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Bad Luck (One-shot)

Dill the Pickle

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So I've been a writing machine lately. Here's another one-shot! Hope you enjoy!



Lily was never one for getting sick. With an 
immune system of steel, the last time she remembered coming down with something as simple as a cold was in her childhood.

Now, of course, she had to catch a cold. On the first day of a new job, too. She had no idea what made her sick: she had woke up today and suddenly been a sniffling, sneezy mess. Her roommate had already gone to her job. The only light Lily could see was that it was a Sunday, and there was no school today. College would've been torture if she had to go to it. There would've been another good part if she could play a video game, but she was too sick to even play fora few minutes. God, she hated that.

So had spent hours trying to sleep and failing, watching some TV but being too unfocused to remember what was happening, and upset there was no eSport tournaments going on. Lots of tissues had been used clearing out her sinuses and catching her torturing sneezes. They just wouldn't stop for a few minutes, which was mostly why she couldn't fall asleep.

The door to her dorm opened. She imagined it was her roommate, Ella, and seconds later it was confirmed by a voice.

"Hey, I'm back." Lily heard footsteps becoming louder. "How are you?"

"Just great," She replied, happy her voice wasn't too thick with congestion. The door to her bedroom opened, followed by Ella walking in with a grocery bag in her hand.

"I see why you didn't go to work today," Ella joked. "You're so pale."

"That's what you say. It's barely anything."

"Barely anything isn't enough to get you out of your first day." Ella looked down and shuffled through her bag, producing a bow of tissues and some medicine. "Thought you'd might want these."

Lily smiled. Of course Ella would be this thoughtful. She outstretched her hands to take the two items, feeling a tickle growing in her nose.

"Like them?" Ella asked.

"Yes, thanks..." Lily trailed off. "Right on time, too." The tickle was growing immeasurably, on the verge of a full blown itch. A burning sensation spread throughout  her nose. Her breath gave a sharp hitch but it turned into nothing except for a disappointed feeling.

"Or maybe you were wrong." Ella giggled.

"I guess so." Lily rolled her eyes. She glanced at the clock. "Don't you still have work?"

"I just came to drop these off. I have to go soon. But I'll keep you company for the next few minutes."

"Well, thanks." This was what to expect from Ella: kind, caring... she never seemed to run out of compassion. "You really don't have to obsess over me, though."

"It's fine."

A moment of silence passed between them. The tickle returned to Lily's nose. Her breath gave a small, unnoticeable hitch before the tickle subsided to the back of her nose.

"I think you were on time again..." Lily managed to get out before the tickle became a burning itch again. She gave a sharp hitch, grabbing a few tissues from the new box Ella gave her.

"H-Hahh..." Lily's eyelids fluttered, her pink nose mimicking it by twitching uncontrollably. She suddenly gasped. "HAHH-ISHIEEEW! HAH-AHHSHEEW!" Two giant sneezes ripped through her, shooting her body forward. She took shaky pants, preparing for a rapid fit that she knew lay ahead. She grabbed more tissues, the ones she used soaked.

"Hhhahha... Ihhshiew! Ahhshiew! Hahah-Attsheew!" The tickle was not fully gone, but it subsided enough to let her breathe. "Sort..."

Ella face looked more flushed than before. "It's okay. You're sick, you can't help it."

"Bub stilb, I meab..." Lily gave a sharp gasp. "IHHSHIEEW! HhhhahhHHH-AHHHSHIIEW!" Two more sneezes screamed through her before she was finally done with her fit, her nose cleared more. She threw the used tissues away. "You have to go back to work now, don't you."

"Oh, um, yeah, I do." Ella shook her head, seemingly to get out of a dazed state. "I'll see you later." Ella stood up and went out the door.

"Also... I don't mind your sneezing." Ella closed the door right as she said her last statement, leaving Lily no time to respond.

Maybe the day wouldn't be so bad after all.

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