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You okay, Mick? (Gallavich Oneshot)


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Hey so this idea kept popping up in my head sooooo... This is before Mickey and Ian broke up (obviously) and I'd like to think of it in around season 3. Enjoy this short oneshot!!


Mickey always hated his sneezes. Yes, SNEEZES. He never just sneezed once. It was always exactly 6 times. They weren't small and cute ones either. They were loud, messy, and were usually spaced out 5-10 seconds apart. Mickey has always been embarrassed of his sneezes. It has always made him feel weak. Only Mandy has heard him sneeze before, but he can't hide his sneezes from his boyfriend, Ian, forever.

"Mickey, can you grab my pen off my desk?" Ian muttered, studying the book in front of him. He was still trying incredibly hard to get into the army. School has never been a strong point for him, but he is trying his hardest and that's all that matters. Mickey rolled his eyes and shifted his body closer to the table where Ian's 'precious pen' sat.

"I ain't your fucking maid." Mickey grumbled and still willingly grabbed the pen and tossed it into Ian's lap. Mickey didn't ACTUALLY care about getting Ian a stupid fucking pen, he just likes giving people shit. Ian chuckled and went back to focusing on his huge ass book. 

Mickey doesn't even know why he is here right now. It's not like they are planning on banging or doing other shit together. Ian's just studying and Mickey's just bored, but it's not like he has anything better to do. Mickey suddenly felt a small tickle burning at the bridge of his nose. He can usually hold it off, so he stuck his tongue to the top of his mouth. The tickle is getting worse. Mickey sniffed a couple times and rubbed at his nose. He can't control it. Mickey quickly whipped his body away from Ian and held his elbow to his face, waiting for his fit.

"Hehh-ESHAHH!" Mickey convulsed into his elbow. He felt another one building.

"Bless you." Ian mumbled, still occupied with his book.


"Bless you."


Bless you."




"You okay, Mick?" Ian was looking up from his book now, confusion and worry spread all over his face. Mickey was unable to reply due to the fact that he still needed to fucking sneeze.

"HESHUHH!" Mickey let the last one out, finally feeling relief. His face turned red with embarrassment. He pawed at his nose and sighed. 

"That was quite the fit. You allergic to something?" Ian pressed, still looking worried even though the fit had stopped.

"No.. er uh... that's just how I sneeze. In sixes. Shut up." Mickey looked down, feeling even more vulnerable. He heard a light giggle from Ian and he turned his head to look at his beautiful boyfriend.

"You shut up. Cute sneezes by the way." Ian winked and Mickey shoved him off the bed.

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