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app to read the forum on android?


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When I had an iphone I used an app called ipb buddy so that I could use the forum in mobile mode which made it very easy. But now I have switched to a samsung I am struggling to find an app? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I browse the forum using either Internet or Chrome.

Both work great for me :D

I don't believe there is an app on Play Store for it, but I could be wrong :unsure:

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What is it you're having problems doing on mobile that you find easier to do with an app? It might help us to know what you're struggling with in particular so we can recommend a fix or something.

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I just found that on my iphone app there was no need to zoom to click on small text and it fit the screen well, I have tried clicking mobile mode but it just stays the same . maybe its just me being fussy but I was just wondering if anyone knew about any apps I could use, it also saves me having to go into intigo mode everytime I visited to forum lol.

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