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Classmate with super sneezy cold (f)


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This will always stand out to me as the best observation in my life up to this point. It was the beginning of Spanish class in high school, and I had just settled in and sat down when one cute girl in the class (tan skin, somewhat chubby, slightly pointed nose) walked in and immediatey let out a sneeze that started with a loud "HEPP-" and finish with a stifle. Before even sitting down, she grabbed about 7 tissues from the tissue box and walked back to her seat; at this point I knew she had a cold, but I was not aware of just the treat I was in for. Almost immediately after taking a seat she let out another sneeze the same way, but it seemed to be slightly stronger, starting with a "HEPP-" and then ending in a stifle. She grabbed one of the handful of tissues she brought to her desk and began the blow her nose; I began to look over as frequently as possible without her noticing, hoping she would continue. After she took the tissue away from her nose, it began to turn very red. The nose blow also did not seem to be enough. About 20 seconds later, she let out a similar "HEPP-" into a stifle, following this time by just wiping her nose with one of the tissues she had taken. She sneezed two more times this way, each sneeze being about 15-20 seconds apart, and each time blowing or wiping her nose; by this time, the bell to start class had rung. Because everyone quieted down and began to focus their attention, it became harder to look at her in her fit, but I still made very frequent glances. Then, it became like a dream come true. About 20 seconds after the fifth sneeze like the ones described above, she began to open her mouth and squint her eyes, prepping for another sneeze; this time she let out a loud, wet "ASHHEEEW" into one of the tissues she had. She blew her nose after this, and after taking the tissue away from her face, she almost immediately went back into the "sneezing face," and held it for about 10 seconds before letting out another loud "ASHEEW" into a tissue. She was already at her last tissue, the other 6 being in a scrunched pile on her desk from being used. At this point, even though instruction was beginning, she got up to throw away all of her used tissues, went to the tissue box to get another handful, and went back to her desk. When I looked over again, her mouth was gaping open, nose bright red, eyes squinting for yet another sneeze: "ASHEEW" into a tissue, followed by a harsh blow and wiping. About 20 seconds later the pattern repeated itself, and yet again another 20 seconds after that. There had been 9 sneezes up to this point, and class (a 2 hour period) was about 5 minutes in. After the 9th sneeze, she seemed to be done to my disappointment, but after about 5 minutes, I caught her out of the corner of my eye with the gaping mouth and squinted eyes in preparation for a sneeze; she let out another "ASHEEW," making it the tenth. This was only a single, but it seemed literally everytime I looked over at her desk, her face was in the pre-sneeze phase. Even thoughshe always looked ready to sneeze, a single followed by a nose blow (and her occassionally getting up to get more tissues) would come about once every 3 to 5 minutes. This continued until about halfway through class, until we got to a point where lecture was over and we were to watch a movie. At this point, one of my friends who sat right behind her asked me to come sit next to him before the movie; this was actually like a dream. About 5 minutes after taking my new seat (even though my friend was talking to me, I was giving almost all of my attention to the sneezing girl), she let out an "ASHEEW" into a tissue.  At this point i could not see her face, as i was right behind her, but it still was very satisfying. She sneezed like this (with me behind her) again after about 20 seconds. And again after 20. And again. After this fourth successive sneeze in about a minute and a half, someone turned around and asked her if she was okay because this fit had gotten so intense, and she just replied with a nasally "yeah," and laughed it off. She sneezed about 10 seconds after this reply. At this point, she was just letting her sneezes go, with very loud "ASSHEEW" sounds, but with the movie going, I was really the only one noticing.  20 seconds later, another loud sneeze into a tissue. About 5 minutes after this six sneeze fit, she let out two more about 10 seconds apart. Soon after this, the teacher called her up and told her she was being signed out; I was devestated. I had lost count of the sneezes after about 20 total in the class period, but this was unquestionably the best sneeze experience I have had up to this point in my life.


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That is quite the amazing ob, thank you so much for sharing it with the forum!!! 

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