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'HuhCHh,... ugh.'
Sherlock lay on the couch in his blue nightgown. Long limbs curled up and face pressed against the union jack pillow. 
I guess running around Londen without sleep or food for a week has finally cought up with him, John thought. 
'Sherlock, are you alright?'
'Hmm? Oh yes, fine. Definitely fine...'
Now that Sherlock was facing him, John could see his dark curls sticking to his forehead with sweat and his brightly flushed cheekbones. 'You look pretty not-fine to me.'
All he got in return was a low grunt.
'Hxch... HeCHh! Uh.'
'Bless you.'
'Johnd, do you have any tissues?' 

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Okay guys, that was my first drabble! English is not my native language, so there might be some mistakes here and there. I don't know if there are going to be more, but I guess that if I feel like it, I'll keep going! This one is about BBC Sherlock btw... Probably should have mentioned that somewhere. Let me know if you like it (even though it's really short)

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