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Hello, friends! I've started a drabble thread (I use the term loosely because I doubt any of them will be one hundred words or less) to just write whenever the inspiration strikes! I'm sure they will all be allergic fics (male and female) because I love allergies. Enjoy! :heart:


The Professor

“And maybe Chris Hill’s note reminds us of…” Gavin cleared his throat as he kept his eyes on the projector screen. “Paternalism, maybe? Is it arrogant for a medical team to heal him at any cost despite not wanting to be healed?”

Gavin turned to his students and called on a raised hand. While he tried to focus on the student’s question, all he could think about was the irritating sensation in the back of his nose. He sniffed and rubbed at it as he tried to listen to the student. It had started halfway through the lecture and he had almost made it through without a single misstep. 

“Yes, well,” Gavin cleared his throat once the student finished. “I think that’s a great question to bring up during your discussion class. I’m sure that your TA will be able to…” he rubbed at his nose again as the itch grew. “... to answer all questions and give examples as well.” 

Gavin missed the mark and sniffled off-and-on as he spoke. He had joked about his allergies with his class before and how they ruined the whole season of spring for him. He still remembered the laughs he got when he told them the story of when his spouse brought home a stray dog. Regardless, he didn’t want or need that kind of attention now because, well, it embarrassed him. 

But, god, the itch was so aggravating and seemed to have traveled to his eyes and throat. Something had to change in his surroundings. Maybe a new perfume or dust or…? 

“Also, we can… mpf’sSCH!” he ignored the ‘bless you!’ from the front row and sniffled as he kept his eyes focused on the projector screen. “We can see how both arguments fit this fl… -gkSCHh!” he heard bookbags zipping and student voices getting louder so he clicked to the last slide. It was a funny anecdote that he liked to end each class with. He turned to the lecture hall. “Anyway, don’t forget to read…” he rubbed his nose as the itch progressed and before he could end his sentence, he folded his hand into a fist and held it up to his face. “h’nxgh! H’ktsSCHuh!

When Gavin looked up students were already walking out of the hall as they chatted with friends or kept their eyes on their phones and his eyes immediately focused on the student walking to the front because his stomach dropped as his nose itched again. 

“Hi, I’m new to the class and was told that I would have a note-taker?” 

The student smiled and although she looked friendly, Gavin kept his eyes on the German shepherd guide dog to her side. He remembered the email informing him that a student with a low-vision disability would be joining his class and that they needed a note-taker. Of course, they forgot to mention that she also had a guide dog. 

The student continued. “I was going to sit in the front but when I arrived, class had already started and I didn’t want to bug anyone.”

Of course.

“Right, I understand,” Gavin sniffed as he forced a smile, keeping his eyes on her. “Let’s go into my office and I can inform you about what has been going on in class thus far.” he wasn’t an asshole so he turned off the projector and his laptop, slipped it in his black tote bag then walked off the stage to the student. “Just…” he cleared his throat and sniffed. The German shepherd just kept staring at him as it sat. “Just follow me…” he bent forward moments after the words came out as he shoved another fist to his mouth. “H’nxgh! H’ktsSCHuh!

He immediately realized that he needed to stock up on Benadryl for the rest of the semester.

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On 11/3/2016 at 1:00 AM, queenie said:

I love it! He's a cutie. I'll be following you!

Thank you so much for the kind comment! 

The Roommate

Ben rubbed at his nose as he slowly opened his eyes that morning. It seemed that the itchiness awoke at the same time, too, because, oh my god, his ears and his eyes and his everything itched. 

He’tSCH’ah!” Ben pulled up his comforter to his face. “ASCHhah!” 

He sniffed as he listened to the sound of his roommate’s dog bark from the other room. The realization that maybe he should have thought about living with a guy and his dog when he had a dog allergy had gone out the window two months after he moved in. Now, though, he was counting down the days of the end of his lease. 

Huh’UtSCHh! Hih’kSCH! -ktSCH!” Ben groaned and rubbed at his eyes. He pulled the comforter up again when his breath began to hitch again. “Heh… heh… Heh’ISHHHksttte!

Never again, he thought, never again with a dog no matter how low the rent is.

Ben’s breath hitched while his eyes watered. “KTSCHHihhh!

Never again.       

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19 hours ago, The Kneezle said:

oh my gosh I am such a sucker for allergies. These are great!

Thank you so much for the comment! If you have any prompts, I'd love to have them. :D


The Hitchhiker 

“Jesus Christ,” Adam kept his eyes on his cell phone as he followed the arrow on Google Maps. He squinted as another breeze rolled through, feeling the tickle spark in his nose again. “This shouldn’t be this hard.” 

Adam had been hitchhiking from Little Rock to Los Angeles because he hadn’t packed enough money for another bus ticket. He was finally going to get out of his conservative and start over. He didn’t have much but the book bag on his back and the cell phone in his hand. 

Well, that and the general feeling of allergic but Adam tried not to think about it. Maybe the height of spring wasn’t the best time to move across the country. Adam rubbed at his nose and sniffled. He was sure that the bushes on the side of the road weren’t helping either. 

Adam stopped to rub his nose as the itch grew. When he sniffled, his eyes burned and his breath caught in his throat. “Heh… heh..” he raised his wrist to his nose. “Heh...ngxh! Ngxshh! Heh… NnTSChhoo!”

He had been fighting with his allergies off-and-on for almost an hour and the fits always came in ten-minute increments. It had slowed him down, to say the least. Adam rubbed his watery eyes and sniffled. He just wanted to find a diner or get someone to stop or something. 

“NngKKTT! NKTTsh! Hehnnktggh!”

But here he was sneezing instead. 


The Mistake

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jessica asked as she stood outside the bathroom door. She was met by another fit of three sneezes instead of a reply. “We don’t have to go. We can stay here,” she tried again when she was cut off by two more sneezes. “Or better yet, let’s go.” 

It was quiet for a moment before Jessica heard rustling and the door opened a few seconds later. She frowned when she took in Matt’s watery swollen eyes and pink nose. “Yeah, let’s go.” 

“Oh my god,” Jessica frowned and nodded. “We’re leaving.” 

Matt nodded and followed her out of the bathroom, passing the horse stables on the way. He froze when the itch inflamed in his nose again. Matt’s breath hitched as he rubbed his nose again and again and again before he snapped forward. “HaISSCHhew! HehIISSSHH! Heh.. huuuESSHHH!” 

Jessica glanced at the horses then back to Matt as he tried to catch his breath and adjust his glasses. The supposed to be a romantic afternoon filled with horseback riding had gone horribly wrong. So horribly wrong. Although neither of them knew he was allergic to the animals, they quickly discovered it when Matt started desperately sneezing twenty minutes into the ride. 

Now, Jessica just needed them out of there. 

“Oh my…” Matt breathed out and sniffled. “I’m so… ehhh.. HEPtSSHHiew!

“Allergic?” Jessica provided as she watched him. He rubbed at his eyes and nodded. “I know, that’s why we’re leaving.” 

Matt nodded again and followed Jessica from the horse stables to their car, sneezing the rest of the way there. 


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