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Jaime Flores - 20, dark brown eyes, curly brown hair, 5'11, almost never gets sick, allergic to ragweed and cats

Victor Belmonte - 21, light brown eyes, short brown hair with orange-yellow tips, 6'2, average immune system, sensitive to strong scents, allergic to cats and dogs



"This is such bullshit."

"No, it's not."

"Yes it is! You're acting like my mom." Jaime flopped back onto the bed, glaring away from his boyfriend.

Victor sighed. "I'm acting like a mom because you're acting like a child. You get so grumpy when you're sick."

"I'm not sick! I need to go to class!" Jaime yelled, immediately regretting it when he had to smother a coughing fit into his elbow following the outburst. 

Victor shook his head. "Yeah, you sound totally healthy to me. Listen, cariño, just let me take care of you. You can miss one day."

Jaime started to speak but was cut off when his nose started to itch. "I neehhh...heh-tchii! Hetchiew! I need to go, I have a test."

Victor rolled his eyes, watching Jaime struggle to sit up when he started to cough again. He pulled his boyfriend upright, taking the opportunity to feel his forehead.

"You feel warm, I'm getting the thermometer. Stay right here."

Victor went into the bathroom and retrieved the thermometer from the center drawer. When he walked back into the bedroom, Jaime was trying clumsily to put his shoes on.

"And where do you think you're going?"

Jaime coughed slightly, not looking up from his shoes. "Class."

"Yeah, uh, no. You're not." Victor knelt down in front of Jaime, trying to look simultaneously authoritative and sympathetic. "Please, cariño, at least let me take your temperature. If you don't have a fever, I'll let you go. Okay?"

"Fine. But only because I don't have a fever, because I'm fine."

Jaime took the device and placed it in his mouth. After about a minute, his nose started to twitch.

"Victor I'm g-gonna hh-!" He carefully rubbed at his nose around the thermometer sticking out of his mouth

"Jaime try not to sneeze it's almost done."

"What do you th-hh-think I'm doing, asshole? Hehh-hah-!" 

"Hey! No need to be rude."

Jaime just glared, nose still twitching. After a little while, the thermometer beeped. Victor pulled it from his boyfriend's mouth and not a second too soon. Jaime pitched forward in a series of sneezes.

"H'etchiiew! Hep'tchii! Heh-hh-hekshiuu!"

"Salud." Victor looked at the readout on the thermometer and frowned. "I was right, Jaime, 100.1. That's a fever." 

Jaime groaned, triggering more coughing. Victor rubbed his back as his boyfriend's chest spasmed. 

When the fit subsided, Jaime fell back onto the bed, breathing heavily. 

"Fine, I'll stay."

Victor lay down next to his suffering boyfriend and took his hand. "Thank you, querido."



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