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Hey friends! I hadn't posted in a while about my OCs so I thought "why not write  oneshot bc I'm lazy as fuck??!!"

So thats what I did. So FINALLY I have a bit more of my OCs (Alissa and Dominic) and it takes place after Dominic is out of college and they are both around 26 years old. Enjoy!!!




“Alissa, I’m calling Dominic. You need to go home.” Ellie, the manager and one of Alissa’s good friends, bustled Alissa out into the back of the kitchen and started untying her apron for her.


“Jesus, El! I can take off my damn apron myself. You don’t need to call Dominic, I’m fine.”  She scoffed with only a hint of annoyance. She really was grateful that somebody cared for her, but Ellie was making too much of a fuss for her to handle right now.


“Alissa, you look like shit. You have been coughing and sneezing your way through your shift and I think it’s time that you go home and get some rest. I don’t want you getting worse.” Ellie sighed and sat down on top of a cooler pressed against the wall. It was true that Alissa was ill, but she was trying to keep it from Dominic. He had enough to deal with already. He just got a new job at an office and Alissa just wanted him to worry about work right now. His sales were vital to them because he was the one who made most of the payments for the house, the car, and just about everything. Alissa just brings in the extra money. She has a lousy job at a local diner as a cook.


“Please don’t call him, El. He already has so much to worry about.” Alissa whined and begged, tying her apron back on. Ellie clenched her fists and sighed, standing up and patting Alissa’s shoulder.


“Fine, but if I hear one more cough or sneeze from you, I’m calling Dominic.” Ellie said sternly and stomped off to the bathroom. Alissa loved Ellie, but god, she could be overdramatic sometimes.


Alissa spent the rest of her shift holding back coughs and stifling sneezes without Ellie noticing. She glanced at the clock and sighed with relief. She was tired of making food, or doing anything really. Her phone beeped with a text message. ‘Here’ Alissa stuck her phone into her back pocket and peered out the window to see her and Dominic’s car. They had one and that was enough. He drove her to work and then he drove himself to work. He got off work and then came to pick her up. Alissa always worked extra hours to try to earn more money for them.


Alissa walked out into the chilly, fall air and hopped into the grey sports car. She didn’t know what kind of car it was, granted, she didn’t really care about cars, but it doesn’t matter because Dominic likes cars.


“Hey Liss,” Dominic leaned across the car aisle to give Alissa’s shoulder a comforting squeeze. “How was work?” He said sweetly, starting the car. Alissa buckled herself in and threw her bag into the backseat, leaning her head back and sighing.


“Just a normal, boring day.” Alissa muttered tiredly and yawned. Dominic took a glance at her as the car took off.


“You tired? We can watch a movie when we get home, okay.” Dominic mused. Alissa would love to watch a movie, but how would she be able to keep from coughing and sneezing for so long?


“Yeah, that sounds nice.” Alissa sighed hesitantly. She watched Dominic's lips spread into a big smile and she then smiled herself.


She must’ve drifted off, because she woke up to being carried up the creaky, wooden porch by Dominic, steps screeching with each step.


“Shit, sorry, Dobidic.” She mumbled and instantly regretted saying anything because she was so congested. Dominic glanced down with worry swimming in his eyes.


“You okay, Liss?” Dominic set her down and opened the front door, still keeping an eye on her. Alissa cleared her throat and steadied herself.


“Yeah I’m good, just shit in my throat.” Alissa smiled and rubbed her nose, to make sure that it wasn’t dripping. Dominic nodded but didn’t seemed convinced, and ducked into the house with Alissa sluggishly following.


“Come here, Liss.” Dominic plopped himself down onto the sunken, blanket covered couch and held his arms out, gesturing for her to come sit on his lap. She smiled shyly and softly set her small body down, letting him hold her shoulders up. “You sure you feel okay?” Dominic brushed her messy bangs back.


“Yeah, I’m okay.” Alissa squeaked quietly and adjusted herself, swinging her legs up onto the armrest of the couch. Dominic bit his lip and grabbed the remote to the TV, turning on some random movie that’s probably from the 80s, but she didn’t mind because she knew that he liked old shitty movies like that.


Only about 15 minutes into the movie she felt a horrible tickle in her throat. She was still tangled into Dominic’s arms and he was focused completely on the TV. Alissa squirmed and Dominic looked down at her.


“I gotta pee.” Alissa lied and slipped through his arms. She clumsily stood up and stumbled to the bathroom. Dominic shrugged and brought his attention back to the movie.


Alissa quickly shut the door and grabbed the hand towel, pressing it to her mouth and muffling throaty cough after throaty cough. Then she flushed the toilet for good measure. She sighed and walked back out to the living room and sat herself down next to Dominic. He hummed softly, acknowledging her presence. Only seconds after she sat down she felt a tickle in her nose. She can’t make up another excuse. She leaned herself to the other side of the couch and pinched her nose, hoping it would just go the fuck away, but it didn’t. She tucked her head into her shoulder and stifled as quietly as she could.


“Kgnt! Ngt-iew! Nxgt!” She let out a few soft stifles, body barely moving with each convulsion. Dominic eyes quickly shot over to her shuddering body. He grabbed her waist and pulled him close to him.


“Bless. No stifling.” He murmured. Her face turned red with embarrassment. “Also, please tell me when you’re sick, I could hear you coughing in the bathroom.” Dominic sighed and ruffled her hair. She nodded into his shoulder before succumbing to a few more tickly sneezes.


“PSHCIEW! Hep-pshCHIEW! PNCHIEW!” She gasped as the rapid sneezes ripped through her small body and she sprayed Dominic’s shirt.


“Bless you, Liss.” Dominic kissed the top of her head and plucked a couple tissues from the box on the small table besides his side of the couch. “Here.” He pressed the clump of tissues into her hands and she blew her nose, a loud gurgly noise bouncing through the room and then was punctuated with a small cough. Dominic rubbed her back as she sniffled, sneezed, and coughed throughout the rest of the movie.

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