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I can't view my own profile.


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So I changed my display name this morning,and went to my profile to try and look for a topic in my content. But whenever I click on any links to my profile I get an error message. What's going on?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one, but I've been getting error messages for just about everything - trying to view new content or any content streams, trying to post new topics, searches, and even trying to get to Bondi's profile in a last ditch effort to ask someone for help.

The error message I get most at EX144 but there have been others. It's limiting my forum access in a pretty significant way.

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I'm having the same issues you described, Mouse, but I tried posting a topic in testing area, and while I got the error message, it seems the topic was posted nevertheless...?

HoL is aware and said he's going to check into this, but he's going to be away today so he can't do anything about it until tomorrow at its soonest.


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