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I said that's enough! (comic, m)


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Okay first a little quick back story before the actual piece - This scene is from a book called "Storyteller" by Edward Myers. It's sort of my own take on this scene (in quick sketches), since I've just read this part and not the whole book and I don't know anything about the characters/plot. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be about this boy who has story-telling powers where when he tells a story he can make people like do and feel things? That or he's just really good at it, I dunno. I used the main dialogue but sort of interpreted it through these characters I've drawn. I tried to keep it kind of anime and over-dramatic. It was really fun to draw too! You can read the actual passage from the book here. Anyways, here is the comic that I have drawn for you:









(side note: the actual sound of his sneeze in the story is "hachxfthrqqnkthtutha" and while I'm all about that I am not all about that)

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......I haven't heard from you in forever! You probably don't even remember me lol Awesome sketches and cool scenario. I like it!

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Nice! Really detailed and I love his ever growing pre-sneeze face! :D 

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That certainly is an iteresting premise! I love how restrained the sneezer is up until the last possible second and even through the sneeze itself, like he absolutely refuses to give in. Lovely expressions. 

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This is fucking GREAT!!  The dialog made me all tingly lol

Also the original sneeze, did he like die in the middle??  What even is that sound?  I'm glad you took a few liberties with that XD

Wonderful little comic Egg, nice to hear from you again

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@Lucian of course I remember you!!!! I mean we came up with my signature line together, how could I forget?? It's been so long!!! And now we're both even more old!!!! How exciting.

@Akahana Yep, that original sneeze is really a piece of art, isn't it? Like when I try and imagine it out loud I can't, I just can't process it. Anyone who's capable of making that noise can't have survived it.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, super appreciate it! I know I don't post that often but whenever I do I still get such lovely kind feedback no matter what I post, so thank you!


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