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Sick Stiles AND Sick Derek.

Voodoo huntress

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I've been super busy but I want to write a halloween story, dammit. You can pretend Derek can normally get sick as a werewolf.



The sight was pretty sad, to be honest. A cheesy horror film was playing lowly on the TV, and there were half-assed decorations put up. Derek was laying on the couch, head tipped back on the arm. Stiles was sprawled out on top of him, his cheek squished into Derek's chest, both were snoring congestedly. A few days prior to the holiday, Stiles had brought home a pretty nasty cold from his students. Derek was a saint taking care of him, providing tissues, medicine and hot drinks for his ailing partner. But fate had reared its ugly head and Derek lost his ability to breathe through his nose yesterday. They knew they were obviously too sick to deal with kids so they turned the lights off and have been sleeping since then.

...That is, until a loud banging was heard on the front door. Derek and Stiles jerked awake, Stiles immediately coughing roughly into Derek's chest from inhaling saliva. Derek rubbed Stiles' back while coughing into his own fist. When they could finally breathe, the kids outside decided to obnoxiously ring the doorbell repeatedly.

"I thought you put the 'No Candy' sign up." Stiles croaked, sniffling.

"I did. What, can they not read?" Derek growled hoarsely. Stiles shrugged and grabbed a tissue from the box that was crushed between them.

"Hh-TISHH! TISSHH! NN'TISH! Ugh, oh my god." Stiles whined as he pinched the mess away from his face. He tossed the unusable tissue to the coffee table with their brethren.

"Bless you." Derek muttered, rubbing at his nose. There was a silence and they slowly relaxed, sleep just a hair away....

"Hey, we know you're in there! We want candy!" A squeaky child demanded, ringing the doorbell 5,000 times again. Derek growled and gently sat Stiles up and stood, swaying slightly.

"Derek, please don't kill them..." Stiles begged wearily. Derek ignored him and stalked to the front door, still wearing only pajama pants. He gripped the door handle and sneezed a painful, sharp double towards the floor before yanking the door open, still sniffling.

The small cowboy, dragon, and vampire glared at him and he glared right back (even though his messy hair and rosy nose were making him look more disgruntled than angry).

"What." Derek grunted. The cowboy thrusted his pillowcase forward and jiggled it impatiently. Derek raised an eyebrow and pointed to the sign on the front door.

"You're lying! My mommy says bad people lie and you're a bad man. Everyone knows that!" The dragon said, her nose in the air. And that....that's where Derek lost his little remaining patience. His head was pounding, his body ached and he didn't have to put up with spoiled brats. Derek felt his eyes change color and that made the kids freeze. He stared at them for a couple of seconds before shifting his face and snarled at the kids, fangs huge in his mouth. The trick-or-treaters screamed in terror and took off down the sidewalk. Derek huffed and made his facial features return to normal and slammed the door before stumbling back to the living room. Stiles looked hesitantly over to Derek, who shrugged without a care in the world.

Derek groaned as he lowered his heavy body to the couch and fumbled for the tissue box before blowing his nose loudly into the soft puffs. He leaned back on the couch, breathing noisily through his mouth.

"Please tell me you didn't scar them for life." Stiles pleaded. Derek sat in silence for a few seconds, mustering up the energy to talk.

"They'll be okay. Little fuckers probably thought it was a trick or something." Derek mumbled and raised his arm, taking a shaky breath. "Hh...H'DSSHH! HH-D'SSHH! HH-D'SSHH-oo!" He jerked upright with each sneeze.

"Bless you, Sickywolf." Stiles crooned hoarsely and waited for Derek to blow his nose again before laying them back down on the couch. His own breath stuttered and he sneezed messily into Derek's shirt.

"Bless you. Petri dish." Derek said, eyes already closed. Stiles snorted and spread the blanket back over them. They were silently watching the movie when Stiles cleared his throat.

"So...do I dare ask what you did to them?" Stiles asked. Derek ran his fingers through Stiles hair. 

"Don't worry about it, babe." Derek mused. Stiles huffed and rolled his eyes before getting up, making Derek whine at the cold.

"Oh, stop being a man-child. I'm going to make us tea, is that allowed?" Stiles asked. Derek flicked him off, making Stiles grin and walk to the kitchen. Derek grabbed the remote and changed the channel. The canned screaming wasn't helping his headache in any way. Derek settled on an animated movie (Thank god for Tim Burton) and relaxed into the cushions. 

"Hih!-HhTISSHH! Oh...oops..." Came Stiles' sheepish voice after a loud crash. Derek's eyes shot open and he lunged off the couch and was at the doorway to the kitchen in an instant. Stiles was rubbing at his nose, surrounded by broken glass and tea. Derek sagged against the wall, dizzy from the sudden shift in movement and the relief that Stiles was okay. Stiles tried to walk over the glass, making Derek shake his head and quickly picked him up. Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Can't even leave you to make tea..." Derek muttered under his breath. He had just sat Stiles down before he coughed in his husband's face and quickly jerked his elbow up to cover his mouth. Stiles wiped his face with a tissue.

"And yet, you call me a petri dish." Stiles deadpanned. Derek waved him away, still coughing. He grabbed for his water bottle and took a few pulls from the plastic. Derek breathed for a few seconds before leaning back into the couch. 

"We're kind of gross, aren't we?" He asked, voice shot. Stiles chuckled and kissed Derek's jawline. They watched the movie in content silence until the relaxing piano music from the Corpse Bride lulled them to sleep.



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1 hour ago, sneezelover3 said:

Very good

Thanks for reading! I was so scared I annoyed people since I reuploaded a sort of different post

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15 hours ago, Voodoo huntress said:

Thanks for reading! I was so scared I annoyed people since I reuploaded a sort of different post

Ur welcome i wouldnt mind if u made more i love them

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I'm new to the forum...and just happened to stumble upon this true master piece! I love Sterek so much..... So of course when I saw this.... :taz:anyway THANKS A BUNCH!

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  • 2 weeks later...

This golden work of art just made my day. I'm not okay. It's too amazing. Your writing is my life. :D All I can say is never stop writing Sterek. Never stop.

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1 hour ago, Sneezy123 said:

This golden work of art just made my day. I'm not okay. It's too amazing. Your writing is my life. :D All I can say is never stop writing Sterek. Never stop.

I swear, you make my life with your comments. You're like my biggest fan on here. Thank you so much for reading!

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