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Just another Mario sneezefic, this time focusing on Luigi. I mostly prefer when Mario sneezes, but I can imagine Luigi having a really cute sneeze, too :3 Enjoy this random bit of cuteness.


It happened when Mario and Luigi were having a conversation. For most of it, nothing too important happened. At one point, however, while he was listening to Mario talking, Luigi felt his nose itching quite madly, as a sneeze was building up.

"Haah... *sniff* Ahh..." Luigi began to inhale as he tilted his head back, with his nose twitching. "HaaaAAAHH..."

"Hey, Luigi, you feeling okay?" Mario asked, looking and sounding concerned for Luigi, who had been listening to him up to this point.

"Haaaah... hang on... AaaAAAHHH..." Luigi continued to inhale as he put a hand over his mouth. "I think I'm gonnaAAAAH... HAAAAAAH...!"

"Chooooooo!" Luigi released his sneeze. Maybe it was because it was covered, but it was much smaller compared to the buildup. Luigi removed his hand, sniffled and rubbed his nose on his forefinger. "Excuse me."

Mario appeared to be blushing slightly, but then realized that Luigi was looking at him. "Oh, it's okay. And bless you."

"Thanks." Luigi continued to rub his nose. He wondered if Mario was blushing because of how cute the sneeze was...

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