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The irony of hating being sick when you 'play' sick all the time


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Long post. Summary: rant of ironic fetish quirk I have. PSA to take care of yourself. New material from FlowerPower in the near future! Slight explitaves warning. 

I know I've been MIA since I last posted "What'd I Miss?" after being MIA for that amount of time. I've been super busy with life and honsestly, I don't think about my fetish that often anymore. 
But today broke that streak because I have something I want to ramble about:
I have yet to get sick this academic semester (let's hope whatever this is, doesn't get worse) and at this moment my roomates and I all feel pretty shitty and it sucks. For me, it's been a dry, sore throat--the kind that is noticeable and causes the right amount of discomfort when you swallow. And I've been fatigued and felt feverish. 

Here's my thing, and I may be alone on this, but hey, I'm brave enough to share: I kind of lied when I said I don't think about my fetish anymore--I do--but it's not a burning topic in my head these days. I have found myself RPing caretaking scenarios as I'm falling asleep because that's the part of the fetish I like the most (and if we're being honest, I've been doing this kind of thing ever since I was little). So, I actually do a little RPing by myself at night--Someone being ill and a partner taking care of them, I act out both parts. Sometimes I induce a few sneezes to make the ill-partner realistic (also inducing just feels good sometimes), other times I just make-believe. Anyway, so I literally sometimes play sick as I fall asleep. 
THE THING IS: I could play sick all day every day, but when I actually do start to feel the least bit un-healthy, I regret all life's decisions up until that first point of discomfort--whether it be a stuffy nose, sore throat, or feverish chills/fatigue. It's probably the most ironic quirk a sneeze-fetishist could have. 

I just don't actually like the idea of being physically ill. I hate not being able to breathe, and having sore throats, and being feverish is the WORST! I hate how it ruins my day. I hate how it comes at the MOST inconveinient times in my life. (Because you know, colds usually correlate with stress levels.) It gives me anxiety--and I already have an anxiety disorder, I don't need a cold fucking with it. Illnesses give me anxiety in the fact that I get ill so rarely that I don't know how to treat my discomfort. Should I wait and see what my body wants to do with these foreign germs or do I try to stop it in its tracks? I don't want it to get worse, and now that I'm in college, skipping classes gives me greater anxiety that it did in high school, and it's even worse because I actually like these classes and have assignments and missing them makes me feel bad. 

So here's my two cents, whether you like getting sick or not, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!
Call off work. It gives me anxiety calling off work because, well it's like missing school. BUT it's better to not spread your germs and you will feel better in the long run. I'm desperate for money, but if I'm sick, I'm useless, so one shift out of work isn't going to kill me/you. What will kill you is ignoring what your body is trying to tell you. TAKE IT EASY!
Miss school. I'm in college, and TBH, attendence is entirely your choice. I also prioritize my classes, I'm skipping the ones that are skippable, and going to the ones I absolutely have to make an appearance in, whether that's for a quiz or to hand in an assignment. Classes in which you just sit there, aren't going to miss you for one class. 
Drink lots of fluids! I can't tell you how magical drinking fluids is! My throat feels a bit better after just drinknig water and tea all day. I still feel like crap, but I feel less like crap than I did 12 hours ago. 
Take a hot shower/bath. If you are able to get out of bed, hot, steamy, baths/showers do wonders! And you'll probably feel better knowing that you're clean, and warm, and maybe can breathe better, if you have sinus discomfort. 
I've learned this the hard way. I always used to push through and it didn't make anything better. It made my life worse and my illness worse. Take care of yourself. We're human, we get sick. It happens. People who scold you for missing work/school don't have empathy. Your mental AND physical health are more important that your grades and your paycheck*. *Your health is more important that your paycheck in that it won't kill you if you miss a shift or two. 

In other news, I've become a Psych-o, or as I like to call myself a Pslut for Psych. I've been obsessed with Psych a comedic crime show that aired on USA 2006-2014. So you know what that means...plots for sickfics have been boiling in my head and I haven't had a chance to actually write anything, but I'll try to write over winter break and into the spring semester. I'm a slut for James Roday so sickfics will be James/Shawn centric. But I might dabble with Gus/Jules/Lassie. 
ALSO there is a clip of James Roday fake sneezing in an episode of Psych, but I can't find it anywhere, so I'll have to record it myself and upload it for all to see. It's from 7.11 "Office Space" So there's that to look forward to. 

See y'all soon! 

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47 minutes ago, flowerpower67 said:

Should I wait and see what my body wants to do with these foreign germs or do I try to stop it in its tracks?

Haha, I relate to this a lot! I used to freak the hell out whenever I started to feel like I was getting sick, because then I felt all this pressure to remain ultra-hydrated and take all of these vitamin supplements and go the full nine with preventative measures. For the past few years (since the middle of college when I moved out of my parents' house), I've been really chill about it and I've actually been sick a lot less. You're right about stress playing a big part in it!

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Oh man, getting sick during college/classes is way worse than being sick at home. I can definitely relate. I love the idea of sneezing (obviously) but actually being sick? It's a miserable affair. So I load up on Vitamin C if I feel even a tiny bit run-down , and make sure to wash my hands after being in public. I even hold my breath around people who seem ill. Is that taking it too far? Maybe, but I haven't been sick since summer of 2015 so it's working :P


Alsooooo.... hello fellow Psych fan! I think Shawn is *so* cute as well, and I'll be on the lookout for your fics.

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My sis was just telling me I should watch Psych! I've been looking for a show to get into so this seems like a great option. 

Anyway, I'm not similar in that i like to be sick. But I big time understand the anxiety. I also have an anxiety disorder (and hate talking about it about as much as I hate talking about sneezing out loud ugh), and I def have like a love hate relationship with being sick. Cus I'm sooooo embarrassed about symptoms in front of people ahhh. I feel like everyone's gonna think I'm a disgusting germball and i try ridiculously hard to contain my germs. And I hate the sore throat part of being sick. But also I looove the process of being sick to feeling better. I love how soothing tea is, how comforting soup is, how I don't feel as much pressure to try to make everyone happy cus I have some kind of sick pass and I can just stay in a little nest and be nurtured (by myself) lol. I find the feeling of being sick really like...intriguing. And the way the symptoms kind of change / progress day to day. It's like, I am just sit and do nothing and my body will heal itself. It's a very encouraging and comforting thought to me. xD and I like our feel its effects. 

But im definitely very self conscious and also haaaate missing class / work and stuff. I want to be dependable and not seem like someone who's calling in sick and inconveniencing everyone, but I also want to be considerate and not look like someone who came to work sick and is spreading their germs everywhere wahhh. But the act of "calling in" is SO HARD. I can rarely muster up enough gusto to call in to a restaurant and order food or call any business to make an appointment, etc. Calling in to complain and hope that a superior is understanding is... Mortifying lol. 

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