Still feeling better than before?” House nodded, not willing to risk the vibrations of his voice to set of his still sensitive nose.

Wilson looked at him curiously. He knew when House was being evasive. House rubbed his nose again, and paid a bit more attention than necessary to the weather report. Wilson also knew that look. He’d seen it enough over the past few days. “House?”

House sniffed and waited for the inevitable. Haaa-ishhha! Hi’KSSH! Hi’KSSH! “Bless,” Wilson said and smiled sympathetically as he passed the tissue box to his best friend.


Ahngxst! Hngxtsh! House stifled two sneezes, not wanting to disturb Wilson who was sleeping on his couch. Wilson would just be annoyed at the disturbance. He hadn’t been sleeping well; well neither of them had lately. However, Wilson had been more worried about House as of late, especially since House’s hay fever had kicked in. House sighed and got up out of bed, pausing to rub his perpetually itchy nose. He sniffed and leaned over to grab a tissue, and found the box to be empty. He sighed again and got up and went out into the living room in search of another box.

Of course at that moment his nose chose to betray him. Ah-ngxst! Hngxtshu! Hngxtshu! After the third sneeze there was no way he could possibly hold them back anymore. Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Ha-Isssshhh! Issssshhhhii! Ha-Isssshhh!

Wilson sat up, roused by the sneezing. “House? Are you ok,” he mumbled sleepily. . Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-haaa-haaa. House sniffed and reached over for the tissues on the coffee table. Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! House sneezed violently into the tissues and blew his nose forcefully. “I didn’t bmean to wade you. I was out ob dissues.”

Wilson rubbed a hand over his face sleepily. “Bless you. It’s ok. It’s not your fault.” Wilson looked over at House, who had reached over for the tissues again. He was sitting there on the couch, head tipped back, nostrils flared. Haaa-haaa-haaa Hi’KSSH! “Bless you again. Is there anything I can get you?” House shook his head. “You gknow it tadkes foreber for the allerdgy pills to kick ind. I judt habe to suffer ad sdeeze through it.” To emphasize his point he sneezed again. Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh!

Wilson handed House more tissues. “Bless you again. Sorry it’s all I can offer. Well, that and the remote for the tv. I don’t think either of us will be getting any more sleep tonight.”

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Not that I remember any of the yummy Wilson fics that I've come across over the years.... whistling.gif I remember being psyched to see what you'd written with things. blushing.gif I love what h/c can cover innocent.gif

Oh- and NEVER apologise for a long drabble wink.png

Thank you again, you're too kind. It's been so long since I've done any fanfic writing, but I'm procrastinating what I really need to be doing. Now, if only I could get my brain to find a way to finish this Sherlock/John h/c fic. uhhuh.gif

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It was one of those nights when the sky was so black it was blue. House was filled with contradictions as he wished on a star that flickered through the midnight sky. He inhaled slowly and exhaled. The red-orange ember burned on the end of his cigarette. They fired like sparks when he flicked the remnant away.

He leaned on the cement barrier on the roof and stared up at the sky again. He waited a few more moments to see if there would be more. Instead, stars in the sky blinked out and disappeared. House thought to himself that it was appropriate; burned out stars for lost lovers.

He involuntarily shuddered and pulled the flimsy hospital gown tighter around his battered frame. Hi’KSSH! Hi’KSSH! With a final sniff, he grabbed his cane from the barrier, and headed slowly to the propped open door. He wondered if anyone had noticed his absence from the ICU, and realized the only person he wanted to notice, might not notice ever again. And for just a second, like a child, he really believed in wishing on a star.

Amnesia (1)

Wilson let himself, hesitantly, into House’s apartment. It was as untidy as usual; with the addition of crumpled tissues, water bottles, and a half empty glass of juice on the coffee table in the living room. House was nowhere to be seen, but he could hear what sounded like congested snoring coming from the direction of House’s bedroom.

Wilson quietly walked down the hall, and opened the partially closed door. House was sprawled across the bed, his forehead glistening with sweat. There were once again crumpled tissues everywhere, and a water bottle on the nightstand, along with House’s ever present Vicodin. It didn’t look like it was helping the fever the older man obviously had. Wilson wondered how long House had been alone; how long since it had been since his last dose.

Wilson left the bedroom and headed into the bathroom, and returned with a damp, cool facecloth. He placed it on House’s forehead, as he sat on the edge of the bed. He reached for House’s wrist to take his pulse, to make sure it wasn’t too rapid.

The coolness of the cloth and the sudden touch woke House. He startled, practically jumping out of his skin. He croaked out “Who are you? Where’s Cuddy?” He began to cough and reached for the water bottle on the nightstand and drained a fair amount of it.

Wilson watched with a mixture of amusement and worry. What if House really didn’t know who he was? No, he thought to himself, this was just one of House’s poor excuses of a practical joke. “House, it’s me Wilson. You know that, obviously. Knock off the game. It isn’t funny.”

House stared at Wilson, not understanding, or seemingly recognizing the man at all. He quickly reached for one of the crumpled tissues on the bedside table and sneezed violently several times. Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Wilson looked around to see if there were any more tissues, which of course there weren’t, and reluctantly pulled out his handkerchief and handed it to House. “Here.”

House took the soft cloth and sneezed twice, Issssshhhh! Issssshhhh! cringing in pain. He attempted to blow his nose after, but found that it just made his head ache and gave up. He sniffled and stared at Wilson once again. “Wby are you here? Cuddy tolb me whad I did, what happed. Why would you cobe here?” He winced, his leg and his head causing him considerable pain. He reached for the Vicodin bottle and dry swallowed three, not even recognizing the look of disappointment that quickly crossed Wilson’s face.

“I came here; I came here because Cuddy asked me to. She told me you had no memory of what happened to Amber.” He paused on saying her name. Amber. “She said maybe if I forgive you, you’d get your memory back. But I don’t think you’ve lost your memory. I think you’re just doing what you always do, acting like an ass!” Wilson’s voice rose as he had gone on and he was practically shouting. At that moment, Cuddy returned from the store and barged in to the bedroom. “What in the hell is going on here?”

Amnesia (2)

House sneezed violently. Haaa-haaa-haaa Hi’KSSH! Issssshhhh! Issssshhhh! Wilson and Cuddy, locked in a heated gaze, turned and said “bless you” to him at the same time. “You should be in bed asleep, House, not up and talking. You’ve got a nasty cold, not to mention recovering from a dangerous operation,” Cuddy said with a glare in Wilson’s direction. “Let’s get you some juice, and Wilson, maybe you should come back later.

Wilson held up his hand in Cuddy’s direction. “Wait just a minute,” Wilson said. “House, you really have no idea what’s going on; what’s happened in the past week?” House blew his nose carefully while he contemplated his words to Wilson. Part of him wanted to confess it all; but he felt so miserable at this point it was easier to keep up with the lie instead of trying to explain it all to Wilson and to Cuddy.

House sniffled and wiped his nose and looked miserable. “I dob’t know. I dob’t remember mubch of adything. Bits and piedses, forebn lands and voices. A lot of it is a blur.” He coughed weakly and rubbed his head. He grabbed for the handkerchief again and sneezed as gently as he possibly could, to spare his severely aching head. Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh!

“Bless you,” Cuddy and Wilson said in unison once again. House shut his eyes and leaned back against the headboard. Wilson still wasn’t sure if House was messing with him or not, but one thing was obvious. He was in a lot of pain and feeling miserable. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly and turned and walked out the door.

Rest, part 2

When Wilson woke up he was hot, and alone on the couch. The spot next to him was warm still, so he figured House was getting a drink or using the bathroom. He tried to sit up but the pounding in his head and sinuses made that difficult so he shut his eyes and waited.

A few moments later he heard the tell tale sound of House coming back into the room, and felt something cool rest on his forehead. While it felt good, the change in temperature didn’t do him any good and Wilson sneezed violently. Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew!”

House snickered. “Loodks like you caubht by cold.” Wilson sat up, wincing, and glared at him. “Yes, apparently I habe.” Wilson sighed and sniffled and reached for the tissues on the coffee table. He carefully blew his nose. House put his hand, long fingers cool, on Wilson’s forehead. “I want to take your tempberature; you’re burning up.”

House handed Wilson the thermometer, who reluctantly put it in his mouth, grumbling something about ungrateful diagnosticians spreading germs. When it beeped, House snatched it away from Wilson and read the result: 99.9. “Not bad, not as high as BY fever was,” House chided. “This isn’t a competition, House! It’s a colbd. I’ll libe.” Wilson located the Tylenol on the coffee table and washed two down with some cold tea.

House sniffled and pouted. “But by feber was higher,” he mumbled. Somehow, for added dramatic measure, House’s breath hitched and he sneezed loudly. Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Wilson rolled his eyes. “Bless you.” “Thanbks,” House replied as he blew his nose. He sat back and sighed. “Well this sucks. Who’s goinbg to tadke care of be nowd?” Wilson laughed, which ended up turning into a rather prolonged coughing fit. When he was done, and had drained a bottle of water, he turned to House. “Who is goibnd to take care of you?! What about be? I’b sick too!”

House sniffled and shrugged and turned his attention back to the television. “By fever was higher, thereforde I’b sicker.” Wilson sighed once again and shook his head. “Logically,” Wilson muttered before he quickly reached for the tissues. Wilson bent forward in a fit of sneezes Haaa-Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushishh! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Haaa-Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew! Huuuuh-rushh-ssshhhew!, while House peered at him from the corner of his eye. When Wilson finally stopped, House handed him some fresh tissues. “Bless. Done?” Wilson nodded. “I thibk so. Thandks.” He appreciatively took the tissues and blew his nose.

“Look, House, we’re both sidck. Let’s just try nbot to kill each other, odk?” House carefully regarded Wilson, sniffled and nodded. He felt just a tiny but bad about whining so much a few moments ago, when he really was feeling much better, and Wilson was just getting this cold. Of course this moment of remorse lasted about twenty seconds. “Are you goibg to make us sobe Issssshhhh! tea or what?” House coughed weakly to accentuate his point. Wilson rolled his eyes again, sighed and struggled to his feet. House would never change. It was too bad he couldn’t give House this cold back.


House stood out on the pavement for far too long. He couldn’t remember why he had come outside in the first place. When Wilson came out of PPTH and steered him toward his car, he didn't resist.

When they got in the car, Wilson cranked the heat, as House had begun to shiver.

Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha!

Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha!

The ride to House’s apartment to that point was quiet, other than House’s unrestrained sneezes, “bless you's” from Wilson, with a mumbled “that’s what you get” in addition. He finally pulled a crumpled tissue from his coat pocket and gave it to the now sniffling House.

Wilson glanced over at House and was half way through an eye-roll when he stopped, realizing that House was not himself.

“You ok?” Wilson asked.

House sniffled. Yeah, I’ll be all right after a shower and a hhaa-hhhha - Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! coffee.

“Bless you.”

“Thanks,” House said quietly. He dabbed at his nose with the sad remnants of the tissue.

Wilson looked at House and somehow he knew he meant for more than just the blessing.

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House awoke with an aching leg and a stuffy nose. He immediately reached for his Vicodin, dry swallowing two. His mouth was incredibly dry, probably from breathing through his mouth while he slept because of the congestion. Damned hay fever. He downed the remaining water in the glass on his bedside table.

He sniffed and immediately realised it was a mistake. Haaa-ishhha! House sneezed openly. He sniffed again and looked over to see if there were any tissues. Of course there weren’t. His nose twitched in protest and felt another sneeze start to build. He realised he would have to stifle it, if he didn’t want to be covered in snot. Ahngxst! Hngxtsh!

House looked at the time and sighed congestedly. He had ten minutes before chirpy morning-loving wonderboy oncologist Wilson arrived to pick him up.

Seven minutes later Wilson was letting himself into House’s apartment. He could hear the shower running. Late again, he sighed. I’m sure Cuddy will be thrilled, he thought. Given that they were going to be late anyways, Wilson occupied his time by making House a cup of coffee and some toast with jam.

Ahngxst! Hngxtsh! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha!

Wilson could hear House sneezing lavishly and dramatically in the shower. He checked his briefcase to see if he had any Benadryl for House (he did) and put it next to the coffee.

Moments later House came out of the bathroom, damp, with a towel around his waist. His nose was tinged with pink already and his eyes looked like they were watering.

“Morning,” Wilson offered. “I made you some coffee and toast.”

House grunted in response, sniffled, and headed down the hall to his bedroom to get dressed.

Ahngxst! Hngxtsh!

House sighed. He needed a tissue. He considered using his bath towel, but given that it was probably the only clean one he had left, he shouted for Wilson instead.


Wilson headed down the hall to see what the emergency was.

House sniffled. “I need a tissue.” And to prove his point he stifled a pair of sneezes, directed away from Wilson. Ahngxst! Hngxtsh!

“Bless you. Here, take this.” Wilson pulled his handkerchief out of his trouser pocket and handed it to House. House gave him a look, but didn’t really have time to argue, as the urge to sneeze was too powerful.

Ahngxst! Hngxtsh! Haaa-ish-hha! House sneezed violently into the handkerchief and blew his nose. Finally, this offered him a bit of relief. The relentless tickle had stopped for the moment.

“Thanks,” House said.

Wilson nodded. “Get dressed and come have some coffee and Benadryl.”

“Breakfast of champions,” House replied.


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cold toast

House dressed and made his way out into the kitchen. He found Wilson making fresh toast, as his had gone cold. He picked up his coffee mug and the box of Benadryl and made his way to the couch.

He took twice the recommended dose (of course) and drank some coffee. He leaned back into the couch and sniffled miserably, and it was only just after 9. It was going to be a long day.

Wilson brought over the toast just as House was launching into a fit of sneezes.

Hngxtsh! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Hngxtsh!

“Bless you! Done?” Wilson asked.

House nodded wearily, and blew his nose. He then looked up at Wilson and shook his head in the negative. Blowing his nose had set him off again and he sneezed into the now sodden handkerchief.

Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Hngxtsh!

Just when he thought he was finished sneezing his breath hitched and he sneezed a final, violent stifled sneeze.


“God bless you, bless you, and Gesundheit,” Wilson said. “And any other permutation.”

House croaked out a “thanks.” He looked down at the now useless handkerchief and sighed. “I think I have a clean one of yours you left here, in my bedroom. Check the top drawer?” House asked.

Wilson nodded. “Sure, now eat your toast so we can get to work before noon.”

House sniffled wetly and did as he was told while he waited for the Benadryl to take the edge off.


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House followed Wilson out of his apartment. He felt miserable despite the Benadryl and Vicodin. He felt like he hadn’t stopped sneezing all morning, which was the case. As they walked over to Wilson’s car, the light of the sun, combined with the pollen, set House off once again.

Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Hngxtsh!

"Bless you!"

He grabbed for the handkerchief Wilson had found for him from his pocket and sneezed again.


“Bless you again,” Wilson said as they got into the car. “Maybe I should write you a prescription for something stronger. It’s clear that the Benadryl isn’t doing anything at all.”

House sniffled wetly and turned to look at Wilson. “You want to give me more drugs? YOU?” House was amused despite the fact that he felt miserable.

Wilson sighed and rolled his eyes. “Allergy medicine isn’t a controlled substance. You’re miserable. You haven’t stopped sneezing all morning. I’m trying to help here.”

Haa-haa-Hngxtsh! House seemed to sneeze in agreement.

“Bless you. And stop stifling. You’re going to pop an eardrum.”

“Do I’b not.” House sighed and paused to blow his nose.

“You very well could,” Wilson said. “I went to high school with a kid who did. You know what happened, how they fixed his eardrum? They had to take a patch of skin and fat from his ass and patch it up.”

House gave a kind of congested laugh/snort. “You’re shitting me.”

“I’m serious, House.”

It was a short drive to PPTH, during which House contemplated this story of Wilson’s. At the same time, he couldn’t help but notice the tickle deep in his nose. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sniffed, trying to keep from any more sneezing. This clearly was the wrong strategy.

He tipped his head back, breath hitching. He was clearly on the edge of sneezing, but was getting no relief.

Wilson glanced over at House, who quite frankly looked ridiculous, as he would be brought to the verge of sneezing, only to be denied the relief.

“All right?” Wilson asked.

House nodded, which was just enough of a distraction to allow the sneezes to break free.

Haaa-ishhha! Haaa-ish-hha! Haaa-ishhha!

“Bless you House. Now, are you going to take me up on that prescription?”

House nodded and rubbed his temples, admitting defeat.

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*bump* (I just had to). These are amazing! Why did I not see these before. House stretcher.gif Come on, you guys, why has next to no one commented? I thought we had a lot of House fans here :P

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*bump* (I just had to). These are amazing! Why did I not see these before. House stretcher.gif Come on, you guys, why has next to no one commented? I thought we had a lot of House fans here tonguesmiley.gif

Why thank you! :)

I wrote most of these AGES ago, like 7 years + ago. House and Wilson were my first OTP. I did write a longer one that I've edited so it's more forum appropriate (read added in the sneezes) but it needs a bit more work before it can be put up on the main page so everyone can read it. I will see if I can get to that tomorrow. :)

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I've been rewatching House, since it's on UK Netflix now. Hence this drabble.

Wilson rubbed the back of his neck as he walked up to House’s door. He hadn’t heard from the caustic, miserable jerk since he saw him at work on Friday, right after he had solved his latest case. He had been increasingly irritable lately, and Wilson was starting to worry, especially since he hadn’t picked up his home phone or mobile.

Wilson rapped on the door to no answer. He rolled his eyes, and with a huff, he pulled his key out of his jacket pocket and let himself in. He was not prepared for what he saw as he walked in.

House was sprawled out across his couch, asleep, remote on his chest, used tissues scattered around him. Wilson frowned, and walked over toward him, and gently put his hand on House’s forehead, checking for fever.

House nearly jumped off the couch in surprise and alarm. He looked up at Wilson in confusion and then suddenly ducked his head down into the crook of his arm.

Ah’ngxst! Hngxtshu!

“Bless-“ Wilson was cut off by House’s breath audibly hitching as he built up to another set of sneezes.

Ahhh . . . heh . . Hngxtsh! Haaa-ishhha! Issssshhhh! Haaa-ishhha!

“Bless you. Again.” Noticing that the tissue box on the coffee table was empty, he removed his handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to his friend.

“Thadks,” House mumbled through his congestion. He quickly glanced over at the table; he had disposed of the morphine. He gave a sigh of relief.

Wilson raised an eyebrow, and sat down on the edge of the table. “So what brought this on?”

House sniffled wetly, a thick phlegmy sound. “Kid id the clidc ahhhh hehhhh ah,” House paused and looked up for a moment waiting for the inevitable sneeze. His eyes watered for a moment; he was sure he looked ridiculous. When the sneeze didn’t come to fruition, he began speaking again. “A kid id the clidic sdeeezed od me,” he said, sniffling.

Wilson was about to ask if he had taken anything when House gasped audibly.

Hngxtshu! Haaa-ishh’ha!

“Bless you again.”

House nodded his thanks and blew his nose again.

“Have you eaten anything lately?”

House shrugged and Wilson rolled his eyes again. “I’ll order pizza,” he said, resigned.

“Exdra pepperodi,” House said, grabbing his Vicodin and popping a few.

Wilson pinched the bridge of his nose, but made the call anyways.

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There has been a void of House-centric fics recently, and this is great. I love the House and Wilson dynamic. I'm glad you wrote this, it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside :P

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Hahaha... House took morphine because of a cold? :lmfao:

Then again, he *did* do cocaine once to get rid of his nasal congestion, so yes, this is actually pretty believable! I really liked this! So funny! :D

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There has been a void of House-centric fics recently, and this is great. I love the House and Wilson dynamic. I'm glad you wrote this, it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside tonguesmiley.gif


Hahaha... House took morphine because of a cold? lmfao.gif

Then again, he *did* do cocaine once to get rid of his nasal congestion, so yes, this is actually pretty believable! I really liked this! So funny! biggrin.png

No, this takes place after "Who's your daddy?" where he does take morphine at the end of the episode. I failed to note that at the top. Opps. My bad.

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed. :)

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Awww. House and Wilson. Love their caustic relationship! You nailed it.

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