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Not So Tough Now (Supergirl F/F Alex & Maggie)


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Hello my dears!


So for those who haven't been watching Supergirl...this fic is actually picking up from a CANON plotline in the current season (2), where Alex (who is Supergirl's adoptive sister, played by Chyler Leigh, formerly Lexie Grey on Grey's Anatomy, who I have had a crush on forever!) gets a romantic storyline with the sexy badass lesbian cop, Maggie Sawyer. This little scene picks up right where S2E6 (“changing”) leaves off. The rest should be self-explanatory.

Spoilers: I guess everything through S2E6.

Enjoy! Yay for hot girls getting together on TV for real!! :)


Not So Tough Now

A Supergirl fic for SFF— Sanvers (Maggie/Alex) F/F



“Alex! Open up! I know you're in there, I can hear your cell phone ringing when I call it!” Maggie pounded relentlessly on the DEO agent's door, desperate to talk to the girl she had such tingly feelings for in the pit of her stomach, even though common sense told her the timing was wrong, all wrong. It didn't change the fact that she couldn't stand the idea of Alex on the other side of the door, in pain, because she thought Maggie didn't really want her. “Open the door, Danvers! Or I swear to fucking Santería I will break this shit down and send the DEO the bill.”

“Whaaat?” Alex croaked grumpily when she opened the door, her hazel eyes bleary and her hair mussed. Her clothes were all rumpled; she must have fallen asleep on the couch.

“Oh...” Maggie half-laughed, half sighed in relief, taking in the adorably sleep-fogged version of her new friend. “Sorry, I...I thought you were avoiding me.”

“I was avoiding you. But then I was sleeping,” Alex grumbled, rubbing her eyes and leaning against the doorframe. “What do you want, Maggie?”

“I...just wanted to make sure you're okay,” Maggie shrugged, almost shyly. “It's been three days...” Since you kissed me and I chickened out, she thought but didn't say. “And you haven't returned any of my messages. I was just worried about you, that's all.”

“I'mb fide,” Alex yawned, waving her hand dismissively as she turned and walked back into her apartment. She didn't invite Maggie in, but she didn't close the door, either. Maggie followed her inside.

“Um...” Maggie watched the taller girl curl up on the couch, shivering a little. She looked very pale. The divot under her nose was damp and shining with a thin coat of snot. “You know, when you put a d at the end of the word fine...you're not fine,” the young detective smiled gently. She came and sat on the edge of the couch beside Alex's warm body.

“Oh, fuck off,” Alex mumbled sleepily, her eyes already closed again. Then her delicate little nose twitched helplessly, and her hazel eyes cracked open again for a moment as her breath caught softly in her chest. She pressed the back of her knuckles against her nose just in time. “Hheh'iixsht!! *Snfl*...” Alex wiped her nose on the end of her sleeve.

“Bless you kiddo,” Maggie smiled gently, looking around the room for some Kleenex. She saw a box sitting right on the coffee table, with a few crumpled-up used ones already piling up around it. She took the whole box and put it in front of Alex.

“We're the sambe age,” the taller girl pointed out sleepily, taking a tissue without comment and wiping her nose back and forth a few times, sniffling again.

“I know.” Maggie ran her fingers through Alex's shiny dark hair, then gently laid the back of her hand against the pale girl's cheek, then her forehead. She was burning up. “I wanted to call you something sweet...but I didn't think you'd want me to...so that just came out.”

“You cad call mbe something sweet,” Alex grinned shyly, her sleepy hazel eyes blinking up at the dark ones above her. “Evend...*snghf!*...” Alex paused and blew her nose into the crumpled tissues in her hands. “Even if you don't want to kiss me.”

“Alex, it's not like that,” Maggie shook her head, her voice more gentle than Alex had ever heard before.

“Thed...w-what's it like...” the sniffling girl hitched softly, pressing the crumpled tissue to her damp nose as her eyes closed again in anticipation. “Hhhh...hhaaeschxiew!! Hhh, hheh...hhiiishOOoo!!! Ohhh...*snfl.*” Alex sighed the helplessly breathless sigh of someone who was already exhausted and winded from endless, cold-stuffed sneezing. She took a fresh tissue and wiped her nose again.

“Bless you,” Maggie said gently, running her fingers lightly through Alex's hair again; she couldn't seem to stop herself. She wondered, with a flash of protectiveness, how long the fiercely independent young DEO agent had been curled up like this in a ball of sick all by herself. Why hadn't she at least called her sister? It's my fault, the young NCPD detective told herself angrily. Alex was heartbroken and licking her wounds because she kissed Maggie, and Maggie didn't kiss her back. Why hadn't she kissed Alex back? It wasn't because she didn't want to; she was just scared of how real it felt, so much so fast, and what if Alex decided she couldn't handle being out of the closet after all, and broke Maggie's heart? But Alex didn't know all that. She just thought Maggie didn't want her.

“What's it like?” Alex asked again, wiping her nose.

“It's like...” Maggie blushed and shook her head. “It's like I'm fourteen years old again, and you're Katie Malone, and I'm sorry, Alex. I'm sorry,” Maggie sighed, looking down at her hands in shame.

“Who's Katie Malone?” Alex asked, reaching for a fresh tissue. Maggie waited patiently, watching the expression on the sniffling girl's face freeze up as her eyes slid shut. “Hhh'txchuh!! *S-snfl*...” Alex's face scrunched up so tight when she sneezed, it made a little crinkle between her eyes; Maggie had to resist the urge to lean in and kiss the spot. It was so cute seeing Alex like this. Unguarded. They were usually both so tough all the time.

“Bless you,” Maggie said again, smiling gently. Alex coughed, and Maggie laid a warm, steadying hand on her back.

“You cad stop sayig that,” Alex mumbled through her sniffles, wiping her nose again on a fresh tissue. Her skin was so pale right now, even more than normal; it made the slight pink tinge around the bottom of her nose even more noticeable. “You wod't get out a...aahh...a full sedtendce otherwise...*snfl*...aahIIISHuhh!! *Snf!*” Alex pitched forward and sneezed into the damp tissues again; then with a soft groan, she leaned her head against Maggie's shoulder, closing her eyes. “Sorry...I'mb dizzy...”

“It's okay, tough stuff. I don't mind,” Maggie hummed reassuringly, taking the opportunity to wrap her arm around Alex's shoulders, and kiss the top of her head.

“So who's Katie Malonde?” Alex asked again, her voice stuffed up behind her tissues.

“My best friend from Junior High. I knew I liked her more than I was supposed to, but I went out of my way not to think about it...and I guess she did too...and then this one day, the summer after 8th grade, we got caught in this big rainstorm, and for some reason we just started laughing hysterically, and then we were kissing...I couldn't even tell you who started it...and it was like a revelation, the most beautiful and real and perfect moment I'd ever had in my life. I didn't even stop to question if she felt the same way, because I could feel that she did, I could feel it. We were so in synch, I felt like I was living inside her...you know, I was fourteen for Christ sakes...and, I mean, she was kissing me back just as much as I was kissing her.”

“But...*snf!*...no happy ending?” Alex asked gently, surprised to hear the vulnerability in the darker girl's voice. She was unused to seeing Maggie so unguarded, too, just like Maggie wasn't used to it with her, seeing her woozy and sniffly and feverish like this. They were a couple of badass tough girls with badges and guns, who could beat the snot out of bad guys three times their size; they didn't let their guard down easily.

“You could say that,” Maggie snorted softly, her fingers running absently through Alex's shiny hair again. It was addictive; once she started, it was hard to stop. “The next day she texted me never to talk to her again, and then she blocked my number and that was that. I locked myself in my room and cried for a week. When we started high school in the fall, she literally just pretended she didn't know me. I know it wasn't really about me, it was just because she got so scared of what it would mean...being out, you know, having everyone know...it was too much for her to handle.”

“And you thidk...*snfl*...I'mb gonna hurt you like that?” Alex asked softly, pushing herself unsteadily up against Maggie's shoulder so she could look her in the eye.

“Not on purpose,” Maggie said quietly, shaking her head. “But, you know...I am the first girl you ever kissed...” Her dark eyes looked so vulnerable; Alex reached out and stroked her cheek with one hand.

“Maggie...listen. I'mb not some dumb fourteen-year-old. I wanna be with you...more than I've ever wanted to be with anyone before. More thand...*snf!*...mbore thad any boy. So much more.” Alex sniffled, reaching for another tissue. Her nose was running again, and she cupped the tissue around her pink nostrils as they twitched open with a soft hitch in her chest. “Hhuhchxshht!!! *Snfl*...” Alex pitched forward and whined softly as another wave of dizziness washed over her, and she leaned against Maggie's side again, too dizzy to sit up straight on her own.

“Bless you, baby girl,” Maggie hummed softly, kissing the top of Alex's head again and rubbing her back.

“I told you, you dod't have to say that,” Alex sighed, her voice shameful and embarrassed. She hated being sick, she hated letting anyone but her sister see her this way, so weak and pathetic; and on top of that, she was baring her soul to the girl she wanted more than anything, who had already rejected her once, as nice as she had been about it. But the sweet nickname Maggie had just given her hadn't gone over her head, either.

“I know I don't have to. I want to,” Maggie smirked, stroking Alex's hair back from her hot face. “C'mere...look at me.” Alex lifted her head weakly from Maggie's shoulder, her sleepy hazel eyes looking up hesitantly, shyly, into the dark eyes looking back at her. The look Maggie was giving her couldn't help but make Alex feel better, even if her nose was still running and her head was still pounding and her whole body felt weak and shaky with fever chills.

“I did feel scared when you kissed me,” Maggie admitted, looking down at her knees. “I felt scared because...it felt so real, I felt so connected to you...like nothing else mattered...I was scared to feel like I might really need you. And I can't need people, Alex. They always leave. And then I'm face-down in the dirt all over again.” When the young cop raised her head, Alex was surprised to see tears shining in her dark eyes.

“I was scared too,” Alex murmured gently, reaching out and stroking Maggie's cheek with a shy little smile. “But I was more scared not to...scared to walk away from the first person I've ever known who makes me understand why people get all sappy over love songs, and do ridiculous things like propose on the giant megatron screen at baseball games...not that I'm proposing!” Alex's pale cheeks suddenly flushed bright pink. “I didn't mean—I wasn't—that wasn't...” She got so flustered, her heart started pounding, and her breathing became quick and shallow, and she started to cough. Maggie rubbed her back and handed her a glass of water. As Alex sipped the water and caught her breath, Maggie leaned in and kissed the feverish girl on her temple, rubbing her face affectionately in Alex's silky dark hair.

“Shh, breathe querida. I know what you meant,” Maggie murmured, her breath warm against Alex's ear. “You make me feel those things, too. I was just too chickenshit to face it. You just came out, like, a week ago...and you're already braver than I am.”

“It's ndot a condtest,” Alex said gently, reaching for another tissue; and Maggie could feel the breathless shiver than ran all the way through Alex's body, staying cuddled up against her side as she cupped the tissue to her face. “Hhuh'chxuuh!!! ...*snfl*...ughhhh,” Alex whined softly, going limp against Maggie's side again, too dizzy to sit up on her own.

“Bless you,” Maggie murmured, more tenderly than before; and feeling the fever chills still coursing through Alex's body, she picked up the blanket that was folded over the top of the couch and threw it over her, wrapping both arms around the feverish girl under the blanket and hugging her tight.

“Maggie? ...I dond't feel so good,” Alex whispered shamefully, even as she accepted the other girl's affections and leaned her full weight against Maggie's side, closing her eyes with her head on the tough cop's shoulder.

“Yeah, I noticed that,” Maggie agreed gently, the smile back in her voice as she cuddled Alex contentedly under the blanket. “Have you taken anything for this nasty cold, hmm querida? You're burning up, and you're probably getting dehydrated. We gotta get some meds and fluids in you.”

“I dond't ndeed ady mbedicide,” Alex sniffled, wiping her nose on her used-up tissue, then her sleeve. “Just...gotta close mby eyes for a little while...” Maggie snorted affectionately.

“You know the whole tough cop thing isn't gonna work on me, right? I know that game. I've played that game. But I'm not playing now, got it? You have a fever and you can't even sit up straight. So lie down and let me take care of you. That's an order.”

“I dod't have to take orders fromb you...I'mb ndot a cop,” Alex protested drowsily, though her resistance was very halfhearted. She cupped a hand over her mouth and coughed, trying to shield Maggie from her germs.

“Yeah...I know you're not a cop,” the mocha-skinned girl smiled affectionately, her fingers still playing contentedly through Alex's hair against her shoulder. “But will you take orders from your girlfriend, who loves you and wants you to feel better?” Slowly, Alex lifted her head from Maggie's shoulder and blinked at her drowsily, trying to make sure she hadn't imagined the words that just came out of the other girl's mouth. She smiled crookedly, looking adorably shy all of a sudden.

“I...wait...no, that's...amb I dreambing right now?” Alex asked dazedly, trying to keep her fever-glazed hazel eyes focused on the girl in front of her, who was smiling at her now like she was the center of the universe. Her nose was running again, and she reached up and wiped it on the back of her hand absentmindedly, still staring at Maggie. The tickle just intensified, and she cupped her hands woozily over her runny nose again. “Hh—hh—hhahtxchew!!! ...*snfl*...”

“Bless you, baby girl,” Maggie murmured affectionately; and this time she didn't resist the urge to lean in and kiss Alex between the eyes, in the spot that crinkled up adorably when her miserable cold made her sneeze.

“Thag you,” Alex sighed sleepily, grinning shyly as she accepted a fresh tissue and wiped her nose again. It was growing very pink, even as the rest of her face had gone as pale as a ghost.

“Now will you take some medicine?” Maggie asked gently, smoothing the hair back from Alex's hot face.

“Okay. ...Will you stay ahd...*snf*...and cuddle mbe udtil I fall asleep?” Alex bit her lip shyly. Maggie leaned in and kissed her, heedless of her germs.

“I'll stay a lot longer than that.”

“You're godda catch mby cold.”

“Yeah, don't care.” Maggie leaned in and kissed Alex again; Alex giggled and coughed.

“You're so stupid,” Alex smiled goofily.

“No,” Maggie shook her head. “Before I was being stupid. Now I'm making up for it.”

“'Kay...” Alex sighed softly, and sneezed again. Before she even had a chance to wipe her nose, Maggie leaned in and kissed her again.

“I told you...once I start kissing you, I knew I'd never stop,” the young cop grinned shyly.

“That...sounds awesombe,” Alex yawned, her exhausted, feverish body finally giving in and forcing her to lie down on the couch; she simply couldn't sit up anymore. Maggie tucked the blanket around her, and kissed her forehead.

“Don't move, okay querida? I'm gonna bring you some cold meds and something to drink.”

“Ahd thed cuddle?” Alex asked in a small, hopeful voice, like a little kid. It almost broke Maggie's heart right in half. She felt a blaze of protectiveness over the girl who had battled huge, monstrous creatures at her side, fought like a ninja, never missed a shot. And now here she was, sick and snotty and loopy with a scorching fever, letting Maggie take care of her when she couldn't take care of herself.

“And then cuddle,” the young cop agreed, her shy smile a mirror of Alex's as she leaned in to give her girlfriend one more kiss before she went to get the NyQuil.


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Ok, so I am definitely a fan of Supergirl! And I am definitely a fan of this story! You are a good writer! I didn't want it to end!  

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