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An Unusually Sneezy Sick Day!


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I'm one of those unlucky people who usually doesn't sneeze a lot when they get sick - I get every other symptom associated with a cold (fever, cough, sore throat, you name it) but I usually only sneeze a handful of times. That being said, yesterday was quite a change for me!

To give some background, I've been swamped with exams and assignments last week and this week (even with the holiday), so in addition to the relatively chilly weather, my body has been stressed and this had resulted in my being sick with a cold yesterday. I must have sneezed a total of 20 times during this one day! This might not be phenomenal to some, but this is a record for me! I sneezed in my apartment, on the bus, in the study hall, in the student center and more! I'll do my best to help you imagine my sneezes (although they're pretty typical guy sneezes) - relatively strong, loud, masculine sneezes - "Eshooooooo!" or "Heh-schoo!". Even more exciting to me is the fact that I've actually had a couple of wet sneezes thrown in the mix!

I think I'm mostly over the cold now (along with the sneezing awesomeness), but I'm hoping that all of my future colds will be just as sneezy! 

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Nice obs, and bless you! I do love a sneezy cold, especially when the sneezes are so insistent that they manage to force their way out no matter where you are (and even more especially when they're wet) :)

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Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! I'm definitely not sick anymore and not sneezing either...I'll be sure to post if something like this happens again though!

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A little late on this one, but I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm so jealous, I'm exactly like you. I rarely ever have sneezy days when I have a cold. I'm one of the few lucky ones who get a terrible cough instead :thumbsdownsmiley:

I can only remember one cold ever where I was particularly sneeze-ridden. I usually sneeze in singles but this one had me sneezing in doubles and quite frequently. The only cold I can ever really remember enjoying:laugh:

Thanks for posting!

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