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Receptionist in clinic


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So today I went to the local urgent care clinic for a sore throat.  The receptionist, a heavy-set young Hispanic (?) woman, as she was handing me some paperwork to fill out, stifled a sneeze. 

"Bless you," I said, my voice scratchy. 

"Thank you," she replied.  "It's dusty back here."

I think she made the remark about the dust so I would know she wasn't sick and contagious (not that I was thinking of that).  She then handed me the forms, which I filled out at my seat.  There were no more sneezes.  Oh, and thankfully I don't have strep throat--just a sore throat from post-nasal drip caused by fall allergies. 

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Hi luisa :-)

Thanks for sharing your obs. Great news it was nothing too seriously and 'just allergies'. But I hope you feel better soon and your allergies doesnt bother you too much. By the way it was very kind to bless the young woman. I guess her nose is sensitiv and the dust irritated it.... and we all know the itchy terrible tickle, aren't we?  :-))))

Greets and good night valentina 

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