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Thought I’d try to make a hundred word drabble thread; I always end up discouraging myself when I tell myself I have to write longer stories, so I may as well get my toes wet again with something a little more manageable. :D Feel free to leave requests for either fandoms, characters, etc., I get writer’s block easily. Fair warning, I’m SO bad at writing short drabbles, so forgive the first couple when I get my footing. xD I'll be posting between two and three drabbles per post, and it's going to be a crazy amalgamation of whatever fandoms I’m feeling at the time. I think that just about explains everything, hope you like it. J

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Miraculous, Adrien

Word Count: 108



“Come on everyone, settle down, please, we have to get class started. I don’t have all day.” The professor’s whiny voice dug at my throbbing ears.

I rested my warm forehead on my hands while tennis balls and paper airplanes buzzed by my head, barely missing me.

A hand touched my shoulder gently, and I shot up instinctively, making my head spin.

“You feeling okay, Adrien?” Nico asked softly. I nodded slowly, coughing tiredly into my elbow.

Marinette plopped down at her lab bench behind me, talking loudly with her friends, her voice stabbing at my head like knives.

Where was Ladybug when I needed her?


Walking Dead, Daryl (Season 2)

Word Count: 94



“HiiiIII’X!! ‘CHA!!” Daryl hunched over, dirt covered hand covering his bloody face.

“You feelin’ alright, Daryl?” Carol asked sweetly, walking over to him, a wicker basket glued to her hip.

“’M fine…” He grumbled, standing straight, readjusting his bow on his back. “just a little dust.” She put the basket down gently on the grass, and laid a soft hand on his forehead.

“Well, you aren’t warm.” She cocked her head, still not content. He pushed it away and pawed at his irritated nose.

“Are you deaf? I told you… hi-HITCHx! It’s just dust.”


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