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"Antiviral" movie


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So, I found something really interesting, maybe not only for me :)

I found a movie about getting infect, illness etc. Here is the link to movie description and also trailer on IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2099556/

Have you watched this? Is this worth to watch? I saw nice girl looking sick, coughing in bed in trailer, so I think I can watch this.

If someone watched "Antiviral", please share your opinion, I will appreciate it (of course without spoilers)

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There's a ton of discussion here on this movie.

I liked it and I think it's worth a watch. Interesting concept for sure, and I loved watching Caleb acting all feverish... beautiful stuff. If you're planning on watching for sneezes, there's only one fake slow-mo one from a woman in an ad and it's kinda meh. If blood or rashes gross you out, steer clear. 

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I didn't think about searching threads about this movie, I'm sorry :(

What interested me in this movie is description of getting infected intentionally (i love contagion) and of course sick Hannah (Sara Gadon).

I know this isn't any colds and flu, but I really like contagion and if I must I can imagine this is cold.

Anyway, thanks for answer, I will watch it today.

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Sarah Gadon's character does get sick. It's a lot more severe than a cold though... can't say much more with or spoiling it. I forgot to warn there's some throwing up and a lot of needle shots as well. I hope you like it!

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Hehe, nice sentence scene in work after Syd discovered blood dripping from his mouth ;3 "The winner can infect with cold, and then get infect from infected"

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