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An Accidental Spill (A Loud House Fanfiction!)


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Here is another Loud House Sneeze Fanfic I made, yeah I am doing so many Loud House Sneeze Fanfics and here is a new one I made! Also as I post Loud House Fanfics on there. I will only post Fanfics that revolve around any of the older Loud Sisters (Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn). So for this one has all the older Loud Sisters sneeze! Enjoy! :D

(Story begins here Lisa is doing an Experiment)
Lisa: Now all I need to do is mix the green formula with the orange formula. (Lisa mixes the two formulas together) Perfect!
(Then the five older Loud Sisters (Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn) come in)
Lori: Lisa what are you doing? All this noise and bright colors from your room can't let us get some sleep.
Lisa: Oh I was working on an Experiment that is made to make any one sneeze uncontrollably once it makes a gusty cloud by one drop.
Lynn: So once the cloud forms, someone near it sneezes right?
Lisa: Exactly.
Leni: Well it does look pretty shiny. Mind if I touch it?
Lisa: No Leni! You might break it if you are not careful with it! (Leni touches the formula and then it breaks and spills and forms a huge cloud) Ahhh! Need an anti sneeze mask to got get infected! (Lisa puts on a mask to not get infected by the huge cloud)
Leni: Oops! I did not ment to do that. (Leni then starts to sneeze uncontrollably) AHHHIIIIIIIICHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! HIIIIICHOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! HHHAAAAAACHOOOO!!!!!! I can't stop sneezing! AHHHHHHHHCHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Lori: It must be the cloud because Lisa said that if the Experiment forms a cloud, it makes any one who is near it sneeze uncontrollably. HIIIISHEWWWWWW!!!!!!! AHHHHHHIIIIIICHOOOOOO!!!!!! Great now I have falling under the effects of it. HICHEWWWWW!!!!!!!!
Lynn: Oh no! I think it is making me sneeze too... HISHCHOOOOO!!!!! HAIPCHOWWWWW!!!!
Luan: AHHHIIIIII... (puts her finger under her nose) Not going to sneeze... (Luan's sneeze just then releases any way) HHIIIIIIIICHOOOOO!!!!!!
Lori: Lisa... HIIIISCHOOOOOO!!!!! Do something! AHIIIIIIISHEWWWWWW!!!!!
Luna: Stop us from sneezing out of control! HIIIIGAHHHHHHCHOOOOO!!!!!!!
Lisa: One way to stop it is with a giant blow pumper.
(Lisa gets out a giant blow pumper and the cloud blows away and disappears, and the elder Loud Sisters stop sneezing)
Lynn: Oh... Thank you Lisa.
Lisa: (takes off her mask) No problem, I took care of it.
Lori: Thanks for causing that big problem Leni!
Leni: But it was an accident! I'm sorry!
Lisa: Leni did not ment to do it. Also I hoped you learned from your mistake Leni.
Leni: Don't worry. I learned to never do it again. (smiles)
Lisa: Alright then.
Luna: I don't know about you guys but I am tired already. Lets now get to sleep.
Luan: Right back at ya.
(The five Sisters get out of Lisa's Room, then Leni shuts the door really hard which causes Lisa's room to shake and another Experiment of Lisa's explodes)
Lisa: Leni!
Leni: (from outside of Lisa's room) Sorry!

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