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this is my first fanfiction and english isn´t my native language, so I´m sorry for my mistakes.

The Team got a new case two days ago. The Killer had left his sixth victim in her own house. Rossi and Prentiss were on their way to the crime scene. Emily knew she had caught a cold last night interviewing people in the cold rain. She had a headache, stuffed up nose and her throat was scratching. Dave drove his way, while Emily tried to rest a bit in the front seat. “You want to buy a coffee before we get there?” Emily slowly opened her heavy eyes. “Yeah, that would be great.” Dave turned to her and gave her a concerned look: “You ok? You sound a bit strange.” “I´m fine”, she automaticly answered. She turned to the window as she noticed an itch in her nose. She tried to held her breath, because she didn´t wanted Rossi to think she was weak and sneezing was a big sign of weakness, she thougt. Rossi saw her confused look and asked again: “You sure you´re alright?” Emily nodded, but couldn´t hold it any longer. She cupped her hands over her mouth and nose and tried to stiftle her sneezes. “ Hegxnts! Nhgxt! He... Heehgsch! She failed the last one and apprubtly flushed with embrassment. Dave gave her a look as she opened her eyes and looked up. “Sorry”, she mumbled. “ Bless you. You´ve got a cold.”, he said and she knew she coludn´t deny it. “ Just a little.” “ You want to go to the hotel?” “Hell, no Dave it´s just a cold.” He didn´t reply.

When they arrived at the scene and got off the car the cold air hit Emily and she tried hard not to shiver. She pulled her thin coat skinnyer around her body and entered the garden. The Killer cut the veine in the throat of the victim and there was blood everywhere. Suddenly Emilys nose began to itch again. She knew it was in vain to try holding it, so she just turned away from Dave and let the voilent sneezes out. “ He... he... heeischeew! Aschooo! Heh... Hehgsch!” When she looked back up Dave gave her a concernde look again. “Bless you.”, he sighed. “ Thaa... ah... eetshew! Thank you.” When she was finally done she knew she needed a tissue. Just in time Rossi took one out of his pocket and handed it to her. “ Thanks”, she whispered before turning away for blowing her nose as quietly as she could.

A bit later Rossi and Prentiss came back to the precent. All Team members sat down and listened to the news Rossi was telling them. “ Our sixth victim´s name is Caroline, he cut her vein, and left her in the garden. She looks exactly like the others and...” Emily stood next to him in front of the whole team, when she felt a tickle. Deep in her stuffed up nose there was a big tickle. She couln´t allow herself to sneeze in front of the others so she excused her self and barely made it out of the confference room before cupping her hands and catching the wet mess. “ Hehischeew! Echhoo! Aatscheew!” She groaned and leaned against the wall as the world started spinning. She was shoked when she suddenly noticed Hotch had followed her and was standing next to her.

Hotch already saw how pale Emily looked in the morning and when she quickly left the room he turned his head and saw her bending over with three harsh sneezes. He stood up and walked trough the door to the exhausted looking woman. She leaned against the wall and jumped a bit when she noticed him standing next to her. “ You alright?” “Fine... fine.” She said as the whole world kept spinning. Hotch saw her swaying and stedead her tired body with his hands. Emily let out a whimper. “ Prentiss? What´s wrong?” “ I´m dizzy”, she mumbled. “ Ok come on.” He layd an arm around her waist and half carried her to the breakroom. He made her lay carefully on the couch and kneeled next to her. Even if she felt like crap Emily was so ashamed for fainting in front of her boss. He´d think she was weak. She could feel his hand on her forehead checking for fever. “ Prentiss I think you have a fever. Since when did you feel like that?” “This morning.”, she brought out while trying to open her eyes without feeling like falling off stairs. “ Why didn´t you say anything? You could have stayed at the hotel.” “It´s not that bad”, she kept saying, suddenly feeling like she was going to sneeze. She sat up quickly, turned away from her boss and held a hand in front of her nose. She had to take a few shaky gasps before trying her best to stifle the loud violent sneezes. “ He... Ha... He... Heehgnx! Hitch! Heghts!” “Bless you, Emily. Here”, he handed her a tissue from a box on the table behind him. She took it and whiped her streaming nose. Unfortanly that made her nose itch again. “Hegntx!” “Bless you. Don´t do that.” “What?” “Stiftling, it´s bad for your eardrum.” She nodded surprised. “ Come on I´m going to take you back to the hotel.” “Hotch, ...” he interrupt her: “Don´t argue, it´s an order.”

Five minutes later they sat in Hotchs SUV. Hotch noticed Prentiss nostrils flaring, she seemed close to sneezing again but tried to hold it. He sighed: “Let it out Emily, and don´t stifle.” She did as told. “ Heeschoo! Aitschew! He... Heishoo!” “ Bless you.”

TBC (If you want me to.)

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Thank you.

I should have learned for a test today, but I hadn´t any motivation so I decided to continue this story:

“ Bless you.” “Thanks”. They drove in silence back to the hotel and entered Emilys room just 10 minutes later. She layed down in her bed and tried to keep her head from spinning. Hotch sat at the end of the bed watching his agent with concern. She hadn´t been the same since her struggle with Doyle. “ You should go to a doctor, Emily.”, he said sofly. She shook her head: “No, it´s just a cold” “ You nearly passed out at the station.”, he remembered her. “ It wasn´t that bad. I was just dizzy.” “ I can see you still are.” “ Just a bit.”,she said even when she felt like she was going to get unconcious. Hotch sighed. “I´m going to take off your shoes.”, he informed her while opening her boots. “Get under the blanket, Emily”, he ordered when he was done. She did so and then looked at him with surprise. “ You have to go, Hotch the team needs you.” “No they don´t, you need someone to take care of you and I already informed Rossi.” Emily felt guilty, knowing her sickness would make the case harder to work on while Hotch weren´t with the team. “ Now tell me, Emily what are symptoms.” She shrugged and he sighed: “Please tell me so I can make you feel better.” She finally gave in and whispered ashamed: “Headache, dizziness, my throat hurts and my nose is teasing me.” He left the room saying he would be right back. She closed her eyes and wishing she wasn´t in this embrassment situation. Hotch came back a few minutes later, he had made a tea and handed it to her while she sat up in her bed. “Thanks”, she whispered and took a sip. It felt good for her sore troat. She was able to take a few more sips before she noticed her nose running and itching. She set the tea on the nightstand and turned away from Hotch waiting for the sneezes. “He... Ha... heegscheww! Haischh! He... Heitschew! Ktchh!” She held her hands cupped around her nose, because she had caught wet snot into them. She wished Hotch wouldn´t see her like this. Aaron noticed her flushing with shame and quickly got up to look for tissues. He found some in the little kitchen, brought the whole box handed her one and said: “It´s ok, don´t be ashamed.” She took the tissue and wiped her hands and nose. Then she shook her head and answered: “But, this is so disgusting. I don´t want you to think I´m weak.” There were tears in her eyes when she talked. Hotch sat closer to her. “Emily, I´d never think you´re weak. You are one of the strongest women I have ever known and everybody gets sick sometimes, that doesn´t make you weak, it makes you human.” His words made her tears finally fall and Hotch gave her a hug while she cried on his shoulder. It took her 20 minutes to calm down. Hotch handed her fresh tissues, because her sniffling told him she needed to blow her nose. She did it as quiet as she could. When she was done she let herself fall into the pillow. “I´m sorry Hotch, I don´t know what happened.” “ Don´t be sorry. You´re having a hard time after all what happened. And besides when jack has a fever he always gets emotional too.” He gave her a smile and she smirked. “ By the way, have you got a thermometer?” “In my pocket”, she answered.

It´s short, I know but I´ll continue as soon as I can if you want me to.

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