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Your Typical "Allergies Are Actually A Cold" Story (Self-obs)


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Like the title says, this is a typical misinterpretation of allergies & cold symptoms. 

It's October and down here in the deep south that means that the high's aren't in the 90's anymore but are now in the 80's and upper 70's. The weather is finally beginning to cool off some so there's been a lot of sniffling and sneezing around campus. I wasn't surprised at all when my allergies kicked in and made my eyes water and my nose run. 

However, on Friday there was a new aspect to my allergy symptoms. A sore throat. I had one of those itchy/scratchy feelings in the very back of my throat. To me, sore throats are barely even registered on my radar. Yes they hurt and are irritating but I get them so much rarely do I whine and cry about it unless it's severe and this one wasn't. At work Friday, there were a bunch of people out with strept which made me a tad worried because I get strept very easily, but this sore throat didn't really feel like a "strept sore throat" it was different and I brushed it off as allergies because that's what my sore throats are typically from. 

I usually don't sneeze very much when I get a cold either so it was very shocking that I did sneeze quite a bit Friday, which was another reason I brushed it to allergies. 

Fast forward to Friday evening and my friend texted me to come visit because we hadn't seen each other in months and I tried to say no and told her about my throat and would hate to get her and her family sick if it wasn't allergies, but she persisted so I drove 2.5 hours to her house. My throat had that weird scratchy feeling in it on Saturday and Sunday too, but I didn't really say anything to them because I didn't want to be a bother or anything so I just suffered in silence, although I was really wanting some motrin because my sinuses made my head hurt. I usually have allergies at her house due to the dog so it wasn't a concern to anyone that I was sneezy and had watery/itchy eyes or anything nor the slight cough I had upon waking every morning. 

Monday morning, I knew I was officially sick. The coughing had turned from a dry hack to a wet deep chest cough, my throat was about 10X more sore, and my eyes were glued shut. Not because I was tired, but because they were sticky and that usually happens when I'm sick. But, I went on to work and my daily schedule as usual because I had missed a few days of work already and I'm new to the job so I felt bad taking the day off. 

I took some NyQuil last night and slept like the dead (11 hours). My cough has gotten worse, but my throat has gotten better, and now I'm at that irritating point where one nostril is completely fine and the other is stuffy and runny all at the same time. Since Tuesdays and Thursdays are my "easier" days I decided to stay home and skip my 8am (which I do a lot and it's a terrible habit) and skip work study which is very easy to call out from. I do have one class I have to go to but then I'm headed back home for more rest. 

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Yeah, it's a little confusing when you think it's ok he thing and really another. 

2 hours ago, Seniorstatus14 said:

 My cough has gotten worse, but my throat has gotten better, and now I'm at that irritating point where one nostril is completely fine and the other is stuffy and runny all at the same time.

I hate it when my congestion gets like this too. Hope you feel better!!

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This happened to me in September- one morning I was sitting in class sneezing like crazy, (the main symptom of my allergies) and I didn't think anything of it because I assumed it was just allergies. As the day went on I felt increasingly worse, and was sick for the rest of the week. Quite an annoyance...

Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon! 

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