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Cough and fever (self obs, M)


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I personally don't get off on non-sneezy cold observations, but I know some of us do- so I hope some of you will enjoy this,

For the last few days I've had a cold; I have hardly sneezed at all, but the main symptoms have been coughing, tiredness, and a feeling of feverishness during the night.

First sign was an annoying tickly cough three days ago; then, that night, I woke up coughing and coughing. I had that sudden onset of the hot-cold-hot-cold feeling of a cold or fever. Next day, I woke up feeling a bit tired and feeling an ache in all my joints, as though I had been exercising the day before (though God knows I hadn't...)

The next two nights, it was worse. I woke up repeatedly, feeling the rattle of mucus on my chest- sitting up and coughing cleared it each time, although my chest ached. I became very thirsty- I kept plastic bottles of water by the bed which I gulped down eagerly. In the middle of the night I felt feverish, and I would get out of bed quickly to go to the bathroom, then retreat under the covers, shivering like a leaf. I put an audio book on my iPod and drifted in and out of sleep, experiencing a weird selection of different parts of the story.

Hope somebody found pleasure in that! I would not like the same bug again soon... :lol:

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Chest coughs are the WORST but I have to admit I do like seeing other people with them :blush: I'm sorry it was painful and uncomfortable! I hope you're feeling better :)

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That sounds awful but it also makes me want to cuddle you and help you feel better :)

Drink lots and lots of Tropicanna OJ and get a lot of sleep!!

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