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Getting some you like's cold


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My really good friend who I happen to have a huge crush texted me a couple days ago saying she was sick. Immediately I had the butterflies feeling as I was waiting a while for it to happen. (She gets sick frequently) Later that day I went to her place to check on her. (I really do care about her) We were talking for a while and she went to give me hug but pulled away. She said that she did not want to get me sick. I said it was fine. So we hugged it out for a bit. (I was melting inside) Anyway now I am starting to get the beginnings of a cold. For some reason it kind of feels good. I was not trying to get her cold but it happened. This has happened to be before. I am curious if anyone else feels differently about getting a crushes cold versus some else? (I am kind of a germophobe for anyone else)

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The only person I wouldn't mind catching a cold from was my roommate. She gets sick often and has allergies and just is a sneezy person all around. But I'm also a germapobe and flinch every time she sneezes and I'm next to her. I try not to flinch, but it's just a reflex. I would love to share a cold with her, but I don't know if it will ever happen. I never gets colds!

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I like the idea especially if they are a crush or a SO. In particular if you've been keeping them company or caring for them and then you get their cold. They've been sick before you so they can empathize with how you felt and won't be afraid to catch what you have by being around you.

It is kind of intimate that way I guess.

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I agree with Sarah_S re sharing someones' cold,....but also think its probably better in stories than real life

Good to hear from you again Countless .. PM me sometime

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It always seems like a really good idea, and if I do catch something I feel so lucky and pleased with myself until a couple of days into it when I go "Why do I keep wanting this to happen again? This sucks! Next time I'm going to avoid this!" lol

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I always thought the idea of catching your crush's cold or anything else as romantic even back when I was a kid. One of my favorite things to imagine has always been taking care of my SO while he's sick and holding him while he he protests and says "no, I'm contagious" and then replying with "don't care" and kissing him.

But around any other sick people I'm much more of a germophobe.

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