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I found this short little story I wrote a little while ago and figured i would post it. Enjoy!


"AAHH AHHHHHHH AAACCCHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Jade screamed out a sneeze that literally shook her house, from just the shear volume. The powerful wind it produced blew her homework and textbooks off her desk. She sniffed, her long nose bright red. 
"AAAAEEECCHHOOOOOOOO!!!" She let out another sneeze, this one much smaller, but still powerful enough to echo through her house, and it probably would have blown more off her desk, if she hadn't sneezed everything off right before. 
"AHHHH AHHHHHH" another sneeze began to build as she tilted her head back with each breath. 
Just then, Lexi, her sister, opened  her door. "Jade, can you please stop sneezi-"
Jade's sneeze not only cut off Lexi's sentence, but knocked Lexi down by accident, slamming Jade's door in the process. 
"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Lexi!" Jade exclaimed, running over to her. 
"I'm fine" said Lexi, her ears ringing. "I should have known better than to get in the way of your sneezes."
"AAAEECCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Jade screamed out another tremendous sneeze, this time not only making the walls shake, but blowing all her scattered schoolwork from the previous sneeze around the room, like a little hurricane. 
"Oh my gosh Jade! Why do you keep sneezing?" Said Lexi
"I-ahhhh...Do-ah-Don't ahhhhhh.... Know" Jade struggled to say, as another sneeze was coming. "AHHHHH AAAAAAAACCCHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" She let out a tremendous sneeze that blew around the papers in her room even more, as her room shook with the force of her sneeze. 
The papers blew around even more, as the house shook with both the force and  volume of the sneeze. Jade fell over from her powerful explosion. 
"I can't..  Ahhhh sto-ahhh-stop snee-
"Aahh AHHHHH-"
Lexi came back into the room, and quickly put her finger under Jade's nose. 
Jade was breathing a bit heavy now, after all her sneezing. She was on the ground, sitting up, her legs bent over and on their sides. Her large nose was still a bright shade  of red. 
Lexi took her finger out from under Jade's nose. 
"Are you done sneezing ye-" Lexi started to say
"AAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSCCCCCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Jade's tremendous sneeze not only cut off Lexi, and blew her back a few feet, but also made her house shake as the papers that were already scattered blew around more. 
"Oh my gosh" Jade said, out of breath. 
"What caused you to sneeze so much?" Asked Lexi, as she got up off the ground. 
"I don't know" said Jade, as she started to clean up the mess she made. 
"Well whatever it was, you should probably avoid it, before you break more stuff. Remember the window last time?" Lexi said, pointing to Jade's window, which was just a screen now because of the last time when she sneezed and it shattered. 
"I know" said Jade. "I just wish my sneezes weren't so big!"
"Me too" said Lexi, laughing. 
"You're lucky. Your sneezes don't cause any damage." Said Jade
"Well, neither does anyone else's" said Lexi. 
"That's not true. A lot of girls have sneezes like this" said Jade. 
"Yeah, like, 1000 others, in the entire world. Which is like, nothing considering how many people there are in the world." Said Lexi. 
"Well I'm sorry, I can never control my sneezes" said Jade, as she stood up from collecting the papers. "If i could, then maybe I would have a cute tiny sneeze"
"Yeah right" said Lexi
Lexi left the room, as Jade went back to finish her homework. 

The End

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This is an interesting story. You must have a ton of ideas for one shots to be able to write so many.

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