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Blowing your nose to stop a sneezing fit


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A question for the group to think about...

Although I have a really big loud sneeze, once I start sneezing I never feel like I've completely got rid of the tickle until I've blown my nose properly into my handkerchief. I've never really thought about this before, but the other day one of my work colleagues had a huge sneezing fit, and I offered him a tissue for him to blow his nose. He said "It's okay, Ive got some, but it doesn't help - I've just got to sneeze this through!"...

So - do you have to blow your nose to stop yourself sneezing, does it not help you, or do you fall somewhere in between? I know that even if I didn't have to blow to get the tickle out, I'd still have to blow my nose anyway as sneezing always makes my nose feel snuffly!


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I don't do it to stop a sneeze, but almost always need to blow my nose after any time I sneeze more than once and if I'm sick many times after a single sneeze.

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I blow my nose after sneezing just because I need to - my nose is kinda sensitive most of the time and gets runny easily. I don't think it stops me from sneezing though.

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I don't think nose blowing stops sneezing, if anything the vibrations of the blow induces more, well it does for me anyway!

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