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Public sneeze (self-obs)


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Hi everyone,

I was bringing loads of stuff in from the car this morning and had my hands full. As I neared the door to my house, I could feel a massive tickle building up in the back of my nose and sped up trying to get inside before I exploded everywhere. I wasn't that lucky though as the need to sneeze slammed through me and I hitched once, took a huge breath, my nostrils flaring and was thrown forward with an enormous wet sneeze - something like ASSSHHHEEEWWW. It sprayed all of the stuff in my hands. I managed to get inside the door and drop all of the things on the floor and push the door shut with my foot before the next two inevitable sneezes happened ASSSHHHHHEEEWWW, HAH ASSSHHHEWWWW. I was a little damp after those massive sneezes - I hope no one saw me in my street!

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Lovely self-obs!  Excellent description of your inevitability.  I hope those groceries covered in spray have been suitably preserved for future enjoyment.

Surely no passer-by would have been anything but admiring; You might have got a lovely "bless you!".....

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Very very lovely! I love endlessly hitchy breaths but I'm also a sucker for those long, single inhales the precede an explosive sneeze. Bless you much!

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Thank you for your lovely comments.

I actually had a further sneezing fit in the car later that day. I tried to stave it off as I was in the car with several friends, travelling to an event but I couldn't hold them back. Istead I stifled them into my hand. There were three sneezes again - the magic number for me - and they sounded a bit like this HA-TCH 

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