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Do you "like" your own sneezes?


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Hi everybody :D

I wanted to know if you feel comfortable with your own sneezes? 

What sound they are like? Or would you change the way you sneeze if you could? 

I sneeze high pitched, often strong but not yelled and a bit wet. It sounds 'haaaa-iiicchh-iii' but it really depends on what made me sneeze.

If I could choose I would like to sneeze a bit quiet and maybe stifling would become my talent :huh:. But I exercise.

Your turn now by by 


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I do not feel comfortable with my own sneezes, hence why I stifle them.

I would say that if let out, my sneezes would be forceful and wet.

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Nooooope. I don't care how they sound because nobody's heard them in about two decades.

(If a mouse sneezes in solitude and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?)

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I'm very comfortable with mine... if I'm alone. :P I haven't sneezed in front of anyone besides significant others since I was 9 years old and I intend to keep it that way. And to be honest, I stifle so often that I really don't know what my natural sneezes sound like (because unfortunately when I do have to sneeze, the tickle occurs usually in the company of others.) If I could change something about it though I'd prefer to be able to sneeze multiple times in a bit quicker succession. On average I'll typically sneeze anywhere from 4-6 times but they're spaced out so much that it becomes kind of annoying sometimes.

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I'm not that excited by my sneezes really. When I'm alone, I like to let them out but I get embarrassed to sneeze in public so usually try to stifle them/make them quieter. Only with occasional success


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Guess for me I would not change the sound (kinda a unrestrained, slightly wet "Rahshoo!" is the best I can describe it) but the number. I always sneeze just once no mater what made me. I really wish I was a double or triple sneezer. When I'm feel a itch I almost have to ignore it until I makes me sneeze otherwise if I think about it it will go away, even mid build up. It's rather frustrating and after all that work to just get one out of it is kinda disappointing.

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