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I got to see my girlfriend sneeze multiple times


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So me and my girlfriend were hanging out, and I picked her up, She is of slender build has hazel eyes, and brown hair and is probably 5'7". as I was about to let he into my car she did a big sneeze and leaned forward Ashewww and it sounded kinda wet, as we are driving around she also is constantly sniffing and rubbing her nose. Throughout us being together she sneezed several more times. I had to get my personal phone back from my house and while I was in there I got her some tissues and a grocery bag to put them in when she was done. While in the car she had her mouth agape and said gunna sneeze, turned away and did a stifled sneezed that sounded wet. Later while we were watching Ghostbusters (2016) at her house she had a amazing pre-sneeze face and sneeze asheww asheww, asheww. the last one making her move her leg up just slightly. 


I enjoyed this last evening very much

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