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Total newbie, help would be appreciated

Red Irish Lass

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Hi there. I'm looking for some advice/help on using pepper to induce. I'm a total newbie to this site, so I apologize if I'm not posting in the correct area. I'm looking for ways to induce my boyfriend that would get multiple sneezes and hopefully a sneeze fit out of him. So far we've just been using tissues. I looked up chhinkni, but the camphor scares me and I don't want to take a chance with him. Yesterday we tried white pepper. I heard you had to finely ground it up, so i bought the ground kind and then put some in a mortar and pestle and basically turned it to dust. He sniffed a pinch out of my hand, and it did not turn out well. It didn't cause any sneezing, just stung his nose badly and made his eyes water like crazy. I've seen vids on you tube of people sneezing like crazy after inhaling pepper, and it didn't look painful for them. What are we doing wrong? Any help or advice with this would be appreciated. My boyfriend really wants to give me a sneezing fit, but I don't want him to go through that again for nothing.


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Well maybe the problem is white pepper, which really doesn't do much. I'd use black pepper if I were you, or an allergen. That's awesome that you both (from what I understand) have the fetish. How did you figure that out? I'm pretty jealous haha

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I'm the one with the fetish, but I shared with him (I was totally terrified, but it turned out amazing) and he induces for me all the time now. He says he never would have thought it but he finds it very intimate and sexy :)

So he's very into exploring this with me. He's the first person I've ever told about my fetish. It's amazing exploring with him and I'm looking for ways to make it better. Thanks for your advice, I'll try the black pepper next time for sure.

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The fact that he embraces your interests and is so supportive is a great sign ;) I would love to hear obs from him in the future if you enjoy writing them! <3

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I'm jealous already.  The absolute key is, though, whether he develops an independent interest in sneezing; eg, initiating sneezy activity, inducing when alone, watching sneezy YouTube vids etc.  As for pepper, in my view it is a dead loss,and the only thing that has ever given me a proper fit is chhinkni.  I don't really understand why you object to it, ; Is it something to do with "the environment" or adorable baby animals?

All I know about camphor is that it is supposed to make toy boats move across the water; so, yet another advantage, if your friend were to be drowning and almost covered with water, camphor leaking from his nostrils would propel him to safety!

Seriously though, solid joys and lasting treasure is best for sneezes, although not for proper fits.  Clothes tags and matchsticks.  .You could always practise on your own nose.....

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I looked it up online and it says that camphor is poisonous when ingested and can reach toxic levels that can be built up in the body. I know he's not swallowing it but snorting it up could go down his throat (think post nasal drip). We were very much looking forward to trying chhinkni, but after I read that and found a thread on here of people who've had adverse reactions, I'm scared for him to try. 

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My knowledge of using pepper to induce is secondhand, but here's my two cents:

Grinding it up was very good thing, and something a lot of people miss. Big chucks of pepper in the nose can burn painfully. I think what went wrong in your case is simply that your boyfriend inhaled too much of the stuff at once; if the irritation is to strong, it can hurt rather than tickling.

If you try again, this time try shaking a half-full container of the pepper until some of it is airborne, and then open and smell it rather than snorting the powder directly. That should give a more reasonable dose. If you want to use some other method to get a cloud of pepper into the air that's fine, just be careful it doesn't get in anyone's eyes.

I would also recommend using black pepper next time, although I have less evidence to back that one up. It's just something that's more commonly used in inducing than the white variety, so I know it works for at least some people.

I hope this helps! :) There are also a few online guide to inducing sneezes that you can probably find through google.

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