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So, while this video is already about a year old, no one has posted it here (maybe because English-language searches are unable to find it)...

For unknown reasons, he sneezes at about 0:55.

Some context to the video / personal highlights if you want:

  • Hanyuu Yuduru did an add campaign promoting blood donations.  This i a compilation of clips from a "making of" video when they filmed a commercial.
  • In the beginning, he looks really tired (dark around eyes)
  • Later on, his eyes get watery, which, while somewhat unrelated, I thought was pretty cute. (I'm not 100% sure on this I think he said "目が辛い" which would be "My eyes are spicy", so yeah, irritated and such... kinda makes sense)
  • (The clips from the actual final commercial are really cheesy lines like "it's alright" and "do your best")

Also here is a .gif i found while searching online:


(Damn, I have been in love with this guy since 2014 and I never tried to find him sneezing until now... lol)

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He's so graceful on the ice and so cute and awkward off of it.  Thank you for sharing this adorable clip!  I love behind-the-scenes stuff. :)

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Omg his sneeze and smile are so charming! I love the fact that the gif you found takes place right after he sneezes and how he smiles like that in response to sneezing. Squee!

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