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I would LOVE if someone wrote a sick/sneezy Walter fic from the cbs show scorpion with everyone taking care of him

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  • 3 weeks later...

I would love to try that. :)

I did not know that show until I read your post, but since I watched the pilot episode now, I think it could be fun. ... That's supposed to mean, however, that I'm not quite into the characters and since english is not my native tongue, I might prefer to do that privately for you and than you can deceid what you would like to do with that. ^_^

Sadly you're still validating, so I can't message you, but if you would add your mail to your profile, I could contact you to this end. :)

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I don't mind that you have trouble with English all I ask is that Walter is our victim ahem um I mean unfortunate character I would love for you to post it 8D

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