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So, just a little while ago, my close work friend and person of interest called me. We had been texting and he decided he would rather talk instead of text, which is fine by me. I always enjoy talking to him, he has a fun personality. Anyway, during our conversation he suddenly said, "I gotta sneeze." So of course I stopped talking so I could listen. He knows about my fetish so he always announces it for me. There was a pause, and then he said, "Hold on." I waited quietly and patiently, and was rewarded with a lovely sneeze, loud enough for me to hear, but not obnoxious or anything. I heard his daughter in the background bless him first, and then I did too. He thanked me and chuckled because I giggled as I blessed him. I adore his sneezes, and the fact that he always lets me know before he does it.☺️

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