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A Brand New Morning (Big Love)


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So, I've been sick this week, and when I'm sick I can apparently not write fetish stuff. But now I'm better, as proven, since I can write fetishy stuff again. ^_^ 


Last night had been chaotic. A long overdue fight between Bill and Margene had suddenly flared up to the point where Barb had been forced to go over to Margene’s house in the middle of the night to break it off. Before stepping inside, she glanced over to Nicki’s house. There was a lamp lit in her bedroom, but she didn’t come out to assist Barb. Not that the first wife had expected her to.

After hearing the arguments, Barb had sided with Margene, which Bill didn’t take lightly to, but instead of allowing herself to be dragged into the fight – she was way too tired after working fulltime the entire week – Barb simply sent Bill back to her house and stayed with Margene. When the youngest wife – and the kids - had finished crying, both wives had fallen asleep in the bed Margene was supposed to share with Bill tonight.

Margene was a clingy sleeper, and although the double bed was king size, she had inched closer and closer to Barb in her sleep and was now curled up as close as she could possibly get without simply climbing on top of her. One of her arms rested on Barb’s stomach in a lazy half-embrace. Normally, it was Margene who snored – she could be so loud Bill sometimes had to use earplugs – but not tonight. Not snuggled up near Barb. It was almost as if she subconsciously knew she’d be pushed away if she did. Barb however, normally the quietest sleeper, was snoring. Not as loud as Margene usually was, but it was a snore, and it was because her allergy meds were no longer keeping up. Unlike Barb, Margene always kept her windows open, allowing in all the misery-inducing pollen floating in the air. While still asleep, Barb’s body started to prepare a counterattack on the invading allergens. It would be a fierce battle, but she would be the only casualty.


The moment she started to wake up, the allergic itch that had been dormant while she was asleep blossomed to its full destructive potential in just a moment, and her breathing turned into a series of pre-sneeze gasps. She wasn’t even fully awake when the first sneeze burst out, violent, spraying and uncovered.


She had barely finished the first one when she gasped for air to sneeze again, and it wasn’t until now that she realised that someone was huddled up close to her, and that this someone wasn’t Bill. She sneezed for the third time as she tried to sit up, but Margene’s arm held her back.

How can she still be asleep? Barb wondered and tried to push the younger woman away. Margene muttered something and wormed even closer in response, while Barb in turn tried to break free from Margene to avoid sneezing all over her. There was nothing she could do to stop the allergy attack, no chance of holding back the sneezes, all she could do was suffering through it, as she had to every spring morning.


She half-sat, half-leaned over the side of the bed, sneezing furiously, and everything itched. Her entire head itched. It was like glowing embers flaring up in full flames with each breath she took.

At this point, not even Margene could stay asleep, and she opened her eyes to the complete disaster unfolding in front of her.

“Oh my God Barb…” she mumbled, unable to look away and unsure of what to do. Of course, she had seen Barb allergic before, it wasn’t a secret, but she had never actually witnessed the morning fits. Barb would sometimes complain about them, but neither Margene nor Nicki had seen how bad they were and therefore waved it off as Barb being dramatic.

Barb barely heard her. She was too caught up in the twister of histamines that took hold of her defenceless body, currently in the middle of a rapid-fire fit where one sneeze followed upon the next so quickly they seemed to stumble over each other in their haste to escape confinement. She came to a shaky cease-fire which lasted for only a couple of seconds before urgently gasping for air only to be thrown nose-first into yet another merciless fit. Her tortured nose felt like it was on fire, crimson nostrils flaring helplessly, and she could do nothing but giving in.

Margene watched in horror and sympathy for a moment before kicking herself into gear.

“Barb, where’s your medicine? I’ll go get it for you.”


She gave up trying to speak; it was no use. Luckily the keyword ‘forgot’ had been reasonably easy to make out even amid the slew of sneezes.

“You forgot to get a refill?” Margene said in disbelief, and Barb nodded mid-sneeze. “Oh no.”

She tried to tune out the first wife’s miserable sneezing and think. She had some antihistamines for the skin rash she got sometimes, but that was over-the-counter stuff, not the super regulated strong medication that was necessary to keep Barb’s allergies in check.

“I have some Benadryl…” she said hesitantly, ready to recoil if Barb snapped at her. She needn’t have worried. Barb was too exhausted to snap, and right now she was grateful for anything that would offer even the slightest relief.


Margene didn’t waste more time; she got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to get the medicine.

Barb groaned and rubbed her swollen eyes with both hands. It only made the itch worse, as she knew it would, but she was at a loss of what to do; she couldn’t just endure this torture.

What seemed like an eternity later, but was probably just a minute at most, Margene was back, handing her a pill and a glass of water. In a brief pause between sneezes, Barb managed to swallow the pill. Margene took the glass from her before the next series of shuddering sneezes caused her to spill the remaining water.

“Lean back,” Margene ordered her in a voice much more confident than usual. “Don’t worry about spraying me, just lean back and close your eyes.”

Barb, normally used to being the one in control, reluctantly handed over the situation to Margene, who placed a blessedly cool wet towel over her burning, swollen eyelids.

“I can’t do anything about the sneezing, but this might help a little,” Margene said, and proceeded to put a whole bunch of tissues into Barb’s hands. “I’ve never seen you like this. Every morning throughout spring?” she asked, almost in awe.

“Pretty much,” Barb sniffled into the tissues.


“That’s one way of putting itTTSSSCHEW!”

"I guess 'good morning' isn't a good thing to say either?"

Barb lifted the towel to glare at her. Margene sighed.

"I didn't think so."



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Poor Barb :( it was nice to see them taking care of eachother though; I like how she wasn't worried about getting sprayed bc she wanted to help--it was sweet. Well written as always!!!

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On ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎24 at 10:39 PM, SexyGodlikeHair said:

Poor Barb :( it was nice to see them taking care of eachother though; I like how she wasn't worried about getting sprayed bc she wanted to help--it was sweet. Well written as always!!!

Haha, "poor Barb"?? I'll have you know she got away easy this time; I had TWO fics planned but I got lazy so I only typed out one. :lol:

Thank you! :D





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