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Sick Castiel (Destiel AU)

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This is an obvious AU, where Dean works in a car garage and Cas works in a flower shop. I'm very sleepy-tired, so I'm sorry if its too short for you...


Castiel walked into the bunker kitchen to see Dean cooking something at the stove.  Dean glanced over his shoulder and huffed fondly.

"Hey sweetheart. Not listening to my 'Stay in Bed' rule, I see." He said, winding his arm around the still sleepy man when Cas lumbered over to him. Castiel coughed politely into his fist and eyed the mug Dean had set out for him.

"Tea? What about coffee?" Cas asked, picking up the mug and took a small sip of the honey-laced drink.

"People with colds don't need coffee." Dean said and ran his hand through Cas's messy black hair, sneaking a forehead feel. He grunted when he felt a small, barely noticeable heat. "People with fevers don't need to be out of bed either." Cas sniffled and rubbed at his eyes.

"Its such a small cold, Dean. I'll be okay." He said, clearing his throat. Dean pressed a kiss to Cas's temple and scooped the eggs onto two plates. Cas drank the last of his tea and ignored his breakfast before swinging by the closet to grab his apron and name badge.

"Cas..." Dean said, a slight warning tone souring his voice. Cas sighed.

"Dean, I promise I am okay. Yes, my throat itches and I have a small headache but I am okay to work." He said. Dean was still watching him warily, so Cas forced himself to eat at least half of his breakfast before making his way to the garage after he said a goodbye to Dean.


Dean was working on a car when he heard his phone ring. Wiping his oily hands off, he reached into his pocket and saw the candid photo of Castiel smiling and tapped the green circle.

"Heya, Cas. What's up?" Dean greeted, moving to a quieter area in the workshop.

"Suzy is sending me home early. She said I needed a day off anyway." Came Castiel's tired voice, more congested than from this morning. Dean smirked at the thought of the petite flower shop owner scolding his boyfriend.

"I always thought she was a smart woman." Dean chuckled at Cas's huff.

"I'm about to get off in 20, do you need anything?"

"No. I'll be fine." Cas said, coughing again. Dean took note that it sounded a little rougher than from the light, dry coughs Cas had since last night. He decided he would drop by the nearby store to get tissues and another box of Cas's favorite tea.

"Alright then. I'll see you soon. Get some rest, okay?" Dean said. Cas sniffled and hummed an affirmative. They said their goodbyes and exchanged endearments before hanging up, and Dean continued his task at hand.


Dean walked into the living room and opened his mouth to speak before pausing. Castiel had made a nest of multiple blankets and pillows on the couch and the table was covered in used tissues.

"I like the new decor. Really sets off the healthy vibe you try to pull off sometimes." Dean deadpanned, taking off his shoes. Castiel opened one eye to give a squinty glare to Dean.

"If you are going to crow, you might as well do something useful." Cas's voice was just a whisper. He frowned before sneezing twice into the blankets. "Knnxt-shoo! Hh...KNnxt-shoo!"

"Bless ya, sweetheart. Scoot over." Dean said and maneuvered Cas so that he was sitting in the V of Dean's legs, his back to Dean's warm chest. Cas sighed and relaxed back against Dean before tensing.

"KNXt! KXXT-shoo!! Mn...I shouldn't be this close to you..." Cas sniffled and grabbed a tissue to blow his nose. Dean kissed Cas's (warmer) forehead.

"Bless ya. I'm just fine right here."


Thank you for reading ^_^

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8 hours ago, greetingsfromboston said:

So cute! I love Destiel AUs. Nice work! :heart:

I love them too! Domestic AUs are my weakness! Thanks for reading!

5 hours ago, SneezyHolmes said:

Awesome work as always! :D

*blush* Aw...thank ya!

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