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The sneeze fairy


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(This was just a little something I whipped up while I'm on my pseudo hiatus, hope you like it)

The sneeze fairy was always something that was thought to be a myth. Most girls assumed that their nasal growth spurts occur because that's just what happens. Few girls actually believe in the sneeze fairy, one such girl is Lauren Alegra, a girl who just turned 18, who also had a burning passion for sneezing, not just a fetish. She got a job as a professional sneezer, she was always inducing herself, and even before her growth spurt, she had a somewhat large nose.

Lauren and her friend Lucy were the only people they knew of who believed in the sneeze fairy. Lucy was an Asian girl who was very small, but had a round, stout nose that was always twitching. The two shared a birthday, which was yesterday, so before they parted ways that day, they went to Lucy’s garden for an inducing session, but what they didn't know what that they weren’t alone.

On one of the flowers was the sneeze fairy, who we’ll call Kyu. Kyu was exactly what you'd expect from a sneeze fairy, she was incredibly small, just small enough to fit in a nostril, her nose was her most defined feature, being beyond disproportionate for her size.

Kyu knew that these two believed in her, so she was going to give them a bonus tonight, but first, she watched. Lucy brought a feather she kept in the bun her hair was in to her somewhat large nostrils, she gave one gentle swipe before her already twitchy nose began to turn a slight shade of pink, her nostrils flared wildly and her head tilted back, “ehh HEGTUUUH HEGTUUUH HEGSHEW HETCHEH HATCHEH HETCHEH” Lucy always sneezed in large fits, her hypersensitive nose always on the verge of a sneeze.

Then Lauren took the feather and started to sniff it, letting the bits of the tickling instrument gently graze the rims of her large nostrils. “Heeeh haaahh aaaahh” Lauren liked to build up her sneezes more than Lucy, letting her nostrils flare, her nose squirm, all of that. 

What she didn't know was that the fabled sneeze fairly Kyu has her nose set on Lauren’s nose so she flew in right before “HEETCHOOOH” Lauren sneezes in her usual large fashion. Kyu made it into Lauren’s nostril before taking a big handful of the powder in her bag. Usually Kyu only takes a few grains of her powder, but for these two, she was willing to go the extra mile. 

She sniffed up the powder in her hands and her nose started to glow. Despite it already being too big for her face, Kyu’s nose grew immensely, to the point where it was as big as her. She tilted her head back, her incredibly strong neck and legs keeping her up, her nostrils twitching madly “heeehh heeehheeeehhh haaaahhh aaaaahhhh GAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAHHHH HAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH” she sneezed the powder all throughout the left side of Lauren’s nose. After her nose shrank back down, she quickly flew into Lauren’s other nostril to complete the process.

Meanwhile, Lauren was sniffling and rubbing her nose “ugh, it feels like something just flew up my nose” she said.
“What do you think it was” Lucy asked.
“I dunno, might just sneeze it out though”
Then Lauren brought one of her pigtails to her right nostril and tickled it in a very precise and professional manner “heehh haah AAH HAATCHUUH” she sneezed loudly, as per usual, shooting Kyu right out.

The fairy then flew into the flared nostril of Lucy, where she repeated the process. After a solid twenty minutes of inducing, the girls went home and went to bed. 

Lauren awoke to a powerful “HAAAAATCHYOOOOOOHHH” which was the biggest sneeze to ever escape her nose. The sneeze blew her covers off and soaked her PJs with mucous. When she reached up to rub her nose, it felt different. She then dashed to her mirror and squealed in delight. Her nose was over five times bigger than it was the day before. Now, instead of being half an inch long, it was three inches long and instead of being ⅓ inches wide, it was now two inches wide. She spent a solid ten minutes just playing with it, she tried fitting her hand in her flared nostril, she squished it about to judge its malleability, and even managed to suck up a feather that was across the room with one powerful sniff. She was elated, and couldn't wait to show Lucy.

Lucy awoke to a similar fate, however, her nose increased by over eight times its original size, due to her nose being smaller than Lauren’s initially. Her small, pudgy nose became a giant mountain with two gaping caves that were constantly twitching. Lucy went around her house, sticking her nose everywhere, sniffing everything. Her normal “HEGTSUH”s became loud, messy, “HEEETCHUUUUHH”s. However, despite Lucy having the most sensitive nose of anybody she knew, her nose’s immense size made it even harder to contain a tickle. During her sniffing spree, a flower got stuck in her nose, which had her sneezing for hours, much to her delight.

The two met up once again and were enthralled by each other’s nose. They spent their Sunday poking their noses, playing with their noses, and most importantly: sneezing, from noon til night.

What they could never find though, was the small sprite flying between their noses, tickling each nostril with everything she had. Kyu would always hang out in one of their noses for a long time, always tickling her abode, the ideal reward for a sneeze fairy.


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