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More abnormal music

count tiszula

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As you know, I am a great supporter of abnormal music. 

80 years ago the BBC's television service began.  2 November 1936.  It was celebrated in a boring BBC PROGRAMME.  The first broadcast began with the lovely television song sung by a top musical theatre star.  On the tv subtitles, this was subtitled "Classical music".  Leaving aside the fact that no classical music  has been written for two centuries, what is your thinking?  Is a popular song of 1936 [albeit a cut above the normal normal] really abnormal music.  If so, that must mean that say Bing Crosby, Fred and Ginger, Benny Goodman must all be abnormal.  As I write this I realise that most of you probably think it is.

If so, when was music invented and by whom?  I am guessing Elvis Presley.  So Bill Haley was a classical singer....

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Oh god, this reminds me of being at school!!

At the age of 12, I was a rampant folkie and Ralph McTell was my absolute favourite musician. (I still am, and he still is.) You try explaining that to a classful of Duran Duran/Culture Club addicts who only know Ralph for being on preschoolers' TV programmes at the time...cue six years of unfunny jokes at my expense.

And now, the music that everyone else liked at my school is probably seen as being as dated as they thought Ralph was. I think this happens with every type of music, over time.

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Nice to see you again, Snufflers.   I suspect you are right, and since I posted it has occurred to me that even more music must be abnormal.  By chance I saw a film of "the six five special" and it strikes me that well into the late fifties most music was abnormal;  indeed all ballads so-called must be abnormal.  "Yester day" EG except that it has a guitar accompaniment.  So is it the orchestration that creates abnormality?    I agree that folk music is always abnormal; I remember that the only artiste cuneas condemned was Gheorghe Samfir, but then can it be that his dire popularisations are music but his original wonderful folk music is abnormal?  See YouTube for samples of both.

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