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Hey y'all! So I'm feeling crafty (mostly bored out of my skull and lonely, so I want to craft) but I don't know what to do. I like coloring in adult coloring books but I'm super picky about my pictures so I run out of things kinda fast and I have 5 coloring books with about a handful colored in each and the rest of the pictures are just meh to me. 

I need a hobby, something to keep me busy and entertained while I'm 100% uninspired to do any writing (which is 99.9% of the time). Preferably something I can either donate to the less fortunate or sell. I used to love love love love loveeeeee making those little baby hats. We did them for a service project in high school, but turns out, so many people donate those that they really aren't all that needed. I've tried to learn how to make blankets, but I seem to only encounter right handed instructors and that doesn't work so well when I'm left handed. I also don't have much room to craft. My room is quite small and I don't like to leave it and chance having to make small talk with the random roommates. 

Painting canvases are fun, but I'm sucky at it and there's nowhere to hang them in my room, hence why I said something to sell/donate and my canvases definitely aren't good enough to sell. 

Any easy crafty ideas I can do in my spare time to donate/sell? Should I try to teach myself how to make the blankets? And maybe hats/scarves? Should I just stick to my coloring books?

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You could make bookmarks, hair bows (These are extremely popular where I live so maybe they'd be a hit where you are!), scarves, weaving's (it's pretty easy to make a miniature loom using just a medium to large sized picture frame, some rulers and tape), clay work (Air dry clay works great for mini projects like paper weights or 'good luck charms'), or dog clothes (Assuming you'd be willing to/already know how to hand stitch). 

Hope these inspire you! :) 

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Some stores sell canvas with printed pictures on them already. Actually there are a lot of coloring options out there now. 

I like making greeting cards a lot using stickers and paper. You can look up ideas for what to write inside cards too. Clay is a good idea too, maybe some sculpey? Or you can use eraser clay and sculpt cute erasers to sell!

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Look up things on Pinterest or browse the aisles at Michael's when there's a sale (personally, I think Michael's is kind of expensive, so <3 coupons). You can practice painting in a sketchbook, but the feel of paper is different compared to canvas. 

Knit. Crochet. Bead. Make soap. Find simple yet delicious recipes to make and snack. Get a kit that teaches you how to make things and has all the materials you could need. Friendship bracelets are fun to make to pass time, depending on the pattern, though no one really wears them.

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If you like to make hats but the infant ones aren't in demand, you could make hats for cancer patients! I know the cancer center that I work at collects caps for underprivileged patients, and they are always thrilled to receive donations. Your local hospital may accept donations, or there are quite a few organizations and charities online that accept donated hats as well. 

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Knitting is a good idea. I know how to finger, arm, and look knit as well as with the needle. Very awesome when you make things.

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I always think it's best to start with something you like and go from there.  So if you like to sculpt, experiment with different types of materials to work with, that sort of thing.  Do something you like and it will never seem like a chore.  I like to sew and I dig making old things into something useful so I spend a lot of time making old clothes into quilts.  

If you already like making hats there are a lot of ways to make them different and interesting: adding animal ears or something.  If you enjoy painting maybe you could jazz up small plain objects with interesting painted designs.

If you like working with yarn and you don't crochet you might want to look into it, learning a simple granny square pattern will make sure you're never bored again.  You can make a few while watching TV or waiting somewhere and then stash them all away until you have enough to stitch together and make a blanket!  It is the handiest hobby ever!

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Thanks y'all for all the ideas!!! 

I really appreciate it! I still haven't decided what I'm going to do, but I can definitely use those to make a decision before I go back to Hobby Lobby on Monday!

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I wouldn't know for sure because I'm right-handed, but I dare assume YouTube hosts quite a number of knitting tutorials for lefties. Blankets can be very easy to knit up; I'm currently working on a blanket made out of simple squares sown together. 

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I'm in love with chalk painting (I make my own) and furniture/wood distressing along the lines of shabby chic. Doing things like painting/distressing smaller things like funky picture frames doesn't take much room, but it can get messy and dusty. I started chalk painting about 2 years ago when I was unemployed, and it just massages my brain in the best possible way! I wish I could stay home and do it all freaking day! ?

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I like making stuff from polymer clay, there's tons of tutorials on youtube to make figures, ornaments, anything. A friend of mine makes wands. I also crochet, though I haven't in a few years, it's really relaxing.

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