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Apologies if this has been posted before, but I hadn't seen any indication it had.

Right, so if you've read any of my earlier posts, I've complained about how I've not had a natural sneeze in like well over 3 years.  This is very annoying b/c I am rather paranoid and worried about this being related to an actual medical issue that could have developed.  I had NPDH (New persistent daily headache) for about 10 years and only recently has it started to go away and while it has lessened to the point I can actually function in daily life without being drugged to the gills, I never was set on the diagnosis.  So, the hypochondriac in me is always worried that I have some sort of brain lesion or something.  

But, that is neither here nor there.  As I only have academic and medical journal access for a few more months I decided to do a bit of research and see if there was any actual medical or physcological research into not being able to sneeze.  There is very little out there, if you were wondering.  

However, I did find a link  to a patent to an inducing device.  Now, that's clever, I thought. But the most interesting fact was in the references. SFF is referenced in "How to induce." :lol:

I just thought that was rather interesting.

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I'm not sure what's harder to believe, that the patent was actually granted or the inventor didn't find a market and let the patent lapse  :D

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This is excellent fantasy fodder, thanks! I'm sorry about your NPDH. :( I'm glad it's starting to get better. Ever thought of trying chhinkni? For both the headaches and lack of sneezing? Sorry if that's an obvious question...

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