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A self-observation


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I'm not a very frequent sneezer; one or maybe two sneezes a day is normal for me.  Yesterday my only sneeze occurred as I was getting into bed.  I sneezed once, probably because my headboard and bedside table were both a bit dusty.  There was a short but tickly build-up, and then the sneeze came, making me pitch forward slightly.  The sound was my usual, two-syllable "huh-choo" (emphasis on the second syllable) -- a bit more forceful than usual (because of the dust?) but not loud by any means.  Thanks for reading.

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Thank you, Valentina.:)  Yes, I do tend to be allergic to dust.  For example, I used to store my out-of-season clothing in a trunk, so I would have to get the clothing out again and put it back into my drawers for the winter/summer.  While doing this I would always sneeze multiple times from the dust that had formed on the clothing.  I don't do this storing practice anymore, though, so the only time dust really makes me sneeze now is when I haven't dusted in my house or, sometimes, when I'm actually in the process of dusting.  And my sneezes from dust tend to be a little more forceful than my regular, random ones are.

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On 11/29/2016 at 8:13 AM, Luisa39 said:

I'm not a very frequent sneezer; one or maybe two sneezes a day is normal for me.

Compared to me, you are a frequent sneezer :lol: I find it fascinating when different irritants cause people to sneeze in different ways - thanks for posting

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