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Steven Universe RP, anyone? ( via PMs )


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Hey, everybody!! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything around these parts. And this may be in the wrong place, so feel free to move it around if it is -- this is just the subforum I've used to look for RP partners before. ^^;

So, on to the actual topic! I've recently gotten back into Steven Universe (after being on a kick for a different fandom, I came back fully when Catch and Release premiered XP) and was looking for some fetishy RP! :)

There are a few guidelines I'd want potential partners to follow, so let me just lay those out now real quick!

-you have to be caught up on Steven Universe, up to Catch and Release (I myself haven't seen a few of the older episodes so having watched EVERY single episode isn't necessary! I just want people who watch it regularly and are caught up just in case I decide to include spoilers, I don't want anyone to be spoiled or not know what's going on. Plus I'm looking to RP with someone who knows the material and plot, etc.)

-you have to be capable of matching my length ; I suspect I'll only want to do up to about one or two paragraphs per reply though, so I'm not expecting novel-length exchanges of anything XD

-you must be at least 18 (I'm NOT including any 18+ topics like sex because I don't feel comfortable RPing those, but I also don't feel super comfortable RPing fetishy stuff with anybody under 18)

-you must be able to... have fun with it!! I'd like to know that my partner is enjoying the RP as much as I am, is someone who's looking for Steven Universe RP and enjoys the characters, stuff like that!

-and finally, if neither of us is enjoying the RP after we've started, we have the right and responsibility to tell the other about it. I reserve the right to say "I'd rather not RP with you" or "I don't think our writing styles would go well together, maybe you can look for someone else", since the RP is going to be done strictly over PMs.

Okay, my personal rules are outta the way! On to what I'm looking for in the actual RP content! The one thing I'd like is something with Peridot. I ship Peridot with pretty much everyone (except Steven, obviously) so who the other character is would be up to my partner. We don't have to do shipping, though, of course!

As for who plays who, I'm really fine playing either Peridot or the other character. I run a blog with multiple muses from Steven Universe and have put a lot of consideration into their development, so it's no issue!

I'm up for any type of plot, mostly, and it'd be nice if we could include both characters (whoever the other will be) in the 'action' so to speak, since that's fun and we'll both get something out of it! Allergies or illness, either is good with me! I would like to discuss any plot here in this thread before we start, but once we both feel we've got a nice plot outlined, I'll be good to go, and I'd be happy to start if the other person doesn't want to!

Okay so I probably seem all mean and scary after this but I promise I'm pretty chill!! So, after reading all my rules and stuff... is anyone interested? :D

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I might be interested, though disclaimer I haven't done a lot of one on one roleplaying and next to no fetish roleplay ing ^^;; I'm a huge steven universe fan and I adore Peridot!! I'd prefer not to do shippy stuff with her honestly but I have been thinking a lot about her interacting with other gems and humans since catch and release.

Plus gems + sneezing has always seemed extra interesting to me bc.... they're gems! Like, how does that even work when ur body is made of energy that comes out if a rock lol

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WOWOWOWOWOW I'm sorry it took me so long to answer you!! It's been like two months, whoops, lmao, I'm sorry. There's no excuse except that I kept getting distracted by literally everything. XD Apologies again!!

Okay so anyways! Don't worry about not having done a lot, okay? I haven't done a WHOLE lot other than a bunch of small, non-detailed ones with a friend and a couple more detailed ones via PM!

It's totally cool if we don't do shippy stuff! I ship a lot of things with her but I'm always, always up for friendship stuff. X3 And oh man, yessss. Her interacting with the others has always been a thing for me ever since I started getting into her character because redemption arcs are my jam -- but after Catch and Release, it REALLY skyrocketed haha.

Gems and sneezing is just... my current fixation, like. It's so cool! My theory is that, since they have mass, and can shapeshift, they can shapeshift like... lungs and stuff and it works like that? Same basic principle for them getting sick, too! Because in So Many Birthdays we saw Amethyst getting sick from that nasty ass burrito, so clearly they can be affected by germs and stuff! Idk that's just, my thinking. XD We can either plot in this thread or over PMs, whichever is easier for you!! I'll try to be faster with this stuff but I'm not making any promises so I apologize if I end up being a snail |D

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