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I sneezed in public *cries*


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Ugh. So for a little over a month now I've had 3 upper respitory things. The 3rd one has been the sneeziest of the 3, usually causing at least a double and had 6 in a row the other night! 


My husband and and I had to make a trip to the grocery store.. and of course the sneezes hit while we were there... especially in the refrigerated isles. Each time I'd feel that tingle start, I knew my time was ticking. My husband knows I completely hate sneezing in public too. He says he noticed me sniffling more and my nose turning red.. so we stepped aside pretending to look at stuff in one of the emptier isles. We stood side by side and he put his arm around me almost to shield me from the public :lol: my nostril rapidly flared and I brought up my elbow and tried to stifle my sneeze but I totally failed and it came off as an obnoxious squeak I couldn't begin to spell. I know the elderly lady behind me heard it and as my husband blessed me the 2nd one hit, same exact way, he blessed me again while patting and rubbing my back and we walked on. It was so embarrassing but him being sweet helped :blush: 


Got to the milk section and the sniffles started again. This time I took my sleeve and completely covered my face with it just in time to attempt to stifle by pinching my nose, which again, FAILED sand made an even more obnoxious squeak sound because I didn't pinch my nose good enough :cry: a younger attractive gentleman blessed me and my husband made sure to say "bless you baby" to overthrow other dudes blessing. :lol: 


ugh. Thanks for letting me vent my internal suffering knowing there's people who live around me that heard me awkwardly sneeze. Like I think I would've been a little more okay with it had I completely silently stifled or just normally sneezed. :shy: 

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Oh you poor thing! I would have been mortified. Your husband was so sweet about the whole thing. :wub:

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