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Hannah, a 18 year old student was writing the final part of her essay for school.


She sighed in relief and stood up and wandered into the kitchen to get a cup of tea.

We phone started ringing in her pocket

"Emily" she slid the call open.

"Hi em, just finished Mr Elson's essay I'm definitely passing this!" She smiled with confidence.

"Uhh I haven't even looked at it yet and it's due Monday!! I think I'm coming down with a cold or the plague" Emily moaned

Hannah could hear the congestion in her voice and it excited her.

"Ah no!!" Hannah lied "and your parents are out of town for the week! Is there anyone to look after you?" She smiled excitedly

"Dno there isn" Emily said sadly " I'm so snotty and disgusting that I can't even leave the house for supplies"

"Ah I'll go grab some stuff for you em!" Hannah chuckled " I'll come over and keep you company"

" are you sure?" Emily croaked, " I'm pretty contagious at the moment I wouldn't want you to get this" a pause at the end of the sentence to allow her sneeze "hiii-chew ha ash ah ah ah aaaachhhooooo" Emily sprayed out her sneeze

Hannah squirmed in her seat at the sound of this sneeze and grabbed her car keys and left.

With a selection of tissues and medicines in hand, Hannah knocked on the front door of Emily's house in the bitter winter air. She answered looking like death.

Hannah secretly enjoyed this and in we hairs she said " this is the nastiest cold!! I need her to get me sick. She's always been so attractive and this cold has made her even more beautiful!"

"Oh dear look at you!" Hannah joked as they settled in Emily's bedroom.

There were snot filled tissues across the floor and bed. This excited Hannah and she scooped some up into her pocket secretly when Emily was turned away.

She watched as Emily sneezed openly and her contagious spray filled the air and everything it settled on.

"Attcgahewweeeee!!!" Emily sniffled and apologised for the spray that hit Hannah's arm.

The girls settled into Emily's bed and turned the TV on. Emily was meant against Hannah's shoulder, snot dribbling out of her nose and onto the knitted jumper that Hannah was wearing.

Hannah was all hot and bothered. She turned to Emily and said "do you want to try someone with me?" ...

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"What?" Said Emily, interested by Hannah's suggestion. Hannah went on to explain all about her sneeze fetish and Emily sat there as listened intently.

" so how about you try and get me sick" Hannah hoped " I know it silly and you're probably not up for it" Hannah signed

Emily grinned " i thought I was the only one that felt like that!" Emily sniffed wetly, and deeply rubbing her cute little button nose roughly with her fist.

"Ahh Ahh.. Waht aboutt wee st.. Start now" Emily panted, holding back her sneeze

" okay!!" Giggle Hannah as she laid down on Emily's bed.

Panting, Emily said " well now then look at me all snotty and contagious!" " someone's been naughty and needs to be punished by this cold" she winked as she wrapped her leg round mind and took her position facing me on the bed.

"I would like to have your snotty dirty cold! You'll have me sneezing and coughing my morning with the beast that you have inside you now" Hannah said

"Now lay back and let me do all the work, make sure to breathe deeply and heavily" Emily grinned as she felt a sneezw building up.

Her noticeable breasts were heaving with her deep breaths "uhh Ahh ahh ahh.. He.he.he ha ha ha hachiew!!!!!" Emily sneezed everywhere and Hannah caught the droplets of spray in her open mouth.

"Bet that felt nice huh?" Emily said, snot filling her nose

She lent down and passionately kissed Hannah on the lips. Confidently spreading her germs.

Emily then got a brilliant idea and scooted off the bed and into the floor. She snatched up some of her used tissues and clambered back in the bed. " looks likes someone's a little snotty. And needs to use a tissue" she joked as she placed the dirty tissue over Hannah's mouth and nose. Hannah breathes in deeply and then rubbed te tissues over her nose and eyes. " this is brilliant" Hannah thought to herself!

For the rest of the day, the gels shared drinks and the occasionally kiss on the lips for good measure. Once Emily had fallen asleep around 10pm Hannah drove home, hopeful that Emily's dirty snotty cold was waiting inside of her...

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Wow, that was awesome, well written, got a little steamy/almost 18 + material there might need to be careful how you word/or stuff you have in the story

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Wow, that was awesome, well written, got a little steamy/almost 18 + material there might need to be careful how you word/or stuff you have in the story

Yeah I am aware ;) the rest is strictly PG though!

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wow that is heated mmm yummy to be punnished with the cold like that....oh the ideas the ideas....*she squeals to herself* x

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Hannah woke up two days later to a headache and a scratchy throat. She groan and coughed slightly as she got out of bed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she could see that she was pale and sickly looking. Over the day, her voice became hoarse and it hurt her to talk too much. Her nose became filled with

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Hannah woke up two days later to a headache and a scratchy throat. She groan and coughed slightly as she got out of bed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she could see that she was pale and sickly looking. Over the day, her voice became hoarse and it hurt her to talk too much. Her nose became filled with stuck sneezes. She sat upright in her bed. HEIW.. Heh heh he he AHHCHEWWWWW!!! She sneezed, shocking herself with the loudness of her own sneeze. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled ;) she had caught Emily's nasty cold. Her nose was snotty and she sniffed, trying to get control of the congestion but made her nose run instead. She grabbed her phone to text Emily

"Hi em! How are you feeling? Guess who got your germs?! Btw it was me ;) come make me feel better?"


Hannah giggled and jumped back into the warmth of her bed.

A few minuets later her phone buzzed

Emily: "oh dear!! I wonder how that could have happened ;):( I will have to come over and make sure you're ok! Although I'm still snotty aswell, we can be snotty monsters together ;) xx"

Ten minutes later Hannah answered the door in her skimpy pyjamas to Emily who was all wrapped and bundled up in her winter coat and clothes.

Emily smiled, " jeez Han! Anyone would think you were trying to catch a cold!" The girls giggled as they made their way up the stairs to settle into Hannah's bedroom.

"You know my parents are out?" Hannah mumbled, nose running slightly

"I didn't! But that makes today a lot more fun" Emily giggled " come here!!" The girls snuggles into each other and put a girly film on. Occasionally the songs were interrupted by a sniffle, a snuffle or a sneeze from one of the girls. Hannah's nose was constantly dripping and she was holding a tissue over it most of the film. " gosh I wish this would just quit already!" Hannah moans through congestion and the muffled tissue. Emily sighed" well it is kind of your own fault ;)" Hannah started to hitch with a sneeze "heh...HEHEAHAHAHAAHH" Hannah moaned with the sneeze. The tissue that was covering her delicate nose had disappeared somewhere and she was flapping around trying to find one. Emily smirked cheekily and waved the tissue box infront on Hannah. Emily plucked one of the tissues out as Hannah built up to a sneeze "eh EH EHE EHH.. Stt..op! I... Dneed .. Ode!!" Hannah flapped as Emily wiggled down the bed with we tissue and placed it onto Hannah's nose delicately. "Oh dear! That's a naughty sneeze!" Emily grinned " she wiggled her fingers around Hannah's nostrils and the snotty congestion began to shift "uhh ah..Ahh... AhAHHHHHCHEIWWWWWWWWW!!!" Hannah shouted "adother ode!! AHAHAHAAAAACHIEWWWW AHHXHEWCHEW AHHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAHHHHHCHEWWWWW!!!" Hannah gasped for breath and Emily say and grinned "blow your nose sweetie" she said in a dominating tone. " that's a nasty cold someone gave you!" She smiled with a dripping nose of her own. " wonder who dat was?" Hannah asked jokingly wiping her dripping nose with the remains of the soaked tissue she was using. She got up and plucked a tissue out of the box " blow you nose my snotty beauty! You're about to flood the room with your drippy nose" Hannah winked as she placed the tissue round Emily's nose with a grin. She felt all the mucus and snot fill the tissue as Emily obeyed her order and blew her nose forcefully. Hannah wiped Emily's nose once she had finished and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Both girls then looked at each other suddenly with the same look in their eyes

"I..going to... Sdneeze?!!!" Hannah panted

"Sabe.!" Emily gasped

"HIEH..HEH HEH..HEHHH.AAHHHUHUHUHUHAHAH" Emily moaned in time with Hannah

Hannah wiggled down the bed and embraced Emily in a cuddle while in her own torturous buildup "UHHHHH...AHHh.. Oohh OHHHHOUHHHHHHHH!"

Hannah felt Emily's body stiffen in preparation for te sneezes that would follow.

Emily felt Hannah's nose rubbing on the top f her head and some snot dribbling onto her hair, not minding about it though.

The girls then both began their horrific sneezing fits in each other's arms...

(To continue or not?! Comments appreciated ;)

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SO very sorry for the almost month delay!! Gosh didn't realise it went so fast but with the holidays and school etc things got in the way! Hope you guys like the update ;)

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I love the idea of these two deliberately trying to share such delightfully messy colds with each other :) They way it's been developing so far has been a very fun and exciting read! I'm definitely on board for a continuation :)

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