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I woke up with the worst feeling. I had a cold. I knew I never should've been outside in the rain yesterday without a jacket. I'm so dumb.

*hgnxtt hetchoo!* I snezed into the crook of my arm. *sniff sniff*

Ugh please kill me now.

I should probably introduce myself. I'm Charlie, age 17. I have the worst allergies. Dust, dogs, pollen, perfume, Cologne. You name it. But I also get the worst colds. It's mostly sneezing wich sucks the most. Also whenever my girlfriend Emma is over I try my best to hold back. I've never told her about any of my allergies. How could I? She'd just be weirded out.

Back to the story.

The sneezing had already begun. Ugh. I walked into the bathroom. My hair was messy and tousled. My eyes had bags and my nose was slightly pink. *sniff sniff*

Well that made the tickle grow.

Intense. It was bad.

Heh..h-ha-hav-have t-t-t-to s-s-s-s-snee-sneeze.

*hetchoo! Hxchtt hxcth*

Oh god why did I stifle.



Back to bed I g-go. :/

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