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The calm before the storm (Lotr Frodo/Sam)


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I have been struggling to find any fanfiction with sneezing frodo.. So here I decided to make it myself when I should be studying x.x I hope there's some other lotr/frodo fans on here. Hopefully even if you are not into lotr or know nothing about it you will still find this enjoyable. This is the first part. There is at least one more part after this. It should be the last unless someone likes it and would like to see any other stuff happen. I am more than happy to make frodo fics all the time. Haha. Guilty pleasure. ????



I may have once been unaccustomed to such conditions, but I regret to admit I am now quite used to stifling sneeze upon sneeze endlessly into my elven cloak dampening it only to add to my own shivering. I pray the elves would never know their cloak was used in such a manner. An item so exquisite and rare to be used as a handkerchief. You ask me if I'm okay as you turn around and I drawing my finger under my nose shuddering at my moistened fingers, sniff and reply. 

"yes Sam, I'm alright. Do not worry"

My dear Sam, you were never good at hiding discontent or worry..or even discomfort for that matter. I cringe inside at how much worry I must be causing you. You who always protects me. I know the last thing you would want to hear now is that I've taken ill. Im trying to be as conspicuous as I can but my nose is giving me a terrible time as I try to maintain a steady face. However I will not let this be a big deal. You have enough to worry about as do I without this cold interfering. We have bigger things to think about. This journey has made me more aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings than I like to admit. I feel a bit of blood flooding into my face for my pride as I am not oblivious to the way you have always admired me Sam. It would be foolish for me to deny that I enjoy having you by my side. And if I ever needed someone to take care of me I..

heh..! kgsh! Gshn*xt hahh..

oh..Sam I am looking up into your eyes wide with worry and I can only try to sniffle back in whatever has escaped the confines of my nasal passages as I try not to humiliate myself further. Your arms are around mine holding me up from my doubled over position. Sam please don't look at me so concerned. As your master I should be strong and lead you as though we were home in bag end.. But I suppose we are not there now. Here the dynamic truthfully comes out that I really need y..

hah! Ahkshn*xt 

I was unable to move my arms as you embraced them. I have pitifully sneezed into your chest. these sharp inhales are taking me abruptly by surprise every time. Confound it. The itch is unbearable.

Mr. Frodo, I don't suppose I'm wrong in thinking we need to stop and rest you've been sneezing an awful lot an can hardly get a moment's breath, and don't think I haven't noticed you behind me.

He looks down at my dampened sleeve.

please let's..

im sorry Sam , as I say rather harshly as I tend to do nowadays as we carry the ring into mordor. I haven't been so much myself though I hate to think it. 

No Sam, we must continue on do not worry about me please it will only make me feel worse.

But you can't stop sniffling, surely we have a moment to rest.

i know that I am just being stubborn. I want to rest. Oh Sam I wish we were home and there you could take care of me..

I...Sah..am..ahh... confound this itch. 

HEHg'kshoo! Heptshoo! Hah..hihh..oh dear ..hiehhk'sh.

Sams pov

Im staring at you with eyes wide. I have never seen you sneeze like this. Eyes so tight and your body racked in my arms. You must lie down. Mr. frodo I care for you too much to let you go on so miserably without the least bit of comfort. 

'mm so sorry Sam. 

You say this in your gentle voice and I feel my heart slumping. your eyes are closed and leaking sneezy tears. Your nose is soft pink and moistened under the bottom. I know you long to sneeze all the irritation away and truthfully I want to help you do it. I know you are too ashamed not to relieve yourself properly. I Will see it done for you. though I must admit something may thrill me as I think on running my own finger beneath your delicate nose.. what am I thinking. Can I think this about you..I mustn't be a fool. We soon need to climb a treacherous stairway to take us to mount doom. I can't be thinking of my own pleasures. Especially because you are my dearest master and I never want to earn your distrust or cause you any discomfort. Forgive me for my foolish thoughts. 

I stand you up straight and you look at me fondly. 

Thank you Sam.. I'm sorry I've been out of sorts. I wish I could do better..

with this your eyes flutter And close and i find you slump into my arms. Oh Frodo. I will lay you down and I will do everything in my power so that you may you be comforted tonight.

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Mr. frodo. I'm running my fingers through your long hair. The curls that were always so dark and bouncy now more sallow and knotted. You're face is still as serene and fair.. so unlike most other hobbits. You're nostrils are chapped on the edges, a raw pink. They dribble slowly as you sleep and I wipe it away with my fingers, as I have nothing soft Save this cloak but it has already caused you too much chapping from overuse. I pray the flesh of my fingers is gentle enough. I look at these fingers of mine glistening with your own mucus. All I can think is I will do anything for you. I will even be your handkerchief if need be. I know you would feel ashamed for letting me do this. But I am still your servant and I long to see you well and joyous like we always were drinking and singing merrily in the green dragon with Pip and Merry. You are stirring and your nose is twitching. I must ease your sleep. I press my hands just above your lip which always entices me so.. So soft..ah.. I press with the top of my finger brushing your nose. I just realized my heart is pounding. I swallow. Am I fending off this sneeze for you. I am acting as your protector. But wait I can hear the words of my old gaffer in mind.

You mustn't repress your sneeze samwise. It is only natural to let it come out. Otherwise you could get your head for to explode!

I'm more worried now than I was before. I don't want to hurt you Mr frodo. I want to help heal you. That settles it, it must be done. I know you've been longing to sneeze, the irritants just have to come out so you can properly rest undisturbed. But how can I..

I see it, a little old, dry leaf with a long thin end to it. I smell it and yes what luck is still has the remains of a scent. The scent of the thistlemary that always was a little too sharp for your senses. I've noticed you before sneezing hurried itchy sneezes without a moment's breath in the garden. I always pretended not to notice you from a distance but I was keenly aware. The way your back would strain. The way your arm would catch your nose. I wanted to touch you then.. Just to hold you.

No more time for dwelling, I must take action for your sake now Mr. Frodo. Just wantin' to make you feel better. 


I take the leaf and run it under the flesh of your nose. Your nostrils are very sensitive. It must be severely tickling you even amidst your sleep.

You give a little tired moan and sleepy sigh. I must take this a step further. I dare to do it. Flipping the leaf In my hand the end goes up and in to your left nostril. I can't help but shake. Here I see your eyes are scrunching slowly but they are. Oh Mr. Frodo you have to let it out. I twist it and push a little further in but I tread lightly. 

A moment passes..

And ah! You're breath is now hitching gently. the leafs scent must be permeating into the depths of the walls of your nose.


Your face is squirming. And I slowly pull the end out from your nose knowing full well what the ticking will do to you as it comes out. I must admit I am in great anticipation and strangely..pleasure.

I'm waiting..I seem to have brought you so close to the edge I cannot leave you here Mr. Frodo I blow into your nose and that does it, with my face so close to yours you expel..

Hiiee'SCHOO! Heh..IEE..hep'kchoo! Hih...ihh..AHgsch'oh ..*sdrfff* 

I'm watching you sniff thickly and you are expelling sneeze after sneeze all stronger than the next relieving yourself considerably and freely. 

You're eyes are open as you have a moment's piece, tears streaming down your face, eyes blue, squinted and bright.


what a long sigh you give. You are so precious to me, I don't know how to stop myself. So I don't. I embrace you. You look at me bewildered. 

Sam.. Please forgive me. I've never been awaken from my slumber to have a fit like that.

My face is flushed as is yours. We sit there and I don't know what to say.


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Thoughts keep coming to me, can't stop writing this :'pp


Forgive me Mr. frodo, you looked so miserable and itchy I couldn't help but relieve you.

You look at me at first confused and suddenly you realize as your eyes grow.

You made me sneeze like that Sam?

I can't look at your eyes or your face so I hang my head.. one look at that chapped red nose and I am ashamed.

But now you are close to me and you lift my head up. Mr frodo even dirty like this in mordor your face still looks so kind and pure even as the ring is altering and trying to change you, you are still my..

Sam I..Huh.. oh..

I look at you bewildered. I'm embarrassed but I'm staring and I can't look away. 

Oh.. dear Sam..hehl..help me-ehhh..

My lips are parted.. I'm flushed. It's as if you know I enjoyed..

Pl.. Please sahhm..

My face is bright red. I can't leave you waiting in a limbo of sneezy torture..

Yes Mr. Frodo 

I tilt your head back and I feel like I have a control over you I'm not worthy of as your head sinks thankfully in my hand. If only you knew how much I long to care for you always. So I don't waste another moment. You need me now. And I will be master over your persistent, cold ridden nose. Whatever illness ravages you I'm going to see you through it.

I take my pointer and run it from the base of your nose to the tip. I trace the slope and you shiver.

It's working.. I trace the outline of your nostrils one by one and I delicately and so softly, with my finger tip, tickle the rim.
Your breath is hitching tremendously.

Oh.. ahh..sahh..ehhmm.. 

There is a desperation in your voice though it's barely above a whisper. You are giving hitching breaths rapidly. I can't imagine you would be okay with this if we were in the shire but here I know you are desperate. Comfort has evaded us a long time now. 

Mr. frodo I melt looking at you in your weakness, If we were in the shire I would see you in your bed neatly tucked. You would have a fire blazin and I would be making you tea. 

I see you struggling as tears steam from your eyes.. I dare to venture my finger into your nose only a little bit and I touch the inside of the wet and delicate flesh that is your precious little nose. The tormented little appendage can take no more. I see how sensitive you are and I feel my insides melt all the more. 

Sahhh.. its comi..nhh..Hahh..

I cover your nose with my hand and pinch it gently.

HUH.. Ahptchhoo! Hah...heh..HUHptch! Ihh' hieh'pkshh.. HAHptsch!..ahh

You wipe your nose when I remove mine now wet, and I wipe it on my trousers. My heart is pounding yet again.

Oh.. *snff* Thank you, Excuse me Sam.. that was indeed torturous. I hate to say it but I might be a little under the weather. 

You grimace and run your fingers through the ground until you find a leaf. You raise it to your face and blow your nose.

I reach out to feel your forehead..

Mr. Frodo your burnin up!

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